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Chapter 100


It was a warm summer day in the middle of June and the year was 2029. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky making it the perfect day for a picnic. The weather allowed Yugi and Yami to plan the yearly picnic to the park with friends and family. As the children got older it became harder and harder for Yugi and Yami to see their friends. It was even harder to see their twin sons who had lives of their own and didn't live with them anymore. However Yugi and Yami came up with the idea for a yearly picnic to the park in Domino when everyone was in town. This got everyone together in the middle of the year instead of just on holidays.

At the moment the two tri-colored hair adults were fixing up a couple picnic tables and blankets for the large group of people that were to show up soon. Everyone was going to bring something for everyone to eat that way one person didn't have to cook. Yami and Yugi both hadn't changed much in the last six years, both still rather youthful looking given both had just entered their early forties. Now a day Yugi often found Yami taking hours in front of the bathroom mirror making sure he didn't have any gray hairs at the age of forty one. Yugi would always be the one to tell Yami he was still handsome as ever then nearly kick his butt for taking forever to get to his job and making him late for his own job.

Now that all his children were no longer babies or toddlers and all in school, Yugi spent more time at his grandfather's game shop making sure it stayed in working order and holding more tournaments to promote sells in card games. It helped that the game shop was linked with Kaiba Corp because that boost business as well.

Yami still had his job at the museum and it still did fairly good business since it had a few upgrades and the visitors could interact with the exhibits. Bakura and Marik even kept their jobs at the museum mostly because if they lost their job, Ryou and Malik would never let them hear the end of it until they got new ones. Ryou and Malik however continued to be stay at home husbands seeming to enjoy being at home than working.

Seto and Joey hadn't changed a bit in the last six years, still running Kaiba Corp and watching their own children grow up. Mokuba and Noah were the same as they both got higher jobs in the Kaiba Corp business and helped Seto and Joey run the company. Mokuba would mainly take over Seto's job, when Seto was sick which was rare.

All the adults hadn't changed much over the years, but the children were another story.

Yugi looked up from setting out plates to see Bella sitting on a nearby blanket, cell phone in hand and was texting away. She was by far the girly girl of the family. Bella, who had just turned fourteen, was crazy about pink, loved shopping, and wore nothing but dresses and skirts all the time. Her hair was to her waist, she had a dark tan like her father, and her crimson eyes were gentle. She was a social butterfly and had tons of friends at school unlike her older brothers who had chosen to only be friends with a small group. The teenager was getting ready to start high school and much to Yami's horror she already liked a boy. Yami kept telling her she was too young to date, but Yugi could tell Bella had a little rebel in her and she wouldn't listen to Yami.

Yuka and Yuki were the next to catch Yugi's eyes. Both were hanging out on the jungle gym that wasn't far from where the picnic would take place. The twin girls, who were now nine years old, were rough and tumble tomboys in their t-shirts and jeans. They loved getting down and dirty, getting on Bella's nerves sometimes. Both had short black hair and red bangs with bright crimson eyes, but instead of Yami, they had Yugi's paler complexion. They sometimes reminded Yugi of Atem and Amai when they were younger and it helped make the house feel a little less empty.

The last little one still in the house was Kek the last of the triplets and the only child left in the house that was a boy. The nine year old was rather timid and shy like Amai was when he was little, but Kek was even shyer than Amai. He had trouble making friends at school and really only hung out with his sisters. When at home he hung around Yugi a lot and helped Yugi with chores that his other siblings were too lazy to help with. Only when Yugi was not around would Kek cling to Yami's side. He had spiky black hair like his parents, but with purple bangs and still looked adorable with his mix-match eyes of amethyst and crimson.

Kek walked up to Yugi with cups that would be put beside each plate. "Daddy had to take a call, he told me to give these to you."

Yugi smiled at his son and ruffled his hair. "Thanks Kek for helping out, but why don't you go play with your sisters."

"But I could get hurt…" Kek seem to also have a rather big fear of getting hurt when outside. He had a lot of fears that Yugi hoped he would grow out of soon.

"I promise nothing will happen to you sweetheart. Go have fun your cousins will be here soon." Yugi gave his son a kiss on the forehead before watching him walk over to the jungle gym. He sometimes loved how much Kek didn't want to leave his side, but Yugi also knew Kek should face his fears and be a little more independent. The last thing Yugi wanted was for Kek to be picked on at school because of his fears.

