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Dragon Dimension:

"You've gotta be kidding!" Elisa exclaimed.

"On the contrary," Draco replied. "I have never been more serious in my life. You have proved to be the most honourable of all the three here. I would be foolish not to accept you as my life-mate."

"Accept me?" Elisa grinded her teeth at him. "I never offered!"

"Oh, but I thought you liked being surprised, detective," Demona said, smirking at her.

Elisa glared at her momentarily. "Look, Draco… " Elisa sighed, trying to keep calm. "I am flattered, believe me, but… I can't be your mate. I already told you that I have a husband. We've been married for less than a month, or even a few weeks for Pete's sake."

"You have nothing to fear," Draco told her. "Any and all responsibilities you once had in the mortal world are now defunct. Your only purpose now exists in this reality, with me."

Elisa mentally growled. "Draco, I… "

"Is it fine for us to leave now?" Margot Yale suddenly asked, earning a few hard looks from the others. "Since you've got your new wife, are the rest of us free to go?"

Draco nodded. "You two may leave once I have replenished my powers to send you back."

"Thanks for the support, Miss Yale," Elisa said dryly.

"You will be returning home shortly," Draco explained, and then turned to leave.

"Hey!" Elisa cried out. "Where you going?"

Draco didn't bother to turn around. "I must rest for the coming spell to send you back, and for the ritual transformation."

"Ritual… what?"

Just as Draco was about to turn the corner, he turned his head back and looked at her. "How do you think Human women become mates to Dragons? No offence to your species, but if you and I were to mate in the forms that we are… Well, let's just say you would come out of the experience with more than your fair share of stretch marks."

Elisa gulped, while Demona smirked, and Margot blinked. Draco then left, his thunderous footsteps echoing away.

"Well, this is a first," Demona grinned. "Two weddings in less than a month. How do you do it, detective?"

"Shut up, Demona!" Elisa snarled.


Bedford Hotel:

Cecile Vene muttered some words, scattering some dust onto the circle drawn into the floor of their hotel room.

"Kauket, goddess of dark chaos, I call upon thee!"

A dark fire rose in the centre of the room, and soon the snake-headed Goddess of the land of Pharaohs appeared.

"Things going well?" she asked simply.

"Couldn't be better so far," Cecile said, smiling. "But now I have a request."

The snake-headed Goddess thinned her eyes at the small being. "What kind of request?"

"I have been making plans to take on the Gargoyles in this city," Cecile explained. "I have already secured some new minions, including that of a Dragon. The last one I sent out was… Well, let's just say it was a little too fragile compared to the clan."

"So what do you need me for? Yu know I can do nothing to aid in your fight against the clan."

"Against the clan, I ask for nothing, but… Pendragon, that's a different story."

Kauket smiled dangerously. "What do you require?"

"What help can you spare?"

Kauket sighed. "Sadly, not a lot. No one these days even seem to believe in the ancient days when my kind and I walked the earth, bringing chaos, darkness and death to all mortals. But I do have a few cults here and there. Nothing special, as most of them are just brain-dead teenagers who like to dress up in voodoo masks, playing ceremony. But I suppose some of them could be useful in… "

"No, wait," Cecile said, seemingly interested. "Exactly how loyal are these 'teenagers' to you?"

Kauket shrugged. "Some more so than others."

"Would you go so far as to say they might be… say, a little demented?" Cecile asked seriously. "Some people who would be willingly to do anything, if just for a small sign of the truth of your existence?"

Kauket laughed at that. "These are Humans we're talking about here. You'll find people like that all over the place, particularly the states for some reason. But yes, I believe some of them can be… influenced in that manner."

"Then that could be just what we need, at least for dealing with Pendragon," Cecile smirked. "How soon can you make an appearance at one of their meetings?"

While they discussed their plans, Cecile didn't notice that Thailog was not in the room with her. He had grown tired of watching her perform magic, and was more interested in learning some himself. Cecile had decided to cast her latest summoning spell in the main room, as it was some adequate in size, and the last time she summoned Kauket, it had left her room a little too smoky.

The boys, Damien and Nathan, were trying out some of their own spells, controlling the weather to rain down a few razor-sharp icicles down on the unsuspecting public below their hotel room.

Thailog moved around Cecile's room, touching and sniffing at the artefacts there, some of which were thousands of years old. He found it astounding that she would carry such valuable items around with her, or that her elders would allow her to do so.

He approached the truck that she had brought with her, and after checking to make sure that she was still talking with the snakehead, Thailog opened it. Inside were some more ancient items, same as what was all around the room, nothing special.

