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Final Chapter: And All That Can Happen

Naruto blearily opened his eyes to the hot, morning rays, cursing as something prevented him from pulling in a breathe of air.

God...what was it?

He trailed his fingers through the mop of black tickling his nose, groaning as he felt something press down his stomach.

He moved the digits lower, eyes still half lidded and foggy with sleep...well, whatever the thing was, it felt quite nice. Smooth and creamy as his finger dipped into the material...a bit hard though, so that ruled it out being a pillow.

He felt his hand slide down a curve, then up again on what felt like...flesh.

He closed his eyes in a frown and tried to remember just what the hell he had fallen asleep with last night.

He remembered...dark fur...similar, dark eyes...a smile played on his lips, "Sasuke.." he murmured. The blonde brought his fingers back up and laced it in dark locks, "Mornin...little bastard." he whispered as he scratched the scalp.

Suddenly, he felt something shift against his whole body, something smooth and long...

His brows furrowed, if the boy remembered correctly...Sasuke wasn't a very big dog...and he certainly wasn't smooth.

He cracked open one eye and stared at the forest of black lightly touching his face, that was the color of Sasuke's fur alright. He slid his hand back down the figure, analyzing it with his fingers...but what the hell was the rest of it?

A moan erupted from the unmoving form, a reaction to the boy's prodding digits.

Both of Naruto's eyes snapped open and he grabbed a fistful of the black mess before yanking it up and staring into a pale, sharp face and shocked oblivion, black eyes.

A moment passed...two...three...

"The FUCK ?!"

Sasuke was promptly shoved off the blonde's body and his ass connected none too gently with the wooden floor.

The raven nin groaned in slight pain and rubbed his abused area with the palm of his hand, before gasping and holding the hand in front of his face, he wiggled the fingers and grinned, "I'm back!"

Naruto was panting from shock and the small effort he had put in throwing the other boy off the bed, "Back? Back from where? Sasuke, what the hell are you doing here?! How the fuck did you get in here?!" Something struck him and he shot up from the bed, "Where...what did you do with Sasuke?!"

The dark avenger stood up with a smirk, "What are you talking about dobe? I'm right here."

Naruto began frantically searching around the room for his lost puppy, under the bed, behind the dresser, in the bathroom (the dog had always tried to go in there for some reason), "Not you, you bastard! I'm talking about my dog! What did you do with him?!"

"And I just said, I'm right here."

"Don't play with me you son of a bitch! I don't know how you got in here but you better damn well tell me what you did with my dog!" Naruto spun around to glare at the boy, but his plan was destroyed when he realized the Uchiha was standing there...naked as the day he was born.

The blonde snapped his eyes shut with a blush and began sputtering, tears of frustration building up behind his eyes, "Wh-What the hell teme! Go-go put on some goddamn clothes!"

"You took my clothes dobe."

Naruto frowned as he realized that Sasuke's clothes were still on his couch, where he'd thrown them two days ago, "Th-they're on the couch, go get them!"


"'Why'?" What the fuck do you mean 'why'?! You're fucking naked that's why!"

"So? I would think you'd enjoy seeing me naked."

Naruto's tan cheeks were quickly becoming tainted with several shades of red, "What the hell?! You asshole, why would I want to see you?!"

He smirked, "How many reasons do you want?"

"N.." Naruto let out a sound of frustration and reached into one of his drawers, his back still facing the nude boy. He quickly yanked out a pair of blue boxers and tossed it behind him, "Just..please...put those on."

Sasuke smiled at the irony that Naruto was the one now being put through sexual torture, before grabbing the offered clothing and slipping it on, "Just dying for me to get into your pants, huh dobe?"

"Stop being a pervert you jackass! Do you have them on?"

Sasuke chuckled, "Yes"

The blonde slowly split his fingers apart, because at some point his hand had flown over his eyes, and breathed out a sigh of relief at seeing that he had, in fact, put the boxers on, and his hand dropped from his face.

It was much easier to deal with the Uchiha with at least some form of clothing on.

Naruto abruptly walked up to the raven and shoved a finger in his face, "Where. Is. My. Dog."

Sasuke smirked and put his hands up in a nonchalant manner, "Right here."

Naruto growled and poked the pale nose with his finger, "Stop it Sasuke, just tell me where he is." He let out a yelp of surprise when his accusing finger suddenly disappeared between pink lips. Sasuke began sucking ravenously on the digit, moaning in the act.

