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The pink haired med-nin picked up the manila folder. In bold black letters she read the name on the tab: Tenten. Sakura knew she shouldn't look into the file, there was the whole confidentiality thing to consider, after all.

'I am not going to look!' The pink haired kunoichi firmly told herself.

'You know you want to! ' Sakura's inner voice betrayed her curiosity.

'No, I can't! This would be a huge betrayal of confidence. Tenten is my friend. Sakura put the manila folder back on the desk in front of her.

'But...' Sakura hesistated. 'Tenten is my friend, and I should know if something is wrong with her!'

Sakura inched her hand closer toward the folder. But what if Tsunade finds out? She hesitated again.

'Well...' Sakura took hold of the folder. 'Technically it is part of my job to know these things...' she rationalized

'Ok… I'll look…' Picking up the folder, the medic nin carefully began opening the small folder. 'Umm… no, never mind…' She changed her mind, returning the folder to it's previous location, at the edge of the desk.

'Oops…' The manila folder accidentally fell from the top of the stack that Sakura had been filing. It fell open.

'...well, I should really pick that up…' Sakura nonchallantly stated, as she leaned down to pick up the fallen folder. "Oh.My.Gawd…" (1)

"That's a stupid idea dobe." Groaned the raven haired Uchiha.

"You're just saying that because you know you can't do it Sasuke-teme." Naruto exclaimed.

"Shut up dobe!" Sasuke replied.

"I think it'd be fun, I'm in!" exclaimed Kiba

"YOSH! ME TOO!" yelled Lee.

"This is troublesome." Shikamaru groaned.

"So is everyone in?" asked Naruto

"Hai," came the unanimous agreement from Kiba, Lee, and Choji. Neji, Shikamaru, Shino, and Sasuke remained silent, but even they agreed to the ridiculous proposition made by the blond haired loudmouth.

"This is going to be troublesome." Sighed Shikamaru.

"So whose going to be who?" Choji asked (2).

So it was agreed between the 8 boys that they would switch places. The rules of the game where simple, they'd each transform into another and pretend to be that person; who ever stayed in character the longest won the game, and got to lord it over the others. To make it a little difficult, Shikamaru suggested that the person they each played, could not be someone from their own team, since that would give anyone playing the part of such a close friend an unfair advantage over the others. Secretly, Shikamaru deduced that if certain people switched personalities, the other's might make each other look like baka's and didn't want to make this 'game' any more troublesome then it already seemed it was going to be. Thus it was decided, using Henge no Jutsu (transformation jutsu) Shikamaru would switch places with Kiba, Sasuke with Choji, Shino with Lee, and Neji with Naruto. (3)

"Ino, I have to tell you something!" exclaimed the flushed Kunoichi as rushed into the empty flower shop her best friend's family owned.

"What's wrong Sakura?" inquired the blond Kunoichi.

"You will NEVER believe what I just found out!" exclaimed Sakura.

"What?!" asked a very excited Ino. She was after all, the village's queen of gossip. Though she was a little annoyed that Sakura had stumbled upon something obviously very juicy before her, Ino considered gossip as gossip; even if she wasn't the first to know.

"Oh.My.Gawd. wait 'til you hear what I found out about our dear friend Tenten…"

"Akamaru, you're going to give me away," growled 'Shikamaru,' as an oversized 'puppy' tried to tackle the lazy-nin wannabe.

"Does she know?" a stunned Ino asked her pink haired bestfriend.

"No, I don't think so, she just came in for her yearly checkup and it showed up in her blood work." replied Sakura.

"I didn't even know she was seeing anyone." Ino stated.

"Neither did I. I can't believe it!" nodded Sakura.

"Wasn't she on a mission two months ago?" asked Ino.

"Yeah… You don't think?..." began Sakura.

"…that something happened during the mission?" finished the blond Kunoichi.

"H-Hi Tenten-san." Hinata greeted her friend. She had really been working on that stutter, but every so often it still crept up on her.

"Hi Hinata." said a smiling Tenten, "how are you today?"

"I'm good, thank you. How are you Tenten-san?" asked Hinata.

"Not so good, I've been feeling a little sick, but I'm sure it's just a bug." replied Tenten.

