The Joys of Girls Chapter 3
Quick Dip into Trouble
FoxythePyro is back peeps!! With chapter 3!! So enjoy them!! and you know I dont own Sonic the Hedghog so don't sue me!!
Julie's Apartment
Hey Knux you don't think I've been a little to harsh to the guys lately, do you? (Knux swallows and clears his throat) No not too bad. Knux? (Julie says in a sexy tone) (Knux stops breathing for a second) (They both lean in for a kiss and Knux scoops her up and carries her to her room and shuts the door. Knuckles sets her gently on the bed. He accomplished all of this without breaking the kiss. Knux leans back and unbuckles Julie's belt while she slips off her vest. Boots and other clothing hit the floor. Then Knuckles pulls Julie closer to him and they are engulfed in their own passions.)
The Next Morning
Julie is still asleep and Knux is cuddled up next to her. He carefully brushes the hair out of her face and watches her as she smiles in her sleep.) Julie are you awake? (No answer) (an hour passes) (Julie Stretches her muscles and yawns.) Knux? (she says sleepily) Ah, you're finally awake. Yeah I guess ...I'm gonna go take a shower, okay. Want some company? Knux I always want you're company. (Julie heads to the shower in a sheet followed by Knuckles) [In The Shower] (Knuckles begins corressing his fingers over the outlines of Julie's body as he kisses he neck.) (Knock! Knock!) Anybody home? Oh my god its Vector! (Vector peaks into the bathroom and catches the two in the act) Uh oh, somebody's getting freaky in here! Julie did you finally get laid? ::Gasp:: Knuckles?!? Julie!?! You two? Ya'll...? Oh big suprise Vector!! Now get the fuck out!! Damn it... Sar-ree!! I think we better get dressed. Good idea babe. (Beeeeppp!! Beeeepp!!) Whats that?! Sorry Julie I have to go something's up at the Chaos Chamber! But... well I know ... I know ...duty calls. Well what are you standing there for go your island needs you. I'll make it up to you later okay. Yeah... Yeah. Lets just say that you owe me big. (Knux winks) Don't worry... I will.