Naruto couldn't help but watch, fascinated as the boy's eyes slipped closed, and the feeling of a wet, eager tongue sliding and slipping over his skin and nail. He unwillingly let out a moan of his own, before reality hit him and he yanked the finger out, "What-what the hell do you think your doing?! Don't try and distract like me like that!" the smallest glimmer of hurt was caught in the blonde's voice, making Sasuke groan.

"Baka, I was the dog."

"Look Sasuke, I may not be the sharpest kunai in the bag, but do you honestly expect me to believe that load of bullcrap?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Fucking Kakashi came along and turned me into a dog because you told Iruka about his bondage plans after I told you, so yes, I expect you to believe that load of 'bullcrap'."

Naruto's brows knitted and he held his wrist in his grasp, pulling it to his chest, "Well I don't believe you, and if you don't tell me where the fuck my animal is right now, I'm going to force it out of you."

Sasuke simply grinned, "What will it take to prove that I was the dog?"

"Nothing, because you weren't."

The Uchiha let out an annoyed sound and ran his fingers through blonde locks, effectively causing Naruto to still, "But I was usuratonkachi...and I heard every dark little secret you had about me. I believe I recall something about you not minding if I fucked you to the floor..."

Naruto's eyes widened in horror.

"And also, last night, when you said you would do anything, just to have me...you remember, yes?"

The poor Kyuubi vessel blushed uncontrollably, and looked down, mortified, "I'm...I'm sorry...Sasuke, I..." he trailed off in his apology, not even exactly sure just what he was apologizing for anyway.

Sasuke smirked and cupped the blonde's face, bringing it close, "Well...you don't have to do anything to have me...because I'm already yours." He gently placed his lips against pink, soft ones, and closed his eyes. While Naruto's own blue orbs went wide with shock, he briefly wondered if maybe he was still asleep and this was all a dream, but that thought was quickly pushed away when a tongue swiped against his bottom lip, silently asking for entrance, which he gladly accepted.

Despite his cool exterior, inside, Sasuke's heart was pounding as loud as a stampede, and his stomach thought it was at a gymnastics tournament. He could hardly believe this was really happening, he'd waited so long! He eagerly shoved his tongue in Naruto's waiting mouth, and moaned in foggy pleasure at the taste of him...so much better than his dreams. He buried the muscle farther into the wet cavern, exploring every crook and crevice, it was like a damn drug...so goddamn addictive, and this was just a first sample, but he could tell he was hooked.

Naruto suddenly pulled away, gasping for air...when had his fingers twined with those dark locks? He shrugged, aw well, not like it mattered.

A thought abruptly made itself known to the blonde, and he grinned wickedly, pulling the Uchiha's face down to his own until their lips brushed, "You..." he whispered against the sensitive flesh, raising goosebumps of anticipation all over the other's body, "naughty Sasuke...fuck humping my plush doll."

Sasuke had the decency to blush and lowered his head so his bangs covered his face, looking like a scolded child, "I...you frustrated me."

Naruto chuckled, "Don't try and blame it on me teme, when you could have just asked me when you changed back."

Sasuke snapped up, surprised that the boy had said something so...dirty, "You...I can't just go up and ask you to fuck me!"

Naruto smiled and roughly shoved the raven on the bed before climbing on top of him, "Who says you can't?"

"Hn.." 'Where the hell did this come from?' The dobe had become all...confident, all of a sudden...hot.

Naruto leaned down and licked a path up Sasuke's chest, over his neck, across his chin, along his ear, before blowing on it with a cool ghost of a breathe, "Fucking bastard..." he whispered, "making me wait for so damn long."

"Tch, don't get me started on waiting, moron." the sentence was meant to be said in a cocky manner, but came out rather weak and needy.

Sasuke lifted his hands, determined not to let the dobe take control of this, and gripped a firm ass while arching his body to crash into the other. When Naruto released a moan, he took the opportunity to reverse their positions, so he was now on top, smirking, "Do you want this Naruto?'

"Of course I do you ass."

Sasuke bent over him so they were face to face, bangs acting as curtains, covering their heads, "Don't make me do something you'll regret later. If it's not all the way, don't let me do anything at all."