"O-oh. Well soup is said to be good for you when you're feeling sick. Would you like to go to Ichiraku with me?" asked Hinata

"hehehe, you just want to go see Naruto-kun don't you?" teased Tenten. She saw her friend's face turn bright red, and then smiled. "But, I am kind of hungry, so… sure!"

"Where do you think she might be?" asked Ino.

"Probably training." stated the pink haired Kunoichi.

"This late at night?!" exclaimed her blond friend.

"Are you kidding? Her and Neji-san are always training long before sunrise, and they usual stop around midnight; believe me, if she's anywhere, she's training." exclaimed Sakura.

"You know what, I thought I saw Neji's fan-girls headed towards Ichiraku earlier." stated Ino.

"So?" asked Sakura.

"Maybe Neji-san and Tenten decided to take a break and eat dinner?" Ino thought out loud.

"I don't know. It doesn't really sound like Neji-san." observed Sakura.

At the Ichiraku, Hinata and Tenten were ordering their ramen. Much to Hinata's disappointment, Naruto was nowhere to be found, but at least she had good company with Tenten.

"Ano, Tenten-san… how was you last mission?" asked Hinata.

"Oh, it went well, not that hard, but Lee got a little carried away and ended tripping the security system, so we had to fight our way out. But it was fine, we hadn't had much action lately, so it was good." Tenten replied between bites of ramen.

Just then Sakura and Ino walked up to the two girls sitting at the Ichiraku.

"Tenten, Hinata!" yelled Sakura.

"Oh, hi Sakura-san, Ino-san." Waved Hinata.

"Hey." replied Tenten as she finished off her bowl of ramen, "what are you girls doing here?"

"Tenten, we've been looking everywhere for you!" exclaimed a very anxious Ino.

"Oh?" inquired Tenten, "why's that?"

"Umm… well… we sort of have something to tell you." stammered Ino uncharacteristically. "Tell her Sakura!" the blond Kunoichi said, as she pushed her friend towards Tenten.

"Well… umm… Tenten…." Sakura began.

"Spit it out already!" an annoyed Tenten exclaimed.

"Well you see… you know that physical you went for the other day?" Sakura started.

"Yeah?..." replied Tenten.


Just then, the boys, still under the Henge no Jutsu (transformation jutsu) started making their way towards everyone's favorite ramen stand.

"This has been a long day." sighed a rather lively (or livelier then usual) Shikamaru.

"YOU! This is all your fault!" Tenten yelled at a very shocked looking 'Neji' (4) "I told you that doing that in a temple would curse us… but nooooo… mister 'I'm too cool to believe in curses'… AHHHH…" screamed a very fuming Tenten as she grabbed 'Neji' by the collar and dragged him away from the group.

"What was that all about?" asked 'Kiba' lazily.

"Ano… sorry Kiba-kun, b-but we can't say." stuttered Hinata.

Seconds later, an ear piercing scream was heard through Konoha, followed by a wild looking Naruto rushing toward the group in front of the Ichiraku.

"I quit!..." yelled Naruto as he barely dodged dozens of sharp pointy projectiles.

"Ok, seriously now, what's going on?" asked a very anxious 'Naruto,' assuming his own identity back, since the real Naruto had already broken their cover. At that, all the boy transformed back into their real selves, much to the three girl's shock.

"What?!" was the unanimous cry from the three girls.

"We'll tell you later." answered Kiba

"Troublesome" mumbled Shikamaru.

Just then, Tenten rushed out from within the trees, ready to throw another round of shuriken at Naruto, but Neji quickly stepped in front of her and grabbed hold of her wrist.

"What is going on Tenten?" Neji asked in his usual cold manner.


"She's crazy! That's what's wrong… she took me to the forest to tell me she was pregnant… I don't know why… and then when I didn't say anything, because I was so shocked, she got angry and started throwing kunia and shuriken and all sorts of other weapons at me." yelled Naruto, who was cowering behind Sakura.

At this revelation, all the boy's mouths dropped in shock.

"Is that all?" said an emotionless Hyuga.

"What do you mean, 'is that all'?" yelled Tenten, Sakura, and Ino. (6).

"Hn." was the stoic Hyuga's only reply.

