The Joy of Girls

Chapter 1
~Vector's Lesson~

Wassup peeps?!?! Okay I am Foxy the Pyro and this fanfic is my first so enjoy!! I don't own Sonic, Knux, or any characters in that group. Though I wouldn't mind owning Knux!! Well N*E*Ways so don't sue me.

Julie! Julie! (Knuckles yells as he runs swiftly through a jungle like scene filled with a light fog) (Julie-su wakes and gasps with sweat pouring down her face) It was just a dream. (she looks about her room as if to check if she was really awake) Well since I won't be able to get back to sleep I might as well get up and do something. (she looks about her room for a second time) I really need to clean this room among other things in this apartment. (Julie takes the covers off her bed and sets them into the corner beside her door where other forms of laundry were placed) What's all that under my bed? I'm kinda scared to stick my head under there, threre's no tellin' what I'll find. Oh, well. Here goes nothin'. Wha? I don't remember stuffing any of this down here! (Julie begins tossing miscellaneous items out from under her bed) Hey Julieee. (a voice whispers in familiar sly tone) (the lights go out in her room and only tiny beams of light shine through the parts in the curtains) (Julie freezes and slowly takes her head out from under her bed and picks up her blaster as a devilish smirk appears on her face) Julieee. (the voice says again in a darker and slyer tone) (Julie slips over to her window and with slash she zips open the curtain) Vector what the fuck are you doing here? I ... came over to uh... see if you needed help with anything. Ha! Vector you don't have a kind bone in you body. He came up here because he wanted to sneak a peek at you naked. What! Espio, shut up! Oh, did he. Well its true Vector! Well Vector you've been a bad boy so I'll have to teach you a little lesson about sneaking into a girls apartment to take peek at her tits. (Julie takes the gun she had resting at her side, raises it but not to high on Vector's anatomy if you know what I mean) Julie! you wa... wouldn't do that to me that's not... I was only... can't you take a joke! (Vector says fearing for his manhood) Wouldn't do what, this. (three shots go off and a body hits the floor) You... you killed'em. No, I didn't Espio. You might as well have, he's a woman now. No, he's just a pussy. They're blanks. (Espio looks at Vector pitifully curled up in the fetal position shivering with his hands between his legs) (Knuckles walks in with worried look upon his face) Hey Knux. Espy. What? We're playing nice. (Espio snickers) Yeah real nice. (Julie leans down) Vector, can't you take a joke? He's unconscious he can't here you. What went on here? Espio can explain it better to you than I can. As for me it's bath time. (Espio and Knuckles watch Julie walk away) Man is she PMSing. Yeah, tell me about it. Man, I'd hate to be in your shoes when ever... You know I wouldn't such things if I were you! I thought you were gone! Well that's one of the joys of girls, right when you think they're gone they're back! Uhh, see ya later Knux. (Espio says as he runs out the door)
(Knuckles rubs the back of his head) Heh heh heh. (Julie gives him an evil look) Ahem, sorry. I better go. Um hum! Men!