Yami walked over to Yugi a few minutes later and wrapped his arms around his husband. "Seto had a last minute meeting this morning, so Joey called to say they would be a few minutes behind, but they were coming even if Joey and Mokuba had to drag him here."

That bought a chuckle out of Yugi. "I could see Mokuba and Joey doing that. Have you heard from either Amai or Atemu yet?"

Yami shook his head. "No, but no need to worry, they wouldn't miss this. I miss them just as much as you do."

Bella looked up just in time to see her parents kiss. "Do you have to do that in public?" She asked not happy about her parents kissing in public. They loved each other sure, but it was embarrassing for her.

Yugi couldn't help but stick his tongue at out his daughter. "If you don't like it don't look." He teased her before getting back to setting up the tables.

"How are things going?" A familiar voiced asked, causing Yugi to turn around quickly.

Ryou and Bakura stood behind him with Malik and Marik not far behind walking up the path. Neither pair looked much different except they were getting slightly older. Beside Ryou was their oldest daughter Tenshi, who was eighteen and a recent graduate of Domino High, she had shoulder length choppy white hair and narrow brown eyes. She really took after her father and was a little rebel. There were many times when she was given dentition at school for fights or pranks she pulled on the teachers. Surprisely she graduated and had made the decision to go to college to study fashion. Her style was more of a Goth and punk rock look and she made most of the clothes she wore.

Beside Bakura were their three sons Kaz, Sasuke, and Daisuke. Kaz was eleven and the quiet boy of the bunch. He took after Ryou in looks and smarts. The boy enjoyed staying in his room to watch history channel or read any kind of book he could get his hand on. However if you got him mad he did have a nasty temper. Sasuke and Daisuke were a mix between Bakura and Ryou in looks and attitude. The two were only seven and were smart, but like to test their smarts by stealing things from both Tenshi and Kaz. The older siblings hated this and this normally led to sibling fights. Ryou had his hands full around the house, but he knew how to handle his children so no one got hurt.

After greeting Bakura and Ryou, Yugi moved on to Marik and Malik as they came up. Behind the two were their three children Ray, Nefertiti, and Halima. Ray, who was fourteen, ended up taking after Marik more than Malik as he got older. He was a prankster, but he was better at getting away with things than Tenshi was. When he wanted to be Ray could be a gentleman and ladies' man, but at the moment he only had his eyes on one lucky lady. Nefertiti and Halima were twins and seven years old, but both were complete opposites. Nefertiti loved dolls and helping Malik around the house, while Halima was a little tomboy who loved sports. Halima was already a good player in her little league soccer team. The two girls sometimes got on their big brother's nerves, but he loved them and enjoyed spending time with them.

Kaz, Sasuke, Daisuke, and Halima all hurried over to the jungle gym to play with Yugi's kids once their parents let them go. While Ray and Nefertiti sat down on the blanket with Bella, and Tenshi went her own way and sat on a blanket by herself to play games on her iPhone.

Yami glared at Ray as he got a little too close to his daughter. This was the reason Yami didn't want Bella to date. Ray had taken a liking to Bella and Bella seemed to have a crush on Ray. The two hung out a lot after school and Yugi had told him it was just harmless flirting but Yami didn't trust the boy. Marik often got a kick out of seeing Yami get all flushed over his son taking an interest in Bella.

Marik and Bakura walked over to Yami and put their arms around the shorter adult's shoulders. "How long do you think it will take for them to start dating?" Bakura asked.

"They are not going to be dating…" Yami growled at him, before turning a glare to Marik. "You need to tell your son to look elsewhere because my daughter is off limits."

"I don't know Yami if I do that they might just sneak off into the night together." Marik teased him.

Before Yami could clobber both Bakura and Marik, Yugi thankfully pulled Yami away before things got nasty. He sat Yami down at one of the picnic tables. "I told you to be on your best behavior."

"They started it…" Yami said with a pout.

Yugi couldn't help but chuckle and give Yami a kiss. "Bella is allowed to date who she wants. At the moment they are only flirting so don't worry. The crush could pass and she will be on to the next boy."

Yami sighed and hit his head on the table. "I don't remember the twins dating being this stressful."

"That is because they weren't your little princess." Yugi mentioned before walking back over to Malik and Ryou to talk to them.

