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Pleasure or Punishment?

.:. Payback .:.

Just as Roxas disappeared from his view, he cried out.

"Nnh! Axel..."

And that's when Axel lost it.


Lacking grace completely, Axel tripped and slipped as he managed to rip his clothes off of his body. Like he was going to take his time when Roxas was jacking off to the thoughts of him. Yeah… Right. Finally free of the restraining cloth, Axel walked swiftly over to the glass doors of the shower and yanked them to the side. Below him, the young blonde lay frozen. Slowly Roxas turned his head to stare up into green eyes.

"I want you. Got it memorized?"

Axel's smirked grew wider when he saw the look of panic in Roxas's eyes. Leaning down carefully, Axel cupped the side of the teen's face in his hand and gently pushed his lips onto the blonde's. The initial panic on Roxas's behalf was swiftly turned into a burning lust as Axel gently coaxed his mouth open. Wrapping his arms around the redhead's neck, Roxas yanked him to the floor, where he swiftly climbed on top of the older teen. Now straddling Axel's thin waist, the blonde leaned forward, smirking at the surprise on the pyro's face. Stopping when his mouth was next to Axel's ear, Roxas licked up along it, whispering, "Come and get it… if you can."

And with that, Roxas was gone, swiftly standing and running from the room. Axel lay there stunned for a few seconds before the reality of the situation hit him. Growling, the pyro quickly stood and chased after the blonde. But he didn't get very far, because Roxas had closed and locked the door. Cursing under his breath, Axel looked for an alternate escape, but there was nothing in the room except the door. Laughter on the other side of the door caught his attention.

'He is not.' Axel thought. 'He is not laughing at me.' The laughter on the other side of the dorr turned form giggles to on the floor rolling laughs. 'Okay, he is so dead.'

Just as Axel went to run at the door and break it down, Roxas's voice came through the door to him. "Axel if you break down another door, the Superior is going to kill you." Another fit of laughter. "But you're welcome to do it anyways." More giggles. "You know. My clothes were in there… And since it's laundry day., I'm fresh out of new ones." Roxas broke out in full laughter again. Axel could just picture him roling around laughing at him… Wait. Did he say he was out of clothes? So that means….

"Roxas! Let me out!" Axel's renewed insentive to break out was fresh in his mind as an image of Roxas rolling on the ground naked . "Roxas!" he whined. "Seriously. This is not cool!" Roxas's laughter grew louder.

And then, suddenly, it stopped. Seconds passed and nothing happened. Axel stood, frozen in place, confused. Taking a step forward so as to put his ear to the door, Axel was nearly killed as said door was flung open and Roxas ran in. Slamming the door closed, Roxas turned with his back leaning against it, a sigh escaping his lips. Then he realized Axel was still in there. Angry blue eyes looked into curious green ones.

"Axel… remember how you broke in my door?" Roxas said, voice icily calm. Not a good sign…

"Um, yes?" Roxas's eyes flashed with anger.

"Well. Thanks to you, I now know that Zexion and Demyx make out in the hallways, and they now know what I look like naked." Roxas looked at Axel with anger then fear as Axel advanced on him.The pyro leaned forward, resting his hands on either side of the blonde's body, and smirked.

"Well, Roxy. I now know what you look like naked, too." Grabbing the teen's wrists with both hands Axel pinned them above hs head, 'Again', thought Roxas, and kissed the boy passionately. Roxas didn't even know what to do as his body automatically gave into the lust he felt for the redhead, kissing him back just as fiercely. Pushing forward, Roxas leaned his body up and into Axel's chest, loving the feel of the pyro's warm skin against his own. Axel thrust forward as well, pinning the blonde back against the door with his own body.

Roxas moaned at the contact, breaking the kiss. Axel took the opportunity to slip down to the boy's neck and slowly make his way over to his ear, nipping and licking the entire time. Roxas gasped and struggled against Axel's restraining grip when the redhead licked the shell of his ear. Axel sparred no time in letting go, giving Roxas something to do with his arms this time. He just didn't expect the blonde to do what he did.

Reaching down, Roxas gingerly stroked Axel's solid length, causing the pyro to bite down on his shoulder where he had been working on a love mark. "Roxas…" he gasped out, before the blonde tugged sharply on his hardened member. "Agh! Roxas!" Thrusting forward into those wonderful hands, Axel marveled at how good Roxas was at this. Surely he had never done this before…? As this new revelation hit Axel, he pushed Roxas against the door, seperating their two bodies.

