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Chapter 6: Gaara Flashback Number 2: What's this feeling I feel for you

Gaara walked in silence, over whelm with emotion, after seeing Lee for the first time in fifteen years he just wanted to drop on his knees and shed tears. He hasn't felt this emotional since he was change into a girl.

Flash Back

"…I see the Jutsu that Naruto cast on you has not yet lost its effect…is that why Naruto been avoiding you Gaara?", Lee ask as he smiled at him.

"…", Gaara stayed quiet, after being turn into a girl two weeks ago, he has silence himself because of his 'girl voice'.

"COME ON GAARA!!! YOU MUST BE YOUTHFUL AND EXCEPT IT!! That is why I speak with confident and joy!" he did the good guy pose.

Gaara gave him a death glare…apparently it wasn't working, for Lee knew Gaara would never kill him.

"I bet your voice sound marvelous, Gaara!", Lee couldn't help but want to make Gaara speak, he wanted to hear his 'girl voice' and Gaara knew this for Lee has been trying to get him to speak since last week, he wouldn't stop until he fell asleep on the roof with Gaara awake right next to him.

And yet, Gaara liked the attention he was receiving from him, which was another reason he stayed quiet.

"COME ON GAARA, PLEASE!!! IT IS JUST YOU AND ME, NO ONE WILL HEAR, I SWEAR!!", Lee begged as tears were running down his cheek.

'Heh, the weirdo isn't going to give up is he? Oh wait, I forgot...You like that don't you HAHAHA', Shukaku laughed at the thought of Gaara falling in love with a man, and an ugly one at that, even that blond brat was better looking than this green clad ninja (Author wants to kill self here).

Gaara shook his head. Was he really falling in love with his Lee? Sure, he respected Lee for being the first man to hit him, but that didn't mean he liked him that way…did it? No, of course not! Being a girl made him have different feelings towards everyone, that's all. Like when his siblings found out he was a girl, he didn't kill them; instead he blushed and yelled at them to stop laughing…which surprised him.

This was just one of those new feelings he was going through.

"Gaara? You okay my friend?", Lee shook Gaara shoulder. This brought Gaara back to reality.

Lee smiled, "You're blushing Gaara"

"W-what !?", Gaara felt his cheeks.

"AH-HA!! YOU SPOKE! I KNEW I'LL GET YOU TO SPEAK!", Lee cheered and maybe even did a quick dance.

Gaara glared at him, "…You're happy that you tricked me?"

Lee appeared in front of him, "I did not trick you Gaara, you really were blushing! And I was right, you do have a marvelous voice", He smiled at him.

Gaara felt his cheeks turning hot.

"You see your blushing again! It's cute Gaara!"

"D-don't say that!", Gaara pushed Lee always from him.

'What the heck did I just do?!?! That's not like me!', Gaara walked back a few steps and looked at his female hands, was being a girl changing him ?! He was getting emotional for such a stupid reason. Is that why Sakura always got mad at Naruto? Ino screaming at her teammates? Hinata being shy around people? Temari sassy attitude thoughwards Shikamaru? Was he becoming one of them!?!

"Gaara are you okay?" Lee looked worried.

Gaara looked up at him, "…Lee", He blushed again. OH NO ! Gaara quickly was consume by a whirlwind of sand and disappeared leaving Lee confuse on what had happen.

Night fall came. And Gaara was where he usually was, up on the roof and looking at the moon. But his loneliness stop when he heard foot steps walking thoughwards him.

"…What do you want Lee?"

"I just wanted to check up on you. You worried me."

Again Gaara felt his cheeks getting hot, for some reason he felt grateful that the moon wasn't shining brightly tonight, "Is that so?...You shouldn't."

Lee face sadden," And why not? We been friends for more then two years right? It's normal for a friend to worry about a friend."

'A friend? …I want to be more then a fri-' Gaara shook his head again, hoping to get rid of those thought. "I understand, I'm sorry."

Lee nodded.

'You should tell him how you feel Gaara, heh'

'...No, he's the first person to ever consider me a friend…his friendship means a lot to me, I do not want to ruin it'

'When did you start caring about friendship?'

'When? …I don't know…being female has made me take everything seriously, but I think…I have always cared about his friendship the most.'

'Touchy…you queer'

'…gay?...Strange isn't it? Do I love Lee because I'm female, or have being a female help me realize how I truly felt about him…'

"…Lee", Gaara turned to face his friend.

"Yes Gaara?"

"Thank you…for considering me a friend."

Lee smiled and gave him a thumbs up, "Till the end Gaara!"

Flash Back End

"Lord Kazekage, welcome. We were going to meet you at the gate entrance but it seems you decided to explore Konoha instead.", Hokaro bowed and so did the Uchiha twins behind him.

"…Just take me to the Hokage…"

"Yes, of course."

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