Naruto reached up and gripped a fistful of black hair before yanking the boy down to smash his lips with his own, groaning all the while, he pulled away with a 'smack'. "Don't you dare stop, I want everything and more."

Sasuke smirked and hooked his fingers in the other's boxers, "You've got it." he yanked them down, releasing the aching member from it's suffocating prison. He stared at the organ, bobbing slightly...it was just so...enticing, "You're so fucking beautiful."

"Well that's a nice way to put it."

Sasuke laughed and placed his lips at the head of the swollen member, letting instinct guide him, he kissed it lightly and swirled his tongue around the redness, moaning in ecstasy.

Naruto threw his arms above his head and arched off the bed as Sasuke swallowed his member whole, letting out mewls and short snips of happiness as that pale nose buried itself in golden curls. Sasuke hummed at the feeling of having something so pleasurable in his grasp, the vibrations coursing through his blonde's body. Naruto gripped Sasuke's hair harshly, as he watched in astonishment as the dark boy's head bobbed up and down, he matched the sight with the sensations.

Naruto was panting now, bucking his hips wantonly, mind completely clouded by lust, by that warmth...when all of a sudden, the heat was gone. His head snapped up in a growl as he glared at the Uchiha for daring to stop his ministrations.

Sasuke smirked and slipped off his own boxers, watching as his dobe's eyes fell to hard length that he had so desperately tried to cover up only a little while ago. Without warning, a tan hand flew up and grasped the erection that was slightly darker than the rest of the boy's pale body. Sasuke let out a gasp that was a mix of surprise and pleasure, "Fuck, Naruto..."

Naruto merely grinned and stroked his prize up and down, oh so slowly, torturing the poor raven.

But Sasuke would have none of that. Fuck the foreplay, all the sparring, the verbal fights, the years of secret caresses and barely noticeable touches, all of that was foreplay. He roughly grabbed naruto's hands and pinned them above his head, "You're not being nice dobe."

"And who said I was nice?"

"Baka..." Sasuke stared at the boy, mouth open in quiet gasps, dick swollen with need, blonde locks clinging to a forehead soaked with sweat, and blue eyes glazed over with love and passion...it all just screamed 'fuck me', and if Sasuke didn't nail him in the next two minutes, he was sure he'd go insane with need.

He released his hands, "Lube."

Naruto shook his head, "Nuh-uh."





The raven's teeth gritted, "Anything?!"

Naruto grinned and held up two fingers, "I prefer this way" he stated before shoving the digits into his mouth.

Sasuke stared at the erotic sight, and if possible, got harder from it. The tan teen was rolling his wet tongue all over his fingers, mouth open so Sasuke could see exactly what he was doing, moaning and mewling and arching off the mattress. Muttering what sounded like broken versions of Sasuke's name.

It was hands down, the most fuckable thing Sasuke had ever seen.

Naruto pulled the fingers out, a string of saliva following and dribbling down his chin, Sasuke hurriedly licked it off.

Now, he was no expert...but weren't his fingers supposed to be lubed? His brows furrowed, "You're not topping me dobe."

Naruto smirked, "Silly Sasuke, who said anything about topping?"

The raven's eyes widened as Naruto slid the fingers down his body, circling his nipples, dipping into his navel, all before reaching that tight, puckered entrance.

Sasuke gulped, "Oh God..."

Naruto slowly slid both digits into himself, completely arching off the bed, mouth splitting open in a gasp for air and the release of a moan.

Sasuke was completely entranced in watching the blonde's show, as he slid the fingers in and out, slightly scissoring them, his orfice becoming slick with his saliva as he cried out. His other hand suddenly went down to grasp his neglected member, pumping in time with his thrusts as his eyes slid shut, "Fuck! Sasuke-sama! Yes!"

Sasuke's dick throbbed and twitched uncontrollably at the sight..seriously, how would you handle a situation like that?

Naruto's blue orbs snapped open when he felt a third finger enter him, but it wasn't his own. He looked down the length of his body to find Sasuke had slipped his own finger in next to the others, staring at the moving digits.

He smirked, he knew Sasuke would find that enjoyable, being the obvious horny bastard he was.

One of the fingers, Naruto was too lost in pleasure to be sure of which, struck something inside him that racked his body with bliss, hitting every nerve with a shot of ecstasy, "Oh fuck! Oh my God! Sasuke! Oh my God please! Do that again!"

