Chapter 12: Halcyon

Ringing the bell, Sean was looking very nervously at the large family house in front of him. He would've thought Christian and Julia would've needed a lot of room for the four children, but comparing to Christian's old condo, this was pretty much like a shock.

"Dad!" Matt opened the door, sprung up to hug him and clung onto him, pulling him inside.

"You stay here too?" Sean asked confused, bumping into a double buggy in the hall. By the size of the house, he wouldn't have been surprised if Matt's family fit in there too, even if he couldn't imagine Julia and Kimber under the same roof.

"No, no," Matt pushed the buggy out the way and pulled Sean further inside the house, "we thought we come over for a family dinner, just for you," he said as a little girl jumped into his arms.

"Wow, you've grown into pretty little princess too!" Sean tried to engage in conversation with Denise.

"This is your grandpa, you can't remember him, cause you were tinzy when you last saw him," Matt explained his daughter.

"Nice to see you made it grandpa Sean," Christian gave his hand to his friend outside in the garden, where Matt had led him and where everybody was.

"How come I'm the grandpa?" Sean asked Matt when Christian turned away to place his baby daughter into a moses basket, out the way.

"You know dad, Christian's...just so Christianlike you see. Besides, Kimber wasn't too keen on the papa thing."

"Annie I got you a present," he pulled a pirate hat out his bag when he saw the young girl approaching.

"Wow, cool! Thanks dad! Look mom, it's just like Jack Sparrow's," she shouted over. Julia acknowledged her, nodding and him waving at him, while busy talking on the phone.

"Wilbur! Denise! Conor!" Annie round them up, "we're playing a pirate game!" she announced, "you're the crew, I'll tell you what to do and you say aye, aye, captain Jack Sparrow..."

"Nice present, Sean," Christian touched Sean's shoulder, "one off perfect, cause that would be a locket with Johnny Depp's picture in it, just so you know," he said quietly, "could you help me with the barbecue? Or in fact, why don't you do it all by yourself...this dad stuff, bit ho-hum at times..."

"Tell me about, how your stomach's doing these days?" Sean asked, already expertly turning sausages.

"Great Sean, just great, in fact I was thinking...I haven't been working for over two years for one reason or another and it's time I did something. I don't have much money left, certainly not enough starting up a practice just by myself you feel about coming over here and staying close to your kids, so it's not only holiday time you see them?"

"You're talking about a practice together? You and me?"

"Is that such a strange idea?"

"I dunno how you imagine this Christian. What does Julia say? Cause as it looks to me she keeps running away from me. And other than coming here for dinner, in your house, to your family...what's next? You tell me I'm like a family member, but I know I'm not really, I'm just your businnes partner? Doesn't that sound familiar from somewhere?"

Christian stepped closer, "we love you Sean. About what happened in LA, it was a stressfull time and I was sore a lot..."

"I knew you were!"

"It was the best I could do under the circumstances. Julia wanted Conor's surgery finished with before the baby was born...what I'm trying to say is know," he put his arm around Sean's shoulders, "we, the two of us, can be where we were with each other ever before, all you have to do is agree...I need you Sean, I so need you. Do you think I could raise two kids and run a business on my own?"

"Ne'er!" Sean did find Christian's position kind of amusing.Christian and his clan all around him. And the only thing missing was apparently him. Was worth sitting out what this non sense family man Christian situation could turn into.

"Well then? You got a brother begging. I must sound rather ridiculous. Just give me one of those nods of the head that means you're considereing it and then it's almost certain you'll agree?"

"Lotsa work to do in New York, huh?"

The End.