"Nejiiiiii." screeched Tenten, "How can you be so calm about this?!"

"Because he already knew." surmised a very bored Shikamaru.

"So… doe that mean Neji's the father?" a puzzled Ino asked.


"Way to go Hyuga, and here I thought you were gay." said a grinning Kiba. Though this only granted him a death glare from our favorite white eyed ninja.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP!" yelled Sakura. "Can't you see our friend is going through a traumatic experience… I think we should leave these two alone, so they can talk."

"If we leave them alone, Tenten might kill Neji…" Naruto muttered. "but better him then me… bye." he added; seeing the deadly glare from the bun-haired kunoichi., With that, Naruto ran off in the same direction Lee left earlier.

After everyone else said their goodbyes, Tenten stood quietly looking down at the ground. Her earlier rage and confusion slowly evaporating, she no longer had the courage to look Neji in the eyes. Those eyes that saw everything. Though she'd blamed him earlier, she knew that it took two, so she couldn't blame him entirely. Tenten felt like the whole world was crumbling under her. All her hopes and dreams vanishing before her very eyes, and what's more, she was going to be an unwed mother. Though Tenten never really cared about what other people thought of her (after all, if she did, she would have been more like the other girls instead of the tomboy that she was). Still, even if she didn't care about other people's opinions, it didn't mean she wanted to be talked about. And this was certainly going to big gossip in the streets of Konoha. Especially since no one had known that she and Neji had been dating since they were genin.

True, they'd always been close, and everyone could see that. But because Neji was always so cold and distant, and Tenten had always seemed like the typical tomboy who didn't care about guys, no one suspected that they were actually in love with one another. And that had been the way they wanted to keep it. They wanted their relationship to be just theirs. But now… with a baby growing in her womb, soon everyone would find out about them. Or worst, they'd assume that Tenten was some cheap floozy (7).

What option did she have?... Tenten couldn't give up the baby. Even if it were unplanned, it didn't mean Tenten could get rid of it. No, she'd always longed for a family. She definitely couldn't allow for this baby to grow up an orphan like she did, and an abortion was out of the question. Besides, this wasn't just any baby, this was Neji's baby. And she loved Neji more than anything in the world, which meant she'd surely love his baby just as much. But she didn't want to put it through the pain of whispering villagers talking behind its back, and shunning it because it was conceived out of wedlock. So what could so did?...

Neji watched as Tenten's expression changed from angry, to sad, to confused, to happy, to determined, and everything in between. He knew her well enough to know exactly what she was thinking, and wanted her to decide on her own what she wanted to do. But he had already made up his mind.

"What am I going to do, Neji?" Tenten said in a small voice.

"Tenten…" Neji began

"I can't have a baby." Tenten continued.

"Tenten…" Neji called out again.

"I'm only 17" Tenten still didn't hear him.

"Tenten…" Neji's patience began to wear thin.

"What about my dream of becoming the next Tsunade?" Tenten moped.

"Tenten…" Neji inhaled deeply; growing tired with her inattentiveness.

"But I can't just give him up either." Tenten reasoned.

"Ten… him?" Neji looked at her questioningly.

"huh?..." Tenten looked up the face the prodigy.

"What makes you think it will be a He?" Neji asked.

"I don't know, I just… I don't know" Tenten shrugged.

"Tenten!" sighing, Neji took hold of her hand.

"What?!" exclaimed Tenten.

"Marry me."


(1) I had apparently done a Sakura vs. Inner Sakura moment at the beginning... and while it's fine with Sakura, I usually hate the "inner" plots because they seem so random... yet here I actually started my very first FF submission with one... who knew?

(2) In the original, it was Shika who said that, but since I changed it to Choji in HNJ, I figured I'd change it here to fit the two stories together better...

(3) The companion story (Henge no Jutsu) deals with what happened during the boy's "switch".

(4) no, that's not OCC because remember, Naruto is Neji… so while Neji would never show any emotion, Naruto isn't as cool and collected… but back to the show…

(5) I tired to sound as Lee-like as I could, but he's just weird… but then, that's why we love him… lol

(6) Because Hinata would never yell.

(7) I was going to say slut, but I hate the word, and floozy just sounds funny… lol