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Warnings: Yaoi and bad language. Oh, and handcuffs… Haha. Handcuffs. .

Pleasure or Punishment?

.:. Satisfied .:.

Roxas woke to the same thing he always did; bright green eyes staring at him from the dark recesses of his room. Pretending that he hadn't noticed his creepy red-headed stalker, the young teen rolled over with a soft groan, his tanner flesh coming out from under his bed covers. A smirk appeared on his face as he heard the slight intake of breath from across the room. Roxas nearly laughed. How he loved torturing his pyro of a best friend who had turned creepy crushing stalker of late.

Stretching languidly, more of his muscled body was exposed. Roxas heard a muffled whimper and went stiff, as if he hadn't known anyone else was there. He loved how well he could act to fool the red-headed menace. 'Axel may be able to beat me at everything else, but I know his weak point. Me.' Roxas though his smirk growing on his face.

A few seconds passed and the blonde waited for the opening of a dark portal to take the pyro away, but it never came. Slowly, Roxas started to roll over, but, the second his back touched the bed, the young teen was pinned with hid arms over his head, red-head on top of him.

"A-Axel?!" Roxas gasped out the name. Axel smiled down at him, as if nothing were wrong. Like, say, he had the blonde pinned in a very compromising position, with himself straddling said teen.

"Good morning, Roxy! Having fun teasing me?" He stated casually, green-eyes dancing mischievously above two small diamond tattoos. Roxas was, needless to say, shocked. 'How did he know that I knew about him watching me? Has he known all this time? …No. Axel would have said something by now. I must have done something wrong!'

"No need to explain, Blondie." Axel said, gathering the look on Roxas's face. "If you like it that much when I watch you, you could have just said so. With all your exaggerated stretching and fake groans, how could I not know you were acting?" Axel smirked. "If you wanted me so badly," he continued, "You could have just said so."

Roxas's mouth hung open at Axel's last words. He could feel the blush forming in his cheeks and tried to hide it by putting a look of anger on his face.

"Axel. Get off of me." He hoped being rude and gruff with the red-head would dislodge his growing ego. It didn't work. Merely shifting his grip on the teen's wrists to one hand, Axel trailed his fingers slowly down the blonde's chest to lay his palm flat against his stomach.

"W-What are y-you doing?!" Roxas sputtered mouth agape as he followed the pyro's trail down his body.

"Thinking of a punishment for your being so cruel to your best friend ever." Axel put on a look of deep though, but Roxas suspected he had this planned the entire time. "I'm not quite sure what to do. Though, I'm sure I could think of something." With that, a devious grin spread across Axel's face.

"Axel…" Roxas began, but he was stopped short when Axel's deep green eyes met his, freezing him in place from the intensity in his best friend's eyes. Carefully as to not crush the boy, Axel leaned forward next to the blonde's ear.

"I promise I'll be gentle." Roxas moaned as Axel's hot breath hit his ear, his eyes fluttering closed. He felt the hand on his chest move and a sharp nip on his ear. Moaning again, Roxas missed the sound of metal on metal, just as Axel hoped he would. The blonde was too busy trying to keep Axel from feeling his growing 'problem', which happened to be located right beneath said red-head.

The blonde was suddenl;y startled out of his reviere when something cold and smooth closed around his wrist with a metallic clink. His eyes snapped upward to see his previously pinned wrists were now encircled by a set of handcuffs wrapped bewteen the bars of his headboard.

"Axel!" Roxas was bewildered. "What the hell?!"

In response to the young teen's shocked state, the red-headed teen smirked, leaning closer to the blonde. He puaused, lips positioned a hair's width above Roxas's, but before he could enjoy the moment fully, Roxas leaned upward, smashing their lips together. Soft lips now on his own, Axel alomst gasped but he refrained from doing so. 'Why break the kiss when it just started?' he thought. But one thing still stood; He definetly had not expected his best friend to join in on the fun. Actually, Axel hadn't really planned any of it. He had only wanted to freak him out a little, but this was much better.

As Axel deepened the kiss with no complaint from the young blonde, he felt something hit his leg. It took him a moment to figure out what it was, but when he did a feral grin covered his face. Thrusting his hips downward, Axel ground his own little 'problem' into Roxas's. He couldn't resist doing it when he knew that Roxas was enjoying this as much as he was.

Roxas moaned at the contact, growing even harder at the friction Axel was creating. He pulled on his bonds, arms straining, until Axel thrust down again. The teen arched his back into Axel, moaning loudly. He couldn't take it much longer.

"Ahh... nnh... Axel! Stop... teasing me!" The blonde's eyes were closed tightly as he tried to get the words out past moans, Axel slowly moving down his neck with hios teeth and tongue. Again, Roxas moaned as Axel bit down on the skin of his shoulder, the red-head's hands roaming down his sides and over his stomach.

Then, he was gone. Roxas snapped his eyes open, looking up at the teen straddling his hips. 'Was he..?'

"Are you brushing you're hair?" Axel just smirked at him, languidly pulling the comb throught his giant mane of red locks. Sighing, Roxas's head crashed back down to his pillow. Axel's words made far too much sense now.

"Thinking of a punishment for your being so cruel to your best friend ever."

"So I see you found your way to punish me." He said flatly and after a few minutes of silence.

"Hmm?" Roxas glared up at the evil red-head. He looked like a cat being pet after a full meal; comfortable, satisfied, and adorable. Then it was gone. Axel blinked, eyes refocusing. "What do you mean Roxy?" He smiled at the younger teen, eyes dancing.

"Axel..." Roxas said, voice menacingly calm. "Get Off. Of. Me." Axel's eyes continued to dance as he returned to brushing his hair. This time, however, he kept his eyes locked onto Roxas's. It was enough to make the blonde want to punch him.

"NOW!" Axel's eyes danced all the more. Then Roxas got an idea. Thrusting upward with his entire body, Roxas threw Axel off balance and he fell off of him and the bed, tumbling to the floor. Roxas strained his neck to see Axel, seeing as the handcuffs still prevented a great range of motion. He was suprised with what he did see. Axel was laughing. Actually laughing.

"Alright, Roxy. I you want me out... Then I will gladly leave." Axel started walking toward the door, and had it half open, before Roxas could even speak.

"WAIT! Axel I need the key! Unlock me, now!" Roxas's protests fell on deaf ears, however. Axel just kept on walking out the door, taking the key with him. Roxas stared dumbfounded at the closed oor to his room, not really sure what had happened. It had to be a dream. But why would he dream of Axel? Scratch that. Why would he dream of Axel and handcuffs? No. This wasn't a dream. This was the cruel reality where he was handcuffed to his bed, by his best-- no, previously his best friend, and was still there even after the pyro had left. This discovery hit Roxas hard.