Sasuke looked up from his ministrations, he had accidentally brushed his finger against something in Naruto that had a different texture than the rest of him, and hearing the blonde cry out like that, was a sure sign he had liked it.

So he touched it again.

"Fuck!" Naruto drove into the fingers and tried to move his own digits around to find that spot that Sasuke kept abusing.

But suddenly, the blonde felt all three fingers yanked out of him, and he let out an unbelievable whine of displeasure, almost making Sasuke regret taking them out...almost.

"Sorry dobe, but I swear, if I don't fuck you right now," he wrapped the Kyuubi container's legs around himself, "I swear I'll go crazy."

"God...just hurry Sasuke, please."

Sasuke nodded and spit in his hand before rubbing it on his aching cock, just to slick it a bit, before slowly pressing into the boy's entrance.

Naruto threw his head back as something WAY bigger than fingers entered him, and he moaned and writhed as pain and pleasure fought for dominance.

Shit...Sasuke wanted to, honest to God, he wanted to ask if Naruto was alright, but the mere thought, the feeling of actually being inside the boy was just too much to grasp, and instead of forming words of comfort, his mouth could only drop moans and grunts. So instead he sent the blonde a look of sympathy, hoping Naruto would understand.

The tan teen was completely focused on the unbelievable pleasure mixed with furious pain racing up his spine, but he managed to catch an awkward look on his raven's face, a look that was a mixture of obvious concern and plain as day ecstasy. He understood, and he began to move against the member within him, until it was completely sheathed to the hilt. Dark curls mashed against gold ones. Sasuke let out a cry that was drenched in need, while Naruto groaned as he grew accustomed to the feeling of having something so wonderful inside of him.

"Sasuke...move." he murmured quietly.

The Uchiha did not need a second command. He moved slowly, just barely able to control himself as he thrust oh so gently in and out of the other.

Naruto moaned and let his hands drift down to Sasuke's hips, gripping them firmly and pushing in an attempt to drive him faster, but Sasuke wouldn't comply, obviously too afraid of hurting him.

Naruto snarled, "Teme...I'm not fucking paper, go faster."

Sasuke frowned, sweat dripping down his chin from the effort of holding himself back, "I don't--" he gasped as he suddenly felt two palms press against his chest and shove him back on the bed, an unhappy dobe straddling him. The blonde leaned down to his chest, flicking a tongue across a pert nipple, "Fucking jerk," he muttered, "do I have to do everything myself?" he emphasized his words by thrusting himself downward on Sasuke's erection, which had never been disconnected from his body, causing the raven to yelp.

Naruto smirked and took the nub in mouth, biting it gently and swirling his tongue around the outer ring, slowly fucking himself by riding Sasuke. The raven's arms were flung above his head as he felt Naruto move on him, giving pleasurable attentions to his chest that drove him wild to the brink of insanity.

Naruto abruptly sat up and rolled his hips along a pale stomach, feeling the dark curls brush his thighs, he groaned and slipped his eyes shut.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was too far gone in his own world to do anything, just feeling the blonde move was enough to make him come.

But Naruto seemed to be determined to get a reaction out of the boy, he slid a hand down his chest and wrapped it around his leaking member, dripping pre cum all over his fingers, and began moving up slowly, then crashing back down on the member, balls slapping Sasuke's stomach. The raven was very aware now of his own body when he felt Naruto fall down on him, as his yell pointed out, "Shit!"

Naruto was rocking quite frantically now, looking about ready to go into spasms...he wasn't going to do all the work. He placed his hands on the other's shoulders and gripped them harshly, leaning forward and panting as he continued to thrust himself on the member, "C'mon Sasuke," he begged with a wicked smirk, "fuck me!"

Sasuke suddenly copied Naruto's earlier action of sitting up, having the blonde straddle him as pale hands moved to grab his sides and pull him flush against his own body. Sasuke's head bowed as he felt Naruto's own hands wrap around his neck, bringing him even closer.

"Sasuke..." he heard the dobe moan as a few tears slipped out, "please, harder."

The Uchiha grinned slightly and kissed the tears away, he was nauseous with excitement, and if his love wanted it harder, he'd give it to him harder. Sasuke poured a bit of chakra into his hips before ramming himself inside the other, the boost of power forcing Naruto's head to fly back, before coming back again to rest in the crook of Sasuke's neck, whimpering a satisfied, "Yes." in a shaky breathe.