Thailog pawned through the chest, growing frustrated. He had hoped there would be at least something in here that he could use, something that could either free him from the Venes's hold, or to use against them. But so far, he had zero for zero.

His eyes then fell upon a small plastic bag, filled with some kind of red dust. Curious, he picked the bag up, inspecting it closer. The bag had a label on it, saying 'Alucinor incursio'.

Thailog had been practising his Latin since coming to live with the Venes, so he recognised the words a little. He recalled that incursio meant something like 'invasion', and he wasn't sure, but he believed Alucinor meant 'dream', but he was still learning, so he wasn't 100% certain.

Remembering that Cecile had a book of magic, Thailog took the dust with him to the wardrobe where she kept the book. He soon found it, collecting dust at the bottom of the wardrobe. Seemingly, she hadn't used it quite a while. Since all her family had magic engrained into them from birth, keeping a spell-book must have seemed pretty meaningless.

Thailog opened the book, skimming through each of the pages quickly, looking for any reference to either of the words written on the bag, and eventually he found them.

The words did indeed mean 'Dream invasion', as that was what the dust was apparently used for. The dust acted as a sort of mystic coma-inducer, which would place the bearer in a deep sleep, and allow them to leave their body in a kind of astral, out-of-body experience. Once separated from their body, the bearer would then be able to enter the dreams of all those asleep, and be able to control them.

Thailog burrowed his brow in concentration, as he pondered this new bit of information. It wasn't the spell that he had been hoping for, but it might prove to be useful indeed.


Dragon Dimension:

"Demona, you're the one with the spells," Elisa told her former enemy. "So how the hell do I get out of this mess?"

Demona snorted. "What do you want me to do? I don't know of any spells to fight Dragons with, or any to cross worlds."

"What about… " Elisa began.

"Can't you just get your other precious Gargoyles to come save you," Margot suddenly mentioned, idly checking her nails. "Maybe even get your husband to come help?"

Elisa turned to glare at her. "If they could do that, don't you think they would have done so already?"

Margot shrugged. "I wouldn't know," she replied. "Funny how they're always about, but never around when you really need them, isn't it?"

"Oh shut up, Human!" Demona snarled. "I'm sick of your whining!"

Margot glared back at her. "How dare you! I'll have you know… "

"Shut up, Margot!" Elisa shot back, shouting as loud as Demona had done. "She's right!"

Margot stared at her in shock.

"You might not remember this," Elisa continued. "But when Goliath first came to New York, one of the first things he did was save you and your husband's lives when you were mugged in your car, remember?"

Margot opened and shut her mouth, but said nothing.

"You've done nothing, but moan and whine since we got here, Margot," Elisa said hotly. "And I'm sick of it, too! Demona and I are less pleased to be here than you, but you don't see or hear us complaining. Instead of going on about how distressed you are, how about you try helping us to find a way out of here?"

"I have… " Margot began.

"And don't go on saying you've done your bit, because you haven't even come close!" Demona snarled.

Margot fumed. "I have just as much reason to get back home, as you do, detective!"

Demona barked out a snort of laughter. "HA! I don't think so… You spent your life dedicated to your career, defending those who did not deserve to have defence, all to give your career a needed boost. Your husband has left you, you have no family… Have you forgotten that we have families back home? Elisa, not just with her Gargoyle husband, as you call him, but also her parents, brother and sister, friends… And then there's my family, my two daughters, and grandchildren. What do you think will become of them if something were to happen to either of us?"

Margot's face had turned red with rage, but there was also a large seemingly emptiness in her eyes, too.

"Hey," Elisa waved her hand at Demona to silence her, and went over to the district attorney. "Sorry bout that. Demona's usually… " But she never got to finish, as Margot got up abruptly and stormed off down one of the caverns.

"Smooth, Demona," Elisa said, eyeing the immortal gruffly. "Real smooth."


Destine Manor:

Lana sighed, as she dangled her feet-claws over the edge of her grandmother's mansion's roof.

Her mother, Angela, and even Jarred were still inside looking through some old spell books from Demona's study. Despite Sarah Foster having told them that there was nothing they could do to bring her grandmother, Elisa and that lawyer woman back, they were still determined to try.

The door to the roof-entrance opened, and Lana heard someone approaching, but she didn't bother turning around to see whom it was.

"What you bring me, Gabriel?" she asked, smiling slightly. Her Gargoyle sense had grown more acute over the past few months, even more so since she had stopped trying to suppress them. Particularly her sense of smell, which was how she had known that it was Gabriel coming.

Gabriel smiled back at her, as he approached her, carrying two mugs of hot chocolate with him. "Your mother recommended these," he told her, handing her a mug. "She said it was the best way to calm your nerves."

