One day.

One hour.

One minute.

One second.

Then it all changed…for the worst…or the best? Was it fate, or was it destiny?

But one thing was for sure.

This wasn't going to turn out very well, but that's life, right?

It all started with an idiot named Aislinn, Linn for short. She had this crazy dream of entering the…video game world. But mostly the Marioverse. Boy was she stupid.

But, this is a fanfic, so things happen, right?

She had short blond hair, blue-green eyes, a lavender tube top, jean shorts, a lavender belt, lavender shoes, a long lavender scarf, a lavender choker necklace, and her favorite personal touch, a lavender hat that looked like cat ears on the end. So I guess she almost had the video game look…almost…sorta. Ugh, I talk too much. Anywhoo…

The story begins…

It all started on the outskirts of Toad Town, a great starting place, really. Heheh, I'm a genius. Erm, anyways…

Linn woke up on the ground of said setting. Haha. It was all sunny and happy and all of that happy go lucky crap. Talk about annoying. Anyways…

Kitayl: Dangit Random Person, you can't narrate. I'M going to tell the story, so you go eat donuts or something.

Random Person: YAY!!!

Kitayl: Anyways…

Linn was disoriented and confused as she awoke.

"Wh-where am I?" she asked herself as she stood up. She managed to stumble farther on until she ended up collapsing mere feet from the area where you could see the giant sign that wrote: "Toad Town". Something had ended up using up all of her energy, she couldn't even maintain consciousness. Thus, she fainted.

Then, she had a strange dream.

There was a strange place, unrecognizable. It wasn't even a place; it was…how would you put this…a figment of her imagination. It was a place struck between dark and light, and she stood in the middle as a cold wind blew by. It was cold, not as in temperature, but as in emotion. She held something, her face drained of emotion, her mind blank, her heart stopped. Yet she seemed to be wondering something…as if somebody told her something important…and she was questioning it. What…what did this mean?

She awoke in one of those resting areas, the one in the square of Toad Town. The worker stood on the other side happily, while somebody else stood near the bed.

She was the same species as Mimi, a species I like to call a Shapeshifter…except orange. Like Mimi, she changed her outfit regularly. Today she wore her hair in a pixilated-at-the-bottom-ponytail like usual, along with white T-shirt with a large red dot in the middle and blue jeans. Although her jeans hid them, she also wore orange shoes. Her name? Ki. Linn hopped onto the floor.

"Where am I? Who are you? TELL ME NOW!!!" she questioned frantically, flailing her arms in an anime fashion. Ki pushed her back.

"Toad Town." Ki replied. Linn looked at her as if she were insane.

"B-but, Toad Town is in the Marioverse…we're on Earth…" Linn explained. Ki blinked and returned the look.

"Earth? Did you…possibly hit your head?" Ki asked, happiness toned in her voice. Linn fell over in an anime fashion, sweat drop and all. As she got up, the Innkeeper Toad walked over, a happy looked pasted on her face.

"Ki found you unconscious just outside of town." She began, her face turning into a confused look.

"But why did you pass out in the first place?" she finished. Linn looked down.

"I-I really just don't know. I found myself out cold there, I walked on for awhile…but it felt as if my body had been drained of all energy…and I just collapsed. That's all I remembered." Linn explained. The Innkeeper nodded.

"Well then, I suppose you should get going." She said. Linn nodded and left. It was true though, she was in Toad Town, the Marioverse. Her dream came true, but it wasn't as she imagined…that is, she never imagined it was even possible. It wasn't even a dream. Ki also exited, but stayed near the building, watching Linn.

"She's odd..." Ki began to herself.

"…" she paused.

"...But I suppose I'll just leave it at that."