I know it is too soon to start making a new story when I have two other stories I need to work on, but well I already have 15 chapters written up for this one. So enjoy!

Chapter 1

All the guys were heading to Ryou's house for a sleepover. Ryou was sitting on the couch waiting for everyone to get there when Bakura, his Yami, came into the room.

"What are you doing?" Bakura questioned.

Ryou smiled. "Waiting on the others, you know for the sleepover."

"NO, please don't tell me that is tonight."

"Yes, let me guess you forgot?" Ryou asked.

Bakura growled. "YES, I don't want them coming over, mostly the pharaoh."

Door Bell Rings

Ryou stood up to go answer the door. "To bad there here."

Ryou went over to the door and opened it to see...

"Hey Joey and Yugi."

Joey waved at the albino. "Hey Ryou, by the way Tristan and Duke are sick they can't come."

Yugi smiled. "Yea and Yami will be coming a little late; he is closing the shop up."

"That's ok, come on in."

Yugi and Joey walk in to see Bakura trying to find something.

"Bakura what are you looking for?" Yugi asked with curiosity.

Bakura tried to lift up only to hit his head on the desk. "OWWWW! Oh nothing just my deck."

Joey titled his head to the side. "Why?"

Bakura glared at the two. "Shut up or face the shadow realm."

Ryou rolled his eyes. "Don't worry guys he is just mad because he forgot about the sleepover."

Bakura walked out of the room and into the kitchen. Joey and Yugi sat down on the couch, just as the door bell rang again.

Ryou went to go get it. "I will get it." He answered the door to find...

Yami stood outside the door with Seto, Marik, and Malik behind him. "Hey Ryou."

"Hey guys I'm glad you could make it."

"Are you going to let us in?" Seto asked impatient waiting on the sleepover to be over with.

Ryou stepped to the side. "Oh yes come in, have a seat."

They all walked in...

"Oh great the mutt is here." Seto said as he stood in the living room.

Joey stood up fast from his spot on the couch. "What did you call me?"

"Let me spell it out for you, M...U...T...T." Seto made sure to spell the word out slowly.

Joey growled while clenching his fists. "COME SAY IT TO MY FACE!"

Yugi knew Joey was close to punching Seto so he grabbed his arm. "Calm down Joey, don't let Kaiba get to you."

"Yeah, mutt listen to shortie."

Yugi let go of Joey and turned his own glare at Seto. "DON'T CALL ME SHORTIE!"

"I can call you whatever I want so ha."

Yami went up behind Seto and hit him upside the head. "Stop messing with my hikari."

"Why should I he is short and so are you." Seto explained with a smirk.

Yami glared fiercely at Seto. "I said stop calling us that so what if we are short, at least where not always getting beat by you in a duel so ha."

Seto crossed his arms. "You cheat, that is why I can't win."

Yugi smirked a very Yami like smirk. "No we just know how to duel."

"Shut up shortie."

"I SAID DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Yugi yelled at him.

"Man your loud shortie."

Yami hit Seto on the head again. "What did I say about messing with my hikari?"

"Thank you Yami." Yugi said while sticking his tongue out at Seto.

Yugi, Yami, Seto, and Joey are arguing. Marik and Malik are just watching. Bakura is off doing something, who knows what.

Ryou sighed. "I will go get some drinks." He walked away to go do just that.

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