Lana laughed. "She knows me only too well," she admitted, taking a sip. "Mmm, extra chocolaty, just how I like it. You do a good mug of chocolate, you know that."

Gabriel smiled. "I wish I could take full credit, but your brother helped."

Lana snorted. "Let me guess, he helped you while helping himself to all the chocolate in the tin for his own, right?"

Gabriel grinned sheepishly. "More or less," he admitted.

Lana shook her head. "Leave it to him. He never could pass up anything sweet. He's the only one on our family with a sweet-tooth as big as mine."

Gabriel sat down beside her, as he sipped his own mug. He raised his eye-ridges in surprise at the sweet taste, having never drunk hot chocolate before.

"Delicious," he told her, licking the chocolate off his lips. "Very, very… sweet."

"First time, huh?" Lana looked at him curiously.

Gabriel stared at her funnily. "Didn't we… Well, didn't we have our first time already together?"

Lana blushed. "I meant is this the first time you've ever had hot chocolate?"

Gabriel laughed, while Lana, realising he was joking, slapped his arm in irritation.

"We never had access to items such as sweets and chocolate on Avalon," Gabriel told her. "There were some exceptionally sweet fruits that grew there, but… nothing from the outside world. Tom, my Guardian, sometimes came back with some things, whenever he went to go check if Goliath and the rest of the clan had awakened yet, but those times were precious and few."

Lana shuddered. "To be deprived of something as precious as chocolate… sounds like a fate worse than death to me."

Gabriel laughed. "You need to get your priorities straight some day, my love."

Lana paused, as she was about to take another sip of her drink, and looked at him strangely.


Lana gave a small smile. "Nothing," she replied. "It's just… I just like hearing you call me 'your love'. It sounds nice coming from you."

Gabriel took her clan, squeezing it gently. "Didn't anyone ever call you it before?" he asked.

Lana shrugged. "My folks of course, but as for boyfriends… One or two of them maybe, once or twice, but I think they were just saying it, hoping to get lucky with me. Coming from you… it sounds genuine."

Gabriel kissed her claw, looking deep into her eyes. "And it always will, now and forever," he swore to her.

Lana smiled again, much larger this time, and then she yawned.

"Are you alright?"

Lana nodded. "Yeah, just tired. All the gliding around the city wore me out a bit, and hot chocolate always makes me a little drowsy afterwards. I'll be fine."

"Maybe you should go take a nap?" Gabriel recommended.

Lana shook her head. "Nah, I'll be fine… "

"I insist," Gabriel said seriously.

But Lana refused. "What if something happens with Grandma and the others…?"

"Then I'll wake you," Gabriel took the mug from her, placing it on the ground, and pulling her up gently. "But you're not going to be much help to anyone if you keep nodding off to sleep."

Lana sighed. "But.. "

"No buts!" Gabriel said a little forcefully, but still full of care. "I think, under the circumstances, while your mother is busy, I should take responsibility for your well-being. So that means you should go get some rest, and that is final. Your mate has spoken!"

Lana cocked her eyebrow at him. "O-kay, I understand you're trying to help, Gabriel. I appreciate that, and yeah, I do feel a little sleepy, so I'll get catch a few Zs… " She raised herself on tiptoe, planting a kiss on Gabriel's cheek, earning a large grin out of him.

As she made her way to the door, she stopped briefly, looking back on him. "But if you ever pull any of that Alpha-male crap on me again, Gab… The next time you do, I'll see to it that you wake up one evening, missing some vital pieces of your male anatomy."

With that, she turned back and walked through the door, leaving a blank-faced Gabriel behind in her wake.


Dragon Dimension:

Margot strode through the endless caverns of the Dragon's home, little caring about where she was going or where she was heading. The only thing that mattered to her was that she was getting as far away from the perverted detective, and the blue-skinned monster as possible.

The indignity, the sheer arrogance… How dare that redheaded freak presume to know anything about her! And how dare she make her out to be some sort of sad loner! She knew nothing about her…

But as Margot walked on, her steps slowing down, she began to realise something…

Although the Gargoyle called Demona has mostly just been in the heat of the moment, lashing out in frustration and anger at her, she had been right about one thing.

Margot realised with a shock that it was true, she did have no family, and aside from her colleagues at work, there was no one back home who would notice her departure. Not even her ex-husband Brendan who, knowing him, would probably sing praises for her disappearance.

Margot mentally shook herself, refusing to become overwhelmed. So what if she had no one back home to miss her, she still had plenty of time. It wasn't as if she was past it just yet…

"Ah, but what would be the point, if you never take the opportunity to talk to someone?" a deep voice spoke above her.