It wasn't until thirty minutes later that Seto and Joey showed up with their kids along with Mokuba and Noah with their daughter. The group looked the same as ever except the children who had gotten older. Seth, Seto and Joey's eighteen year old son and recent graduate of Domino high, looked so much like his father and was nearly Seto's height now. He may have taken after Seto in looks, but as time went by he ended up acting like Joey. The boy even had taken after Joey's big appetite for food. Seth had a love for food that rivaled Joey's and the boy loved to cook. He had decided against working for his father's company in favor of going to college to learn to be a chef and had dreams to own his own restaurant one day. This had shocked Seto, but he in no way would force his son to do something he didn't want to do.

Maya on the other hand may have taken after Joey in looks, but she took after Seto in brains. She was turning into a little genius at the small age of nine and enjoyed going to work with her daddy. The young girl loved to mess with computers and if it wasn't for Joey she would stay in her room all day reading any kind of book she could get her hand on. She and Kaz got along great because of their love for books, but being different ages they never saw each other at school. They always had to plan ahead with their parents if they wanted to see each other after school to hang out.

Mokuba and Noah's daughter Amelia had really opened up the past few years and wasn't as shy as she used to be. The thirteen year old was an average teenager, who loved to hang out with guys and girls. She enjoyed make-up and jewelry, but she also didn't mind playing sport with guys. Thanks to Mokuba and Noah her eye sight had gotten so much better but doctors still had to keep an eye on her as she got older. Amelia and Bella were like the best of friends even when they were one year apart and in different grades.

As the adults got the food ready since everyone was almost there, Maya went to go play on the jungle gym while Amelia went to sit beside Bella, taking her attention away from Ray. Sometimes Ray and Amelia butted heads when it came to Bella's attention, but it never got physical at least. Even if Ray started to date Bella, Amelia always knew Bella would stay her best friend.

Seth took up a place next to Tenshi, who put away her phone in favor of making out with her boyfriend. It had clearly been a shocker to Seto and Bakura when Tenshi and Seth started to date a little over a year ago. No one had seen it coming since Tenshi and Seth were like polar opposites. However they treated each other right, so no matter what their parents said they were going to continue to date. Bakura had already tried to threaten Seth into not dating his daughter, but that only got both Tenshi to hate him even more with Ryou giving him a good two hours lecture.

Yugi looked down at his watch to see the time. "Yami did Amai tell you when they were going to get here?"

"Soon dear don't worry so much."

"But Amai and Kenta were to pick Hannah and Atemu up at the airport over two hours ago. I figured they would be here by now." Yugi worried that something might have happened to them along the way.

Ryou walked up to Yugi and put a hand on his shoulder. "They might have gotten stuck in traffic. Let's go ahead and get all the food set up. We can feed all the kids first and by than they could be here."

Yugi sighed, but agreed with him. "Alright, but Bakura and Marik have to help too."

Groans could be heard from Bakura and Marik, while Yami snickered. Those two were the laziness people he knew both at home and work. It took them hours to get a simple task done at work, but when they got it done it was perfect that is why Yami never fired them.

As the food was set up and all the kids were lined up, the parents started to help the younger kids make plates before letting the older teens get their own food. It was once all the kids and teens were sitting on the blankets eating that some late guests arrived.

"You started the party without us?"

All eyes turned to see Atemu grinning at them with Hannah, Kenta, and Amai behind him. All four twenty four year olds had changed over the years. Atemu looked every much like his father except he had Yugi's eye color. He had even grown to be a few inches taller than Yami. The adult had a light muscular built to his body from working out in Egypt on digs and a darker tan. Amai looked almost the same as his brother, but his tan wasn't as dark and he still had the same skinny body he had as a teenager.

Kenta had grown to be at the height of Seto and had developed some muscles of his own. He wasn't as skinny as he used to be. His blue hair had been grown out so it went just below his ear and no glasses were on his face meaning he was probably wearing his contacts. Hannah had developed a woman's body with a beautiful curvy figure. Her pink hair had grown down to her lower back and she had developed a light tan from living in Egypt.

On Kenta's hip was a little toddler about two years old. He had Amai's hair, pale skin and Kenta's baby blue eyes. The little one was looking around curious to where he was at.

