Title: Puppy Lovin: A Naruto Doll, And All That Can Happen

Rating: Mature (with immature jokes .)

whoo hoo! another one! this is my third fic in ONE week, oh, I rule.

Author: darkalbino/illi (me)

Summary: When Kakashi punishes Sasuke by turning him into a dog, the dark canine ends up being taken in by none other than the cute blonde he's lusting after...oh, this won't bode well...or will it? SasuNaru, and naughty things with a doll

Warnings: Language, Yaoi, suggestive things, an overactive Sasuke...and a lemon? maybe? if you want? this story is going to be very short.

Disclaimer: One day, I WILL own them, and they WILL do my bidding, and I WILL have my camera ready.

Ages: I dunno, seventeen? Eighteen? well, they're both Jounin either way.

And so it begins...

XXXPuppy Lovin: A Naruto Doll, And All That Can HappenXXX

Chapter 1: Stupid Senseis

"You bastard..." the dark one growled menacingly...literally.

The silver haired Jounin's visible eye scrunched up into a small crescent, obviously pointing out his merriment, "Now now Sasuke-kun, I don't speak dog."

"Change me back you perverted asshole!" Sasuke barked (again literal) at the grinning sadist, but his command meant nothing, even to him. He glanced around his surroundings frantically, everything seeming ten times bigger...mainly because everything was ten times bigger, or rather, he was ten times smaller.

Kakashi crossed his arms against his chest, relishing in the usually stoic boy's sudden panic...but then again, who wouldn't panic in such a situation? He smirked, "Be happy I decided to play nice Sensei and not change you permanently, which is what you deserve. You'll be back to normal in a day or two. It's your own fault really Sasuke."

Sasuke's head snapped at that, and his now, fuzzy, black ears perked up as well, "What the hell did I do to deserve this?"

Even though his question came out as growls, Kakashi answered him as if he hadn't been changed into a dog at all, "Well, if you hadn't gone and told Naruto about my plan to trick Iruka into trying bondage during sex, then Naruto wouldn't have gone and blabbed to Iruka about it! And now, thanks to you and your big ass mouth Sasuke, I have to sleep on the couch for a week!"

Sasuke snorted at the man calling him a big mouth, when he himself was actually the one with the loose tongue. It wasn't Sasuke's fucking fault that Kakashi felt the need to tell him about his sexual plans for Iruka! It's not like he asked him to tell him! And it wasn't his fault that Naruto was stupid enough to go "blab" to Iruka! And in Sasuke's opinion, having one sex-free week was not a good enough reason to turn your former student into a fucking dog! Then again, Kakashi was a huge pervert...the man probably needed sex like he needed air. He laughed (well as much as dogs could laugh) as he imagined Kakashi suffocating on the floor because he'd lost his precious little orange novel of naughtiness.

Sasuke didn't even know how the perverted jerk managed to do this to him, it all happened so fast. He was just minding his own business, avoiding his fan girls as usual, and going over to Naruto's to poke fun at the dobe and watch him blush and get mad, when all of a sudden, his childhood Sensei had popped out of nowhere and performed a few hand seals and murmured a few things and BAM! The next thing Sasuke knew, the sky was getting higher and the ground was coming closer, as he fell on all fours and felt a soft, fuzzy material sprouting all over his body. He had shrunken out of his clothes and every scent and sound had increased ten times fold, he remembered briefly wondering if this is what Kiba felt like when he performed his beast mimicry technique, but that thought was quickly chased away when the shock of seeing he had a tail fell in. He had twirled around for who knows how long in panic before spotting his smug, triumphant looking former sensei standing in all his sadistic glory right in front of the raven. And that's when the "conversation" had started.

"Well," Sasuke looked up from his musings, "hopefully this will teach you a lesson Sasuke-kun. And who knows? Maybe you'll get picked up by a cute girl."

Sasuke made a disgusted noise and jerked his head to the side, he shivered in fright at the thought of Sakura or Ino finding him...but relaxed as he found comfort in the fact that he could just bite them until they bled and got the point to leave him alone.

Kakashi grinned manically, "Maybe even a pretty blonde." He turned on his heel and began to walk away, "One with bright blue eyes and nice tan skin."

Sasuke flinched...oh no...Kakashi couldn't know...oh God, please don't let him say it...

"And...whisker marks!" The Uchiha began barking madly as Kakashi ran away laughing like the psychopath he was.


Sasuke laid down quietly next to the running stream at the training grounds...sulking in his own helplessness. Just what the hell was he supposed to do now? He refused to go back to the village, for fear of being picked up and touched by fan girls, he could handle a few, but when they got into groups they turned quite formidable. Kakashi couldn't honestly expect him to live as a stray for two whole days. He was an Uchiha dammit! Uchiha's were not supposed to scrap and look for food! Oh...Kakashi was definitely going to pay for this...and it would be much worse than sex-deprivation.

He sighed in frustration and glanced up at the quickly darkening sky...he supposed he could go to the dobe's house, but that would mean walking the streets of Konoha, which brought him back to the girl problem.

Sasuke's head shot up, a smirk stretching his face, 'Speak of the devil.'