Margot recognised the unmistakable voice of the Dragon, but still she looked up into his huge eyes staring down on her. "I thought you were going to take some time out to prepare for your new bride?" she asked snidely.

Draco shrugged his massive shoulders. "There's still time," he replied. "I was wondering what you were planning to do next?"

"What do you mean?" Margot asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"Now that your time here is spent," Draco explained. "What are your plans for the near or far future? What are your goals?"

Margot frowned. "Well, aside from trying to convince myself that I've not gone totally mad… I'll be getting back to work, obviously."

"Good start, and then what?"

Margot looked up, confused. "I… don't understand?"

"What do you intend to do after you return to work?" Draco asked again. "I mean, most people I've heard of have some kind of big plan for their future… For example, do you intend to get married, have children, maybe go on some big exploration around the world?"

Margot shrugged. "I suppose so, eventually, but not right now. My schedule… "

"Wouldn't allow it," Draco finished for her. "Yes, I know having offspring can be a terrible inconvenience, but… Tell me truthfully, is your work the only thing you have in your life?"

Margot looked up indignantly. "And what if it is? Is there a problem with that?"

"No, no," Draco said assuredly. "It just seems to be… a bit of a lonely existence to me, that's all."

"What would you know about… " she stopped, just realising how silly that sounded, considering who she was talking to.

"I believe that from over time, I have become quite the expert on loneliness, Miss Yale," Draco said dryly.

Margot shut her mouth. "Yes, I suppose you would be," she admitted.

"It has been my sworn duty," Draco continued, "as Supreme Dragon, to remain here, to watch over my home and all its secrets. But there has never been a single moment in time when I haven't yearned for escape, to see what'd beyond the barriers of this dimension, to fly through the winds of your home world… to meet and talk with your people. Anything that would deprive me of this aching void in my soul, what constantly reminds me of how alone I truly am."

"I thought you said you wanted us three here originally just so that you could die someday?" Margot said quietly.

"I still do, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't still want the company. It's a win-lose situation, Miss Yale. I desire death because I lack companionship, but I cannot die unless there is another Dragon to take my place. The only way I can do that is by finding a mate, give life to the new generation of Dragons, and then eventually pass away. And when and if that time comes by, I would no doubt by then be content in my new life, with my new family, and would not wish to leave them."

"Can't win, can't loose," Margot mused. "Stay as you are, you remain immortal, unbound to anyone, and never have to fear leaving your loved ones. Take a mate, and one day you'll be forced to face the situation to leave your loved ones forever."

"Exactly," Draco admitted. "But there really is no contest on what the choice should be."

"Why not?" Margot asked, honestly confused. "Isn't it better to live forever without getting your heart broken, than to loose anyone?"

"Not if the price is too high," Draco told her. "Living forever alone, is not living at all, it's just existing. Like a rock that spends its time in the ground, never ageing, never changing, and never doing anything besides observing all those around it."

Margot listened, truly listened for the first time in her life. "Why did you choose the detective?" she suddenly asked.

"Why do you want to know?"

"I just do… I mean, you knew Detective Maza was already married. I would have thought you would have chosen either me or the Gargoyle instead, when I learnt the truth about Miss Maza."

Draco sighed. "I chose her because she has a loving heart, a generous spirit, and the courage to tread into this new life with me alone. The Gargoyle definitely had all the strength needed for a Dragon mother, but her temper was, shall we say, a little too rough for my taste."

"What about me?" Margot finally asked what she had been secretly wondering since the Dragon had made his choice clear. "Why didn't you choose me?"

Draco looked deep into her eyes. "You were actually my first choice, but I wanted you to choose me willingly, not by force or need be."

"Why?" Margot asked shocked. "Because you knew there was no one back home who would miss me, unlike the others… "

"This has nothing to do with whether or not people will miss you, Miss Yale," Draco told her. "There have been Dragon Mothers before who, before they became Dragons, once had human families, friends and full lives. But they chose to come live in the Dragon World, to start a new life with us, not because they had to, or because we needed them to… but because they wanted, and they needed to."


"Many mothers came from broken lives, where they felt all alone, under-appreciated, and soulless. They came to us, hoping for a new start in life, something that would their lives more meaning."

"As a lizard?"

"Technically, we're not lizards," Draco said defensively. "We don't do that thing they do with their tongues. But anyway, the mothers, they came to us because they chose to, not for any other reason. And being a Dragon is not just looking like I do, it means so much more than any mortal could comprehend."

"Like what?"

"It is difficult to put into words," Draco then reached down with his claw.

