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Chapter 1: What to do?

Pacing back and forth in the Kazekage office, the Kazekage of Suna himself anxiously waited for his older siblings to arrive. He needed to tell them something important, something urgent! The only problem was, how can he put this something in words? He sat on his big chair that he hates so much, for it's was to hard and uncomfortable, it was like sitting on old, broken bricks.

He crossed his arm on his desk and laid his head on top of them. His emerald eyes scanned his office, the two in-house cactus beside the grand door were in bloom, the wall paper was beginning to peal off from the top, his small trash can, two or three feet away from his desk was full of crumbled up paper.

He closed his eyes, 'How on earth can I deal with this?!?!?!'

"Aw, what's wrong Gaara? Didn't like what I told you? Ha ha ha!",the evil raccoon demon that reside in him taunted.

'Shut up! I don't even know why you did that!!'

"I have my reasons."

'I don't care about your reasons !! I DO NOT WANT THIS!!!'

"Heh, to bad. Look at it this way, at least you will have someone that will truly love you."

"Tr-truely…Love…?", with that, the red head stayed quiet, grabbing his chest. He laid back on his hard chair, looking up at the ceiling. Maybe he did wanted this, maybe he did wanted to go through with it…but how would he know? What will happen if this something hated him instead of loving him, it would only cause him more pain. Does he really want this? Is he good enough? That's all he could think about.

A knock on the door, brought him back to reality. He sat properly in his chair and allowed the one knocking in.

"Hey Gaara. Sorry I took long getting here, I needed to take care of some stuff. So what did you wanted to talk about?", a blond woman came in with a sassy look.

As she stopped in front of the old, wooden desk, she putted her right hand on top of her right hip , and gave a friendly smile to her younger brother.

Gaara looked at his older sibling, "…Temari….I'm…I'm…", his tongue was tied up, he didn't know what to say or how to say it. Should he just tell her, or keep it to himself? He didn't know what to do, he was confuse. Temari looked at him worriedly, he never startled before.

She went to her younger brother side to make sure he was alright. "Gaara are you okay? Your not acting like yourself."

"…Temari….I'M PREGNANT !!!", he finally came to a conclusion and blurted it out.

He was expecting Temari to explode, but she just stood there… might had twitch or two, eyes widen, mouth fallen, she was speechless...maybe having a mental shock.

A man with paint marks on his face walked in, "What's up Gaara?...Umm…Hey, what's wrong with Temari?"

"….Kankuro….I think she's dieing…"


Nine months later

A beautiful baby girl was born.

"Hey look! She really is Gaara's daughter, she has the same color hair as him!", Kankuro said happily while controlling a butterfly puppet flying around her.

Gaara couldn't help but smile at his new born daughter trying to catch the puppet with her little cute left hand. He hold her close to him, rapped in a blue blanket.

Temari was happy to see her younger brother smiling, that might be the first time she actually seen him smile, but something kept bugging her.

"..Gaara…what are you going to name her?", she started.

Gaara looked at Temari, then his child, "I'll name her…Grace."

"Grace?...that's a nice name……Umm…Gaara, I know you told me never to ask you this question again when I first asked you…but it's been really bugging me…how did you get pregnant, and by whom?!", she asked him.

Gaara face got serious, "….Temari….Kankuro…..I will tell you, but we will never tell Grace."


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