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Chapter 1: An old book, Carlisle in suspenders, and an Angry Edward! OH MY!

I sat on Alice's bed. She had brought me into her room, and usually that ended up with me being Alice's blank canvas to create of her own imagination and style smarts. I shudder at the thought.

"What is it Alice?" I couldn't help the tiny nervous quiver that shook my voice.

Alice came out of a cabinet she had been digging in and flashed me a mischevious grin. "Oh, don't worry Bella. We're not playing dress-up today. Relax."

I huffed at her mocking me. I could feel the pout on my face. Her wind-chime giggles came as a result, enchanting me into smiling at her.

Alice glided over and took a seat on her bed, right beside me. She held a big, brown book in her tiny pixie palms. It looked ancient!

"What is that," I asked curiously. She beamed at me. "The reason I brought you into my room, silly." I rolled my eyes at her stating the obvious.

"It's a photo album. Not from our human lives, but as a family." With that explanation Alice opened the book with a gentle touch, aware of the old, tattered binding.

I was instantely attentive. I wondered if Edward had looked too much different than he did now. The first picture was one of those faded ones, you could tell that it was taken many decades ago. Perhaps not too long after the camera was invented...

"Is that Carlisle?!" Wow, he could even pull off suspenders. Carlisle was in some kind of shelter and a patient was by him. A little boy with a broken arm. Even with a broken limb the boy was looking straight up at Carlisle with unmistakable gratitude in his eyes, a smile plastered on his little ill-looking face. Alice shook while trying to hold in her laughter, but a couple chuckles escaped. When Alice had calmed herself she took a deep, uneeded breath. "Yes, it is Carlisle. Bella, I just adore the way you react to things." I looked under the picture of Carlisle to see a much more recent picture. I bust out laughing! I hadn't seen a more hilarious thing in my life!

Alice giggled too. "Jasper wasn't one for the disco style. I had made him wear that suit so we could go to a dance at the local disco skating rink."

Jasper was wearing, pretty much, the same disco get-up that John Travolta wore in the movie Saturday Night Fever! It was histarical!

Alice and I sat there looking through Jasper's section of the album, cackling up a storm while we were at it. Thank goodness Carlisle was at work and Esme was out doing...whatever she does...and the rest were out hunting, bound to come back tomorrow at some time. They would of put us in a nut house by the sounds of our laughter.

Then we got to the section of the album for Alice's pictures. Unlike Jasper, Alice looked stylish in everything she wore. From bell bottom pants of the disco era to glam to punk. Lucky woman...

Rosalie passed in the same way...only she made the styles look more seductive than was meant for any type of clothing.

The whole family was went through. I saw some of the most joyous times of their existances in those photographs.

Then the last section of the old book of memories belonged to Edward, my dark Adonis. The first picture in there was of Edward with sunglasses on and swimming trunks sparkling up like the sun itself. Beautiful. As I stared at the picture I realised I hadn't been breathing, so I forced the air in and out of my lungs with some effort. Alice patted my hand and gave me a soft smile, knowing how a picture of Edward was something I would get worked up about. "We had bought a private island for a summer," Alice said, anwering my silent question of where Edward was.

The picture below was Edward sitting on top of an exasperated Jasper. "They were fighting over who won a Playstation game...not that it needs to be said but, Edward won." I bit my thumb to keep from howling out in a giggle fit. The next one was to the right. My eyes widened at what I saw. All I heard was Alice calling my name in question. Minutes passed and I was still staring at the picture. The next thing I knew I was jumping around like a moron and reaching into the back of my pants, trying to get at whatever was causing the excruciating cold. After I got the ice cubes from my pants I glared down at Alice laying on the floor, holding her sides, just laughing it up. "Ugh! Alice! What the HECK!" I threw the ice at her forehead. Not that it would faze her any but...

"Deep breaths...inhale and exhale Alice," Alice whispered to herself on purpose, just to tease me more. "I am sorry my dear Bella. I had to do something to get your attention again. Staring like that just isn't healthy. I was thinking you were going into a coma." I bit my lip, and gave her an icy glare. "S'not my fault Alice. You can not tell me that he doesn't look absolutely, incredibly, impossibly..." I couldn't sum it up, I couldn't find a word or phrase or anything. Alice grinned at me, and rose a brow. "Are you looking for the word 'wow' Bella?"

I nodded dumbly as I started to stare at the photo in the album on the bed again. I heard Alice sigh. "Yes, Bella. I suppose so. Nothing compared to my Jasper, but sure. Why not?" My eyes flashed to Alice's, wide with astonishment. She giggled at my expression. "It was at Emmett's and Rosalie's wedding...the first one." Edward was in a tux. I absolutely melted when I saw him in a tuxedo. The contrast between the black of the fabric and the white of his skin was beautiful and it made his tawny eyes stand out even more astoundingly. Gorgeous.

We searched through Edward's section. Alice telling the story behind the picture and me staring in awe at my true love in still-frame. Then we turned to the last picture in the old book. As soon as I saw it I knew that was my favorite photo of Edward ever and that that sight would be in my memory for the rest of my life and beyond (if he ever changes me...). Alice was guffawing at me. "Bella do be careful not to get any drool on my bedding or carpet." And she thought she was joking. This was the, for lack of a better word, most...seducing I've ever seen Edward, and that's saying something let me tell you. "I caught him by suprise on that one, which is a task to be proud of in and of itself," Alice snickered out. "Yup. He never knew what hit him," she continued. "Until it was too late," she added with a slightly evil tint in her chiming voice. It kind of scared me.

As soon as I started into my ultimate ogling mode I felt someone lay their chin on my shoulder, looking at what had my undivided attention a moment before. "ALICE!" The light pressure of the chin on my shoulder was jerked away in a sudden movement. Edward was home early.

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