Margot jumped away in surprise, but Draco looked at her with a soft, comforting look. He said nothing, but his stare seemed to be telling her not to worry.

She stood still, and allowed Draco to bring his claw forward to her, where its tip lightly touched her one her forehead.

"Ohhh," Margot gasped, feeling the earth under her move. It was as though the whole world was shrinking, as she felt herself rise high above the stone-walls around her, and beyond the clouds, the sky, and even the stars.

"We see more things than any mortal can see," Draco's voice spoke to her from everywhere at once. "Our world is not bound to just your world, Human, but to others as well. We have seen worlds of terrifying nightmares, unimaginable beauty, and others that were just plain strange. We have seen new stars come into creation, planets so large that they make yours look like a pebble, mere men transformed into Gods, and Gods turned into slaves… But what is the worth of all this knowledge, without anyone to share it with? We once went from world to world, but your kind was the one that most impressed us with your thirst for knowledge, which was why we chose to remain bonded to you, merging our two races into one."

Margot felt their link slipping away. It was like falling to earth without a crash helmet, and being locked in a cell, a very confining cell with no escape.

"Couldn't you just find yourself a new race to bond with?" Margot asked, once her breath came back.

Draco shook his massive head. "Once we swear ourselves to someone, or something, we are bound to it forever. And although we see many other worlds, we cannot interfere with them. We can only view them, like you do with television. We made our choice long ago to interact with one and only one world, which was yours. There is no way to take back that decision now." With that, he turned around and prepared to walk away.

"Where… " Margot started.

"I have to go prepare, remember?" Draco told her without turning back around or stopping.

Margot watched him leave, and slowly sank to the floor, her thoughts all in a jumble. The images he had shown her were merely a taste of the knowledge he possessed. He had shown her many things, both wondrous and terrible, and he did it all without expecting anything in return.

Margot looked down at the huge footprints left behind in his passing, and thought…


"So what have you got then?" Elisa asked in frustration. "Because I'm not too fond of the idea if becoming Mrs. Draco!"

"I have no such spells that can affect a Dragon, detective," Demona repeated dryly. "As far as I know, Dragon are impervious to magic, or at least that's what I've heard. For all I know, it could be false, but then again… Well, let's just say I don't want to take the risk of angering a giant lizard, okay?"

Just then, the slow booming steps of the Dragon in question soon reached their ears, and Draco entered the cavern.

"Demona," he spoke. "You are free to go whenever you wish."

Demona opened her mouth to speak, but stopped at the murderous glare she was getting from her former mate's wife.

"It would be so easy to just leave you here forever," she hissed. "But knowing my daughters, they would probably divulge the truth out of me before long, and then I would never live it down. They'd never let me."

"Draco!" Elisa spoke out loud, raising her voice high enough so that the Dragon could listen. "Listen to me, I sympathise with what you've been through. I know you desire only peace, and the continuation of your species. I am mated to one from a species that is going through the very same thing. But it is he who owns my heart, not you. I'm sorry, but I cannot agree to remain here and be your mate."

Draco looked at her sorrowfully. "I am truly sorry, Miss Maza, but I… "

"WAIT!" a voice louder than the previous two shouted.

The three of them looked in surprise at one of the cavern openings, and saw Margot standing there, starting defiantly at them.

"I have a proposal!" Margot announced, sounding as though she were just in another business meeting or court session.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Judge Judy," Demona muttered.

Draco just looked at her curiously, his eye-ride rose slightly at her. "Interesting," he only said, but listened keenly.

Margot seemed to take a moment to collect her thoughts, before taking a deep breath and looking Draco right into both of his large deep eyes. "I wish to take Detective Maza's place," she said clearly.

Demona eyed the attorney with a look of mild surprise, while Elisa just gasped seemingly in shock, and Draco just said and did nothing, but stare at her.

"Miss Yale," Elisa hissed at her. "Are you loco? If this is an attempt to look good just because of what Demona said… "

"No, detective, it is not," Margot said firmly. "Contrary to what you may think, my actions don't usually centre of what another person or persons say about me."

"Then why?" This question came from Draco of all of them, much to Elisa and Demona's surprise, as they would have expected him to be eager to accept anyone's willingness to join him as his mate.

Margot sighed. "Draco, you showed me a little of what your kind takes for granted, the knowledge of countless worlds, the sheer power of your race, and all the good and evil that it can do."

"So you desire to see more of what I have to offer," Draco deduced.

"Partly," Margot admitted, but didn't back down. "I'd be lying if I said it wasn't what I wanted, but… there are other things as well."