A pink tongue darted out from soft lips and ran up a tan neck, stopping at the ear, but never ceasing or losing power in his thrusts, "Naruto," he whispered, "I need you."

Naruto was so drugged up on pleasure that he had barely caught the whisper, but he had caught it, "You have me" he responded just as quietly, but it didn't seem as if the boy had heard him, because he continued to speak.

"You're everything I'm not...everything I want." the pale boy breathed out. He tightened his arms around his blonde, "Aishiteru, Naruto."

Naruto's eyes flew open and his motions stopped momentarily as he stared at the other in shock, but a full smile replaced the shocked frown and he began to move again, replacing his head to where it once was and moaning an, "I love you too." the words ringing with sincerity.

Now it was Sasuke's turn to still, and the blonde groaned at the cease of movement, looking up questioningly at the other and grinding his hips downward in encouragement.

Sasuke looked at him, "...Say it again."

The Kyuubi vessel blinked in confusion for a second before grinning and placing his lips on Sasuke's in a soft, loving kiss, filled with unspoken words. He pulled away, tearing again, "I love you." he whispered for only the raven's ears to hear.

Sasuke's heart pounded painfully in his chest...how long had he waited to hear those words? God...how fucking long? And Naruto was saying them, right now...this was officially the happiest moment in Sasuke's life.

With a sudden burst of energy, Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hips and began driving him wildly on his dick, Naruto yelled when he felt the head pound against that spot inside him repeatedly, grasping Sasuke's shoulders and digging his nails in them for some sort of support. They panted heavily into each other's mouths, cool droplets of sweat rolling down their skin. It had turned into an animalistic fucking, but still driven by need, love, and desire.

Sasuke abruptly bit into Naruto's neck to muffle his scream as he came, but the dobe's keen ears managed to catch a jumbled version of his name being bitten into his flesh. Naruto came as well shortly after, but did not try to hide his pleasure as he screamed a, "Shit Sasuke!" that reverberated off the walls, and streams of cum marked both stomachs.

Naruto fell backwards, Sasuke falling on top of him, as they both tried to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of forcing air in their lungs. But it seemed that Sasuke could care less, he twined his fingers in gold locks and pressed their mouths together, shoving his tongue in and beginning to roam, still sheathed inside the blonde.

Naruto, despite lack of air, returned the kiss hungrily, not really caring if he died from suffocation right now, he would die happy. Sasuke broke the kiss and stared into bottomless blue orbs, massaging the trestles in his hand, "God...I love you so much."

Naruto smiled, "Me...too." he gasped out.

Sasuke reflected his smile and pulled out of him, collapsing right next to him on the bed.

A few minutes later, (when they weren't on the brink of passing out in exhaustion from unbelievably hot, wild sex) Naruto pulled up the blanket and wrapped it around him and his lover before letting one arm flop against Sasuke's chest and the other to mix with his hair, and suddenly, he began chuckling.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow and laced his fingers with the hand on his chest, "What's so funny dobe?"

"You...you fucked my doll..."

Sasuke blushed heatedly, "Will you let that go?!"

Naruto smirked and slipped a hand under the blanket to ghost over Sasuke's stomach, "You got horny when I scratched your belly..."

The raven's head snapped away from the blonde, anything not to look into those smug, laughing eyes. He felt the grip on his hand tighten.

"You tried to hump my leg!"

"That's enough!"

But Sasuke's command did nothing to stop the uncontrollable laughter ripping from Naruto's mouth, and as angry and embarrassed as that made Sasuke, he couldn't help the warm, fluttery feeling that developed in his stomach at the boy's laugh...stupid hormones.

"If you ever repeat that shit to anybody...dobe I swear I'll--"

"What? Go piss on hydrant?"

Sasuke growled and got up to straddle the other's waist, "You better forget any of that shit happened."

Naruto closed his eyes and smiled defiantly, "You've got to be kidding, and just throw away such valuable blackmail information? I think not."

The Uchiha grinned before pressing down on the boy's stomach, "Then I'll just have to fuck it right out of your memory."

Naruto smirked, eyes shining with lust and mischief, "Something like that can't be forgotten so easily, just how many times do you plan on trying?"

Sasuke pinned tan hands above a blonde head, "As many as it takes."



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