Yugi wasted no time in running up to Atemu and hugging him. He looked up at him with a huge smile on his face. "I wasn't sure you would make it."

"I told you we would be here. You still don't trust me do you?"

Before Atemu had time to move, Yugi had slapped him upside the head. "That is no way to be talking to your mother."

Hannah laughed as Atemu rubbed his head groaning that he was an adult now and shouldn't be punished like a child. "Dear, I thought you would learn your lesson by now…"

"I don't think he will ever learn." Yugi then went over and hugged Hannah. "How are you?"

Hannah smiled and hugged Yugi back. "I'm good. It's nice to be in Domino again and away from the heat."

Next came Kenta and Amai, the hugs for them were short, since Kenta and Amai lived in Domino and did visit when they could. However both didn't have a chance against Yugi as he gently pulled the toddler from Kenta's arms in favor of holding him.

"My you have grown. How is my little grandson today?"

The little boy giggled and hugged Yugi. "Ojii-san!" It was a name he had recently picked up for Yugi since the boy was still learning to talk. Amai had been the one teaching it to the boy since Yugi always wanted to be called Ojii-san by any grandchildren like he used to call his grandfather.

Yami walked over and ruffled the little boy's hair. "What have you been up to Conner?"

The boy laughed and grabbed Yami's finger. "Yami!" There were no cute nicknames for Yami when it came to his grandson. Conner had picked up calling him Yami from Kenta who always called Yami by his name. Yami had been a little bummed at first, but over time Conner could learn something else and would probably start called him grandpa or something later on. He thought about teaching the little guy some Egyptian words if Amai was okay with it.

With the toddler still in hand, Yugi headed over to the picnic tables. "I'm sure all four of you are hungry. Come sit down and eat…"

All four were not one to pass up food as they all filled up their plates and found seats. As everyone was eating, Yugi was the first to get a conversation going. "How are Matthew and Jaden doing?"

Hannah pulled out some pictures from her purse and showed Yugi. "They mailed us these recently. They told me they hated they couldn't make it for the picnic but they would have a vacation coming up at the end of the month."

Matthew and Jaden both had jobs in America after graduating college. Jaden was also going through graduate school trying to get his masters while Matthew had a full time job working as architecture. He was in the process of seeing the finishing touches on a building and that was why they couldn't be there. The two had been married for only a year now and were just as much in love as they were in high school if not more.

"So how is married life treating you Atemu?" Bakura called from the end of the table.

Atemu chuckled and wrapped an arm around his wife. "It's been good. Our second year anniversary was last month and I was able to get some time off to take Hannah to the states to see her brother."

As soon as both Atemu and Hannah graduated from Cairo University the two of them both got married a few weeks later. It had already been planned since their senior year of college when Atemu proposed. After that it took no time for Atemu to get a job at some dig sites with his degree. Hannah having a degree in history was able to tag along and help him out. They mostly lived on the sites so they didn't have any place to really call home, but Atemu wanted that to change.

"So dad…" Atemu said addressing his father, who looked up at him. "Are you looking into hiring any new workers at the museum?"

Yami thought about it. "I might be looking for some new employees here soon when the summer ends." He looked at his son in confusion. "Why do you ask?"

Atemu reached out and grabbed Hannah's hand. Hannah smiled at him and nodded her head.

"Well Hannah and I were talking and we think it's time we return back to Domino for a while."

Yugi also looked at the two in confusion. "Why? I thought you both enjoyed Egypt."

Atemu chuckled. "I do, but dig sites are no place to raise a baby."

There was dead silence after that, before Yugi clear as day shouted. "BABY!"

Hannah blushed. "We just found out two weeks ago that I'm two months pregnant."

Amai who was sitting beside Atemu patted his brother on the back. "So finally decided to enter parenthood I see…" He teased.

Atemu ruffled his brother's hair in return. "Well at least I waited a few years. I remember a certain brother of my jumping into parenthood one month after his college graduation." He teased back and laughed when his brother blushed.

Both Kenta and Amai had married during the summer before their junior year of college. They hadn't wanted to wait any longer since they had been engaged for over two years. It had been a small wedding, but it was still beautiful. Once the two graduated, Amai got a little surprise one month later when he found out he was pregnant. Kenta had been nervous as hell to be a father, so Yugi and Yami allowed the two to live with them until Kenta could find a job and get them a proper place to raise a child. Thankfully Kaiba hired Kenta to work for him and a year later they had a house of their own not far from Yugi and Yami. The place was just big enough with three bedrooms and a good size backyard. Amai decided to be a stay at home husband and raise their son until Conner started school. Just like Yugi, Amai wanted to be there for his child the first few years of his life.

