Title: Conor McNamara 2008
Disclaimers: Ryan Murphy is the genius.
Genre: a normal ordinary G/futurefic.

Rating: G.
Summary/Set/Pairing: I would say heavy AU. Christian sold his share to Michelle and left to follow...Julia.

"Time to go Sean", Liz tried to convince her new old boss she'd followed to California before Michelle could fire her. She didn't think Sean would go home even if she did, but she wanted to give it a try. Sean came here to experiment with a new life without Christian, but she wasn't sure it was going in any good direction at all. Sean attributed his lack of social life, heck, any life to the demands of building a practice in the land of plastic surgery. Not wanting to pair up with unknown people he trained newly qualified surgeons instead hoping one day they'll become his partners. Liz however, theorized that by tutoring he unconsciously chose a role close to a being a father, something he couldn't do otherwise. Either way, work was piling up and that was exactly the way Sean liked it.

"I'll just check on the arson patient first. Any plans for the weekend, Liz?" Sean was hoping she would tell him of some festival or event in town he could use to forget he didn't actually want to think about anything to do with his life.

Liz knew Sean only gave her an excuse as to why he couldn't leave now, once she's out of sight he'll just engulf himself in some medical journal if nothing else comes up. No wander the couch in his office was so big he could sleep on it, cause he often did. "Have to put the car in for service tomorrow."

"Hope it goes well for you," Sean said good bye. Although they only really had each other, there was a line they'd never cross. If something was seriously pear shaped for one of them, only. It was a necessity friendship, nothing else.

Liz turned to go, but had to stop right before the door so she doesn't get knocked over by the storm entering the door.

"Dad?" A familiar voice called out.

"Annie? Is that you? I can't believe it," she hugged her before Sean could even climb out from his shocked state.

Annie. Standing a couple of feet from him. In a short red and white summer skirt, making it obvious how much she's grown for the last two years he hasn't seen her for. Even the round features of her face disappeared and she was so much like her mother now. He would've so much liked to see her grow up, but it wasn't to be. Julia told him they were moving around a lot to find a suitable place for the family and it was best to keep in touch through emails till eventually she didn't even tell him where they'd last moved. He knew it was on purpose and when he thought about going to find them he always remembered Julia didn't want to be found. And going into a custodial battle over it didn't seem right either, the kids were better off with their mother, especially Conor, he wouldn't even recognize him. And after all that effort being so secretive with him and when he already gave up hope he could really be his children's father now she shows up with them. She'd probably ran into difficulties and that was the big secret and now she'll be admitting she can't manage with them all by herself. Well, she always came back before and he had been counting on it till not so long ago...

"Where's your mother?" Sean finally asked after letting go of his daughter and having looked her all over.

"She didn't wanna come. She was afraid you would be angry."

"She's outside in the car then? With Conor?"

"No, she's back home in New Jersey."

"How did you get here then?" Sean asked confused.

"Christian's brought us. He should be here any minute, he's just parking the car."

"Christian??! And who's us?"

Annie didn't have to answer as the doors opened again, providing the response for the question.