Margot sighed again, treading her feet nervously in the ground. "I suppose, in a way, deep down, you were right about some of the things you said about me… " She shuffled the earth a bit. "I won't bother going into detail of what you said, so let's just leave it at that," she said very quickly, obviously not wanting the others to learn of what had transpired between them earlier.

"And besides," she continued. "Like Demona said earlier… I have no one to miss me back home whereas Detective Maza, and apparently even the redhead do. So it stands to reason that I'm the most logical choice."

"Miss Yale, no!" Elisa spoke out. "You can't just throw your life away like that! Wait a while, and we'll find another way out of here. We have more than enough friends who have experience in mystical creatures. This Dragon is no exception, we'll… "

"SILENCE!" Draco's voice thundered through the caverns, causing everyone, including Demona, to back up more than a few paces.

Draco looked down on the former attorney. "Yu are sure about this? For once you make the final decision, there is no return ever. You will never be human again."

Margot took some more deep breaths, as she looked down at her feet, and at Draco's, before looking up at him… "I have made my choice."

"Miss Yale," Elisa protested.

"I've made my choice," Margot told her. "Don't make this any harder."

"But you can't… "

"I'm not just doing because of you, or even for that spiteful Gargoyle there," Margot insisted. "I'm also… Well, let's just say I wasn't finding what I wanted back home. Maybe I'll have better luck here."

"But you'll never be able to go home," Elisa told her.

Margot shrugged. "What home? I haven't had a home in years, just a place where I live. Trust me, it's better this way. This way, you both get to go home to your families, and I get to play the good guy for once."

"The decision is final," Draco announced. "This choosing has ended!"

"No, wait," Elisa held up her hands. "You can't expect us… OOF!" Elisa collapsed forward onto the ground, with Demona looking down on her from behind, from where she had struck Elisa at the back of her head.

Draco eyed her curiously. "Was that really necessary?" he asked.

Demona shrugged. "If I hadn't, she wouldn't have stopped until she had convinced Miss Yale to return home with us. I personally couldn't care less whether she stays or not, but this way at least I get to go home, and I'll be damned if I'll let the detective here ruin that for me."

"Thank you for your sentiment," Margot said dryly.

Demona, instead of having an angry combat, just looked at her, seemingly in thought. "Are you really sure about this?" she finally asked.

Margot nodded. "Who knows?" she said. "I might get to learn flying someday."

Demona couldn't help, but smile at that.

"You may both return home now," Draco told her. "But before you go, I have something for you… "


"The terms and traditions of the choosing is that the ones who brought the chosen ones are rewarded with insight and powerful knowledge," Draco explained. "But there is nothing in the law that says that the un-chosen ones do not get to share in that reward."

Demona looked at him, eyes widening. "What do you…?"

"The Venes thought they had taken my knowledge already, and with the promise of my first-laid, there wasn't anything else I could seemingly offer them. But there is still so much in this vast universe that they do not understand, or have yet to discover. I offer that knowledge now, to you… "

Demona looked up into Draco's eyes, opening her mouth to speak, but before she could utter a word… a shining light enveloped her, a bright light that seemed to be coming straight from Draco himself.

"Wha… " Demona began.

"Relax," Draco's voice spoke to her from inside her. "Be still, listen, and learn!"


Eyrie Building:

Goliath stood at the highest tower of the old castle, atop the Eyrie Building, looking out over the endless skyscrapers and glass towers. He seemed to be watching out for something, anything that would give him a clue to the whereabouts of his mate.

"Where are you, Elisa?" he breathed out, a tear sliding down his cheek.

"Goliath?" a voice sounded behind him.

Goliath turned and found Brooklyn looking worriedly at him.

"Has there been any news?" Goliath asked hopefully. Despite what the Seer child, Sarah, had promised… he would not rest easy until Elisa was safe back home at his side.

Brooklyn sighed, shaking his head. "Nothing."

Goliath frowned in bitter grief.

"Don't loose hope, Goliath," Brooklyn said assuredly. "They haven't been gone long, and Sarah said they would be fine."

"I know, but… " Goliath began. "It's still hard not to worry about your loved ones, no matter how hard you want to believe that they're okay."

Brooklyn looked down at his feet-claws, idly twitching them.

"How is Darlene?" Goliath asked suddenly.

Brooklyn shrugged. "About as good as you, I suppose. Personally, I would have thought she'd be pleased to have a short time away from Demona."

"Brooklyn," Goliath said warningly. "Peace. I know we've had our differences with Demona in the past, but try to remember that she is Darlene and Angela's mother. They are already worried enough about her, as much as they are for Elisa."

"I know, but… " Brooklyn started, but before he could say another word…


A large portal seemingly opened up right above them; it's a mouth a screaming vortex.

