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Rikku sank to her knees and panted, squeezing her eyes shut in her exhaustion. Vegnagun and Shuyin all in a row had drained every ounce of her energy. She heard footsteps end beside her and grinned slightly. Well, almost every ounce. She turned her head to see two black boots next to her hand. She looked higher. That funny black and pink armor that she always though was ugly, yet godly sexy at the same time. It seemed to go along strangely with his perfectly toned muscles. Rikku finally understood what it was like to swoon over someone, or maybe she was just bushed. She looked even higher to see that gold hair, almost as dark and shade as hers that was pushed back to keep out of his way. His hair style hadn't changed much since she was fifteen. She could only see the black leather eye patch. She couldn't remember a time when Gippal didn't have it. Although, she hadn't truly met him until she was five. She had only heard all the girls around her trying to sound grown up and say how cute he was. He could've lost it by then. She watched his seemingly perfect face as she caught her breath, thanking the Fayth that she even knew him. He sighed and turned to her. There it was. That teal eye that could dig down into her heart and know –most of the time- exactly what she was thinking.

"Nice day." Gippal said, smiling broadly at her. His voice. The one that seemed like an alarm clock to all the emotions that lay dormant inside her, waiting just for him. She beamed and leaped up, jumping on him and hugging him closely. He laughed as he took her hips in both hands and spun around with her. And there was one of her favorite things about him. The laugh that was so genuine, not the kind of laugh that he has whenever Rikku does something stupid. This was the kind of laugh of true happiness that Rikku only heard every once in awhile from him. When he finally stopped spinning her and set her down, he just stared at her for awhile before reaching up.

"Your hair," he said, taking pieces and putting them in different places. "is all messed up." Rikku just shook her head with a slight grin and listened to him talk. He wasn't perfect, and he certainly wasn't a fairytale prince. He was more of a… Gippal.

Yuna, Rikku and Paine stood in front of the three leaders. They wanted Yuna to say a speech, but Yuna was set on going to Besaid. She wouldn't say why, only that she needed to go. She turned to the three and said,

"It's time for me to go home!" She ran towards them. Yuna and Paine started to go to the ship.

"I'll be there in a minute." Rikku said to the two. She walked over to Gippal as Nooj and Baralai walked slowly away. Too slowly. Rikku glared at their backs until Baralai turned a bit to see her, and immediately sped up. Nooj continued at the normal pace, as Rikku expected he would.

"So, Cid's girl. What next?" Gippal said. Rikku shrugged.

"Well, ya know, think I might go to Bikanel, hang out with Pops for awhile. He's finished rebuilding Home y'know. Couldn't convince him not to, sadly. Anyway, saving the world twice in two years. It's exhausting." Rikku said. "And what about you?" Gippal smiled as though it were a stupid question.

"Well, I would follow you, but I gotta get back to Djose. Maybe I'll come and see you there." He said. Rikku beamed at him and nodded, standing on her toes and kissing him quickly. She then spun around and run after Yuna and Paine. Going home might not be so bad.


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"Why do you always have to be like this?" Gippal asked in a harsh tone, his gaze boring down on her. Rikku narrowed her eyes at him in defiance. Just because he was taller didn't mean he was better.

"Like what? Normal?!" Rikku asked.

"No! Annoying!"

"Well if I'm so annoying, then why do you talk to me?"

"Because you never leave me alone!"

"Yes I do! I'm not some lost puppy y'know!"

"I know… You're my friend."

"Well ya know what?"


"Maybe I never wanted to be friends with a jerk!"

"Well maybe I never wanted to be friends with a stupid blonde!"

"You're blonde too!"

"Least I'm not stupid."
"Least I've got two eyes!" Gippal stayed silent after that. Rikku stared at him with hatred.

"Fine. Then maybe we shouldn't be friends." Gippal said, almost in a whisper.

"Good. Then I guess we're done here." Rikku said, turning away. There was a sharp pain that shot up her arm. She turned to realize Gippal had grabbed it and was holding it tightly. His hand was big enough to wrap around her entire arm, and the grip he had was bone crushing. "Let go!" Gippal pulled on her arm and crashed his lips down on hers clumsily. He pulled away after a second and looked at her with a calloused gaze.

"Now we're done." He said, shoving her arm away as if she was the one who had made him grab it. He walked away briskly, his hands in his pockets. She stamped her foot and screamed, spinning on her heel and stomping in the other direction. She hated Gippal too much to think of the kiss. And so, she never thought of it again.