Naruto was slowly making his way to the training grounds, he planned to get in some late night practice before going home and hitting the sack. The blonde's head rose when he heard the quiet crackling of the stream, but he paused mid-step when he spotted something on the floor. He quirked a brow and hopped over to the lump on the ground, then squinted through the darkness to make it out. His mouth dropped when he realized what was laying there, "Clothes?" he whispered in surprise. The Kyuubi container vaguely scanned the area for any sign of life, he missed Sasuke by the water, even though the boy-turned-dog was staring right at him, because his dark fur blended perfectly with the night. Naruto shrugged and debated leaving the clothes there, but curiosity always got the better of him, and he found himself bending over to snatch up the shirt in the pile of abandoned material.

His eyes narrowed, trying to make out something that was drawn on the article, but they went impossibly wide at the realization that the Uchiha symbol was proudly displaying itself on the back of the shirt.

"Sasuke?!" he heard himself shout in disbelief. He blushed at the thought of a naked Sasuke streaking through the sleeping streets of Konoha, but then shook his head vigorously as he remembered that this was Sasuke he was thinking about.

Said boy-dog snorted softly in amusement as the blonde racked his brain for answers to the strange predicament.

"Maybe a girl got a hold of them?" he heard the boy mutter while eyeing the shirt and scratching his head in thought.

The watching raven had decided that he had stayed in the shadows long enough, and he stood up and strode over to the tan teen.

Naruto looked down when he felt something bump his leg, and he spotted a small, black dog, sitting down and staring up at him, it's head tilted cutely. Both of Naruto's brows shot up and he scanned his surroundings again, this time looking to see if someone lost a dog instead of their clothes. When he found no one, his attention went back to the animal, which seemed to be...smiling, smugly at him...could dogs even do that?

He crouched down in front of the canine and lifted a hand to stroke it behind the ear, eliciting a whine of pleasure from Sasuke, 'Oh yeah dobe...right there...I know some other places you could stroke me too when I change back'

Naruto tilted his head, not sure if that noise was a good or bad one, he moved his fingers to the dog's chest and scratched it lightly with his nails. Sasuke groaned and felt his foot begin to thump on the ground without his permission along with his tail, 'Oh Godwas his only thought at the feeling of Naruto's fingers.

The blonde smiled in triumph at obviously having pleased the creature and stood back up, earning a disapproving glare from the animal...wait...glare? But...animals don't glare. He frowned and squatted back down to look at the dog's face, "You're a mean little prick, aren't you?" he asked, but then he felt his jaw drop when he looked at the offender's eyes...they were amazingly similar to Sasuke's. He huffed and wondered briefly what Sasuke would think if he ever found out he'd just compared him to a dog. The teen blinked and glanced at the Uchiha's shirt that was still in his grip, then back at the dog, only to find the little black jerk smirking at him. He frowned again, dogs were not supposed to smirk, "You remind me of the bastard himself..." Naruto muttered, and then his eyes almost bugged right out of his head, 'Did the dog just SHRUG at me?!'

He slapped a hand to his face and rubbed it down to his mouth, sure that his mind was just playing tricks on him due to a much needed rest. He playfully whacked the dog with the shirt and laughed, removing his hand, he asked quietly, "Do you have an owner you little bastard?"

The animal snorted and looked from left to right and back at the blonde, as if saying "Does it look like I have an owner? Please, show them to me."

Naruto sneered at the dog's attitude, it definitely resembled the Uchiha in more ways than just it's eyes, "Smart ass little jerk." he mumbled while standing up. He flinched when the dog stood up as well, wagging it's tail merrily, like it took the insult as a compliment.

Naruto couldn't help but smile at how much the dog reminded him of his friend. A contemplative look took over his features as he glanced around the training grounds one last time while scooping up Sasuke's clothes, then he turned back to the dog with a grin, "Wanna come with me?" he asked happily.

Sasuke couldn't hold it, 'Oh I definitely want to come with you Naruto...' he thought as he hopped up into the blonde's open arms, landing in the pile of clothes and smirking until he was sure his face would break.

Naruto chuckled and nuzzled his nose into the dog's neck, receiving a seemingly innocent lick on his cheek in response, 'Mmmm dobe, you taste good.' Sasuke half wished that Kakashi had turned him into a cat, so he could purr...not that he'd ever admit to just thinking that.

The happy blonde cuddled the dog once more, received another happy lick, and happily began walking towards his apartment. While Sasuke happily thought how living with the blonde would give him access to his shower...while the teen was bathing...and how he would get to snuggle and lick and...somehow molest the boy while he slept, maybe lick his nipples or something. That wasn't unusual for a dog...was it?

Halfway there, a thought hit Naruto, "Well little bastard, since you're going to be staying with me for a while, I suppose I should name you, ne?"

The dog merely rolled it's eyes. making Naruto pout, "Okay then, fine, since you are SO much like my own beloved bastard, I'm going to call you Sasuke. Don't like it? Too bad." He huffed and looked back up.

Sasuke smiled when Naruto called him "beloved", not caring whether or not the boy was teasing, but buried his face in the clothes to hide it 'Good choice usuratonkachi...'


Annnnnd that's the end of chapter one! I think it's going to be three or four chapters at most, or, if you guys don't want a lemon, two or three chapters. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I found the scratching scene kinda hot...(shrug) well yeah, that's me (smile) review please! they will happily cause me to update faster!