Goliath and Brooklyn instantly tensed up, their bodies prepared to fight, but there was no need. The portal lasted for no longer than a few seconds, just long enough for two shapes to come falling through, crashing into the ground before the two warriors, and then vanishing.

"Uhhh," a voice moaned.

"Demona!" Goliath bellowed, recognising the voice of his former mate immediately. He quickly looked to the second shape that had fallen through with her, and sure enough… Elisa's unconscious face was there, waiting for him.

Wasting no time, Goliath raced hurriedly to her side, whisking her up in his strong arms. "Elisa!" Goliath said anxiously, touching her face gently.

"Uhhh," Elisa stirred, her eyes fluttering open. "Wha… where am I?"

Goliath sighed in relief. "You are home," he told her. "You're free!"

"Free?" Elisa moaned, as she sat up, accepting Goliath's help. She rubbed her head painfully. "What happened?"

"We were hoping that you could tell us that?" Brooklyn asked, eyeing Demona with some distaste, but not saying anything to her. He was more concerned with how his leader's mate, and good friend, was doing.

Elisa groaned. "The last thing I remember… we were with Draco… "

"Draco?" Goliath asked.

"A Dragon," she told him. "Sounds weird I know, but… "

"No, we already know," Brooklyn told her.

"Huh, how?"

Brooklyn shrugged, while Goliath just explained. "Sarah Foster told us. She said you would be fine, and you would return soon, but she did not know when that would be."

Elisa opened her mouth to speak further, but then she seemingly recalled another memory… "Margot!" she exclaimed, standing the rest of the way up, casting an anxious look around her, but saw the district attorney nowhere.

"Demona!" Elisa glared at her clan's once largest enemy. "Where's Miss Yale?"

Demona just looked at her, seemingly uncaring. "Where do you think she is?" she said simply.

Elisa glared daggers at her. "You left her there!" she accused her.

Demona just continued looking at her, a vacant look in her eyes. Her eyes weren't even flaring red, as they usually did.

"She made her choice," she replied. "You tried to convince her otherwise, but she wouldn't hear of it. Her acceptance to remain with the Dragon allowed the two of us to escape without the need for a fight. All around, I think everything worked out for the best."

"I barely had a chance to talk her out of it!" Elisa hissed. "And you, you were hardly bending over backwards to try and help. You were perfectly happy to just let her stay there!"

"As I said… all around, everything worked out for the best. You and I are free, home, and Miss Yale has the chance to help out a species from becoming extinct, and inadvertently gain the chance for a new life."

Had Goliath not been embracing her, Elisa would be throwing herself on Demona right now, willingly tearing her into bits and pieces.

"So Margot was with you," Goliath deduced. "But… "

"It's a long story," Elisa sighed. "But right now, we've got other things to worry about. First of all, we need to talk to Puck, Sarah and whoever, and see if we can find a way to rescue Miss Yale before that 10 tonne lizard starts putting the moves on her."

"I doubt there is anything you, I or anyone else can do, detective," Demona said idly. "Is there hah been then don't you think the clan would have come to rescue us much sooner?"

Goliath's white-flared look glared at his former mate, but he said nothing to her. Instead, he looked to his present mate. "I'm afraid she is right," he told her. "We tried everything, from Puck to speaking to Sarah. Apparently, the Dragon world is beyond our reach."

"But… " Elisa felt weak. "We can't just leave her there. I mean, I know Margot Yale wasn't one of the clan's biggest supporters, but still… "

"I think she will be fine, detective," Demona turned around, heading over to the edge of the battlements. "Miss Yale seemed really intent on staying with Draco, and I think we should respect her decision. And like Goliath just said, Draco's world seems beyond our reach, so there is nothing really we can do."

"But… "

"But nothing," Demona stood out over the battlements. "It is done, so leave it! If you wish, have Puck or your little demon child try to find a way, but from now on, leave me out of it. I have my own worries to deal with, let alone having to worry about some spiteful attorney who bore my kind nothing but contempt!"

Demona prepared to take off into the night…

"Demona, wait!" Elisa suddenly cried.

Demona swore. "What?"

"While I was unconscious… " Elisa frowned, trying to remember. "That is, before I fell unconscious, we were still in Draco's world. I don't remember anything about coming home or anything. In fact, the next I remember was waking up here with Goliath. Did anything happen while I was out?"

Demona stiffened.

"Be still, listen, and learn!"

"No," she simply replied, and before anyone else could muster up a question… she leapt into the night air, and glided on her way home.

"Geez, and I thought she was bitchy before Darlene and her kids came to live with her," Brooklyn mumbled.