"Roxas… You've never… done this before…. Have you?" The pleading look in Axel's eyes made Roxas want to laugh.

"Of course I have." Now he wanted to cry. Axel looked absolutely crushed. Muttering an, "Oh." Axel pushed himself off of the door and sat down on the floor. Roxas watched him, confused.

"Axel? What's wrong?" Axel just stared into space blankly, as if his whole world was just turned upside down. "Axel! Hello? Axel?" No response. "Axel, what is your problem? Of course I've done this before. You just saw me doing it in the shower!" Blushing profusely, Roxas turned away from his friend. "What the hell." He muttered.

Axel's mind almost had a break down. Oh, how innocent this little guy was. He had thought he meant jacking off instead of, well, that. Laughing aloud, the pyro looked up at the blushing blonde and smiled. Roxas turned around slowly, confused as to what was so funny when Axel grabbed his arm and yanked him against his own chest. Roxas snuggled aginst the taught skin, glad to know Axel wasn't angry or upset with him. His blush deepened as Axel's thigh pressed in between his legs. The blonde openly gasped when Axel began dragging him up said thigh, the friction driving his nether regions insane. Throwing his head back, Roxas maoned loudly, Axel smirking down at him with that look in his eyes that made Roxas's inside turn.

"Axel!" he gasped out. "Stop it!" And with that, the redhead lifted Roxas gently from his thigh and pinned him against the wall. The blonde wasted no time in grabbing one of Axel's hands and sliping two fingers in his mouth, sucking gently. Axel almost came right then. Roxas was just too hot when he looked like that; his eyes asking if he was doing anything wrong, body tense against his own, hair matted with sweat against his forhead. Slowly removing his fingers, Axel positioned them at the blonde's entrance while Roxas wrapped his arms around his neck. Looking down into the teen's eyes, he slowly slid his fingers in, watching the boy gasp at the unfamiliar sensation. Carefully, he thrust them in farther and scissored them outwards.

Roxas let his head fall against Axel's chest, gasping at the pain he hadn't expected. The pyro was suprising gentle; kissing the top of his head, his free hand rubbing his back. When the pain had gone away, Roxas wriggled his body, gasping again, this time as Axel's fingers hit something that sent thrills through his entire body. Arching his back into Axel's chest, he felt the redhead gently pull out his fingers and something alot bigger entered. Tears ran down the boy's face as Axel's member climbed into his body until it was full sheathed in him. Roxas whimpered softly, as Axel kissing his head once more, whispering, "Sorry." into his hair. Shaking his head Roxas, gripped the redhead's arms tightly.

Slowly, the pain went away and Roxas found himself wriggling again, wanting Axel to hit that spot inside him. Carefully Axel pulled out and thrust in again, softly and slowly setting a pace. Unsatisfied, Roxas growled in the back of his throat, biting down on Axel's shoulder. The older teen smiled and thust in hard. Roxas gasped, crying out the pyro's name. Axel continued to speed his pace, but remembered to thrust gently. Roxas wanted none of that. Growling again, Roxas bit his shoulder once more. Pulling out fully, Axel rammed back in roughly.

"Agh! Axel!" Roxas arched his back, thrusting forward with each of Axel's evenly timed thrusts. As the redhead changd the angle of his thrusts, Roxas had an idea. Tightly clenching his muscles, Roxas rocked in a circle. Suprise flashed across Axel's face, before his head was thrown back in a fit of pleasure. His timed thrusts started becoming more erratic and forceful as he shifted once more hitting the spot Roxas had been waiting for.

"Oh God! Ngh! Axel!" Roxas's muscles clenched once more as he reached his limit. Axel gave one last thrust and reached his own, as Roxas's walls closed around him. Sliding slowly to his knees, Axel cradled the spent blonde against his chest, both panting and sweat soaked. Roxas leaned his head upward, capturing hid best friends lips in one last kiss before tipping sideways, on the brim of sleep. He felt himself being carefully laid on the ground, Axel beside him, as the pyro stroked his face. Weakly he opened his eyes one last time as Axel whispered lovingly, "I love you."

"I love you too." Smiling weakly, Roxas slipped into the dark abyss of sleep, Axel cradling him in his arms.

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