Yugi smiled at his son. "Well there are plenty of parents here with experience if either you or Hannah needs help." He informed his son. "You are more than welcome to come live with us until you get on your feet."

"How are things at home?" Atemu asked. "I know it's only been three years since Charlie passed away."

Yugi sighed at the mention of their beloved dog that died not too long ago. "It's been good at home now, but quiet without Charlie. The triplets took it pretty hard because they were just getting to know him. Bella and Amai were the worst because they had known him the longest. Yami and I haven't decided if we want to get another dog just yet."

Atemu nodded. He also remembered when Charlie died but he had been at school at the time and couldn't come home. Hannah had helped him through that small dark moment. Charlie may have just been a dog but he was a part of the family.

"Other than Charlie's death, things haven't changed much." Yugi finished before he started to tear up. Even after three years it still hurt to talk about their dog. There were moments when Yugi would think the little guy was still around.

"I don't know if you heard, but Ryan has finally been released from the hospital he had been sent to." Yami said trying to change the subject. Ryan had woken up two years after the twins graduated high school, but was sent to another hospital for being mentally unstable. He had woken up with no memories of whom anyone was or who he was. The guy ended up having a meltdown before he was sent to a different hospital for treatment.

"Hopefully he has changed and will leave me alone." Atemu said. Over the years Atemu had still been able to keep it quiet about his shadow powers from the world and his wife. He trusted Hannah, but didn't want to freak her out. If he could help it he would never use his powers again. "If they released him than he must have most of his memories back."

Yami shook his head. "It looks as if he still doesn't remember some things, but he has been deemed safe to be back on the streets. Last I heard he was still living with his uncle, but his uncle moved him back to the states to a small city so he could relax."

"I'm sure whatever happened to him, he has gotten the help he needed." Hannah said as she comforts her husband.

Atemu agreed and gave his wife a kiss.

"God brother not you too!" Bella called out.

Atemu turned and stuck out his tongue at his sister. "Just wait until you get married little sister. You won't think it's so embarrassing than."

Bella rolled her eyes and went back to talking to Ray. Atemu turned back to his parents.

"She has really changed hasn't she?"

"You have no idea." Yami said with a sigh. "I think the teenage years are worst with her."

Yugi rolled his eyes. "It's not that bad. She has just hit the stage where she is into boys and doesn't want her parents all up in her business."

Amai grinned at his brother. "I bet she would love to hang out with her older brother."

Atemu shook his head rather quickly. "No thank you. I dealt with teenage girls all through high school. I'll let mom and dad deal with that."

"Only Yami has to deal with it." Yugi mentioned bouncing Conner on his lap. "I'm fine with the way she is. She is just growing up and I'll let her have her privacy."

Yami grinned as he looked at Amai and Atemu. "You two will have to deal with it sooner or later. Parenthood is not easy…"

Hannah lean against her husband and laid her head on his shoulder. "I'm sure Atemu will be a good father. He was great at helping Yugi around the house with the triplets."

"At least those three turned out alright." Yugi teased his son.

"Yo who wants to play some soccer?" Bakura shouted as he and Marik got up.

Most of the children got up to join them, along with Seto, Atemu, Kenta, and Joey. The rest continued their meal as that group found a good area to play.

Yugi sighed a happy sigh as he laid his head on his husband's shoulder. "I enjoy moments like this when everyone can get together."

Yami wrapped his arm around Yugi. "I agree with you. It's good to hear Atemu will also be moving back home to raise his own child soon."

The two looked down at their current grandson who was giggling at the funny faces Hannah was making to him from across the table. Things really had changed over the years, but they wouldn't change anything for that moment right then.

There were times when Yugi would look back and wish he and Yami had waited before having children so soon, but nothing could replace the joy Yugi had when raising each and every one of his children. If it hadn't been for that one game of Truth or Dare back when he was younger, Yugi wasn't sure how his life would have turned out. Things could have ended up the same or changed dramatically. However all their futures still looked bright and in the end everyone was happy in the path they had chosen.