Goliath took Elisa's face in his own two enormous paws, and before she could even blink, he kissed her deeply.

"Mmm," Elisa moaned in surprise, but also in pleasure. "What was that for?" she asked.

Goliath smiled. "For coming back to me safely," he said, and then kissed her again, even longer and seemingly more pleasurable this time. "And that was an excuse to never leave me again."

Brooklyn rolled his eyes. "Okay then, I think I'll just go down and… " Goliath and Elisa continued kissing, ignoring him. "Yeah, I'll let them know you're back. Laters."


Dragon Dimension:

"What did you give her?" Margot asked Draco, revering to Demona.

Draco sat down by a large rock-pool, smiling down at her. "Help," he simply replied, and said nothing else.

Margot twisted her fingers, gazing at them. "What happens now?"

Draco cocked his head. "For now, we be patient and wait. You have crossed one great ocean today, so for now you can take a little rest. But there are still many more bridges to cross."

Margot opened her fingers, listening to how her bones clicked and snapped, as they stretched themselves into their new form. "What will happen to me though… or what is happening to me right now?"

"Your body is gradually preparing for the change," Draco explained. "It is a slow process, but that is usually the less stressful. It will give you able time to prepare your mind for all that is to follow."

"I feel funny," she said. "It's like a thousand words are going through my head. My eyesight is more acute, and I can hear everything that's happening in this cavern, this mountain, this very country!"

"Your mind, your Dragon mind, is taking hold, and becoming in tune to this land," Draco reached out his claw, and stroked the now scaled cheek of Margot Yale. "All Dragon Mothers are connected to the land, just as the supreme Dragon is."

"Are we meant to start bearing Dragon hatchlings now?" Margot asked, a little fearfully.

Draco smiled, but shook his head. "There's no hurry on that now. I have waited centuries for a companion, and now that I have one, I can wait a little longer. Besides, it is best that you take one step at a time and not allow yourself to be overwhelmed."

Margot looked up, the pupils of her eyes turned into thin slits, like a reptile. "That's a relief," she said, smiling slightly. "I'd hate to start thinking of motherhood so soon, what with having lost my humanity already."

Draco gave a short laugh. "There are still many things you have yet to experience, as a Dragon. Motherhood can wait. I merely showed you a glimpse of a Dragon's benefits… Come, let me show you the rest!"

He reached out with his claw, lifting the former Human, Margot Yale, up in it. And Margot listened with her mind, as Draco poured his knowledge into her…

"The stars," she breathed, as lights danced around and through her. "Oh, Draco… they're beautiful."


Destine Manor:

Lana sighed, as she lay out on the silk-satin sheets of her bed, its smooth texture gently rubbing against her skin. Although she no longer required a bed for sleeping, seeing as she turned to stone now every day, Lana still found it very relaxing to sleep on a bed, especially with silk-satin to lie in.

"My love," a deep voice spoke to her.

Lana lifted her head dreamily, and saw a dark Gargoyle shape standing at her open door. "Darling," she smiled, beckoning her lover to come closer.

The dark shadowy figure responded, walking closer toward her, his feet-claws barely making any sound on the tiled floor.

"I missed you," he said, lying down on the bed beside her.

"Now half as much as I've missed you," Lana stroked his strong set face, fingering the horns on his eye-ridges.

"We will never be apart again," he said, lowering his face to hers. "Not now, not ever, and never again!"

Lana moaned in pleasure, as his talons gently stroked her. "I sincerely hope so," she replied, and licked her lips, eager for his kiss.

Wasting no time, Thailog moved his head down and touched her with his lips…


"UHHH!" Lana sat up in bed, gasping. Her breaths coming out ragged, as she struggled to get her breathing under control.

"Lana?" a knock came at her door.

"Who is it?" Lana near screeched, grabbing the bedsheets and hugging them to her chest.

A short pause occurred, and finally whoever it was answered. "It's me Gabriel, are you all right?"

Lana rubbed her forehead, still breathing deep and slowly. "I'm fine, what is it?" she asked.

"We just received word from the clan at the Eyrie," he told her through the door. "Your grandmother and Elisa are both fine. Your grandmother is on her way home now."

"Oh, err, great!" she said seemingly relieved. "I'll be out in a minute, I just… I need to change! Wait for me in the living room, okay?"

"Err, very well," Gabriel replied. "I shall see you there." The sound of footsteps echoed away, and soon Lana was alone once more.

Lana stayed where she was, sitting up in bed, hugging the sheets closely. She looked all around her room, but saw nothing amiss.

"God, no," she whimpered, burying her face in her claws. "Not again!"

To Be Continued…