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Sakura's POV ish


Sakura got up from her seat, with her books, in a flash, as the school bell rang. She was more then happy to get to her next class. Why? It was Genjutsu, her favourite subject. And she was just about the top student in that class.

She strode out of her last subject's classroom, and made her way to the Genjutsu classroom.

She opened the sliding classroom door and was about to walk in, when someone crashed into her. She fell over backwards and dropped all her books.

"Itai," she said, rubbing her forehead. Yet another reason why I hated the largeness of my forehead! She then realized that the person she crashed into had also fallen down.

"Oh my gosh, gomen gomen!" Sakura said, trying to get up and hastily pick up her books.

She stood up with her books and realized that he had already gotten up himself, and was looking down at her. He was much taller than her, about four or five inches, so she had to look up to him. He had dark blue hair that stuck out at the back and long bangs that fell around his face. What a strange hairstyle. Sakura thought before looking at his eyes. They were black. Dark, cold black. That was when she realized that he was glaring at her. And it wasn't just plain glaring, either. It was as if he hadn't glared at someone in the longest time, and decided to use up all his glaring on one turn. On one person.

"Hn" he said, before walking past Sakura and out of the classroom. How rude! It's as if his eyes reflect his personality! Sakura decided to glare at his walking-away back, just to make it even. When he turned a corner, Sakura sighed and went into the classroom.

Sakura paused. There were no desks or chairs in the room. She put her books on the floor, so she could use both her hands. She made a strange hand gesture.

"Kai," she said in a bored tone. As soon as she said it, 30 chairs and desks plus a teacher's desk appeared.

"Good job as always, Sakura" the teacher said without moving, sitting at the teacher's desk.

Sakura placed her books on a desk and plopped down on the chair. Noticing genjutsus was a really simple task for her.

Eventually, all the students entered the classroom. They disabled the genjutsu, sat at the desks, and moved on with their lives. (A/N Yeah I don't know why I put that there.)

The class finally started after a couple of minutes of sitting there, and having a staring contest with the ceiling. Sakura took out her regular notebook to take notes when…

Tap… tap… Ok so it was more of a Clunk… clunk…

The person behind her was kicking her chair. It was kind of annoying. Ok really annoying. Since she really didn't want this to continue, she turned around to see what they wanted.

It was that guy she bumped into earlier. Yes, the dark blue chicken hair guy. He was looking down at a blank piece of paper on his desk, apparently not noticing that Sakura had turned around. This was when she noticed that he was quite handsome. His dark bangs were hanging down in front of his face, which gave her the urge to tuck them behind his ears, out of his way. He was glaring once again, but now at the innocent piece of paper in front of him.

The kicking from before had stopped. She looked down and saw his foot propped up against a leg on her chair. As soon as she looked down, his foot withdrew. Oh yeah, that's unnoticeable.

She looked up to face him again, but he was still not looking at her. It was hard to believe that the blank piece of paper in front of him was so interesting. Sakura gave him one final glare before she turned back around.

After around 10 seconds, the kicking started again. Sakura tried to ignore it for, maybe another 20 seconds before she got really annoyed. Maybe writing something down would help to forget about it. She took out a pencil and started taking 'notes'. Before she realized what she was writing, she had written "Stop kicking, bastard" five times on her paper. Gah, I shouldn't write it, I should say it!

She turned around to him again and muttered, "Stop that," in a harsh and deadly voice.

This time, he was looking up. He even met her gaze for a few milliseconds before he turned to glare at his blank piece of paper. His kicking had stopped once again, so Sakura turned back around.

She had erased what she'd written on her paper before, and only just started to write the word "The", when that irritating kicking started again! With him doing that, it's almost impossible to concentrate! Is he doing this just to mock me?! Ahh I hate this!

She tried to contain her anger as she turned around once again to say, "Do you mi -"

That was when she noticed that he had the most mocking smile on his face. The kicking stopped, yet again. But that smile! It was so… creepy!

So he was just doing that to mock me! The nerve of him! I'll beat him up after school! Tie him to a tree, and throw rocks at him! Steal his shoes and throw them into a lake! And then do something about that ugly chicken hair of his! She usually wasn't this violent, but he just needed to be taught a lesson, right? Just you wait, Mr… Wait. What was his name?

Sakura realized that she had cut off the last word in her last sentence to stare at him and think those… violent thoughts.

"…Mind" she finished, blushing. He smirked. Ahh that just made her madder!

She glared at him, trying to be as effective as his glare had on her. She could tell it wasn't working. His mocking smile merely grew more mocking.

She turned around again. She grumbled the entire period in her Genjutsu class, whether he was kicking her chair or not.


Finally. The bell rang for lunch. Freedom. The guy kicking Sakura's chair decided that he wanted to quickly stride out of the classroom. That was not going to happen without an explanation first!

Sakura quickly drew out a kunai from her pocket. (A/N Or whatever those kunai holder things are called.) She threw it at the door just as he was going to open it; it missed his face by mere inches. But it served it's purpose as he stopped reaching for the handle. She walked over and grabbed him by his shirt collar, pulling him off to the side.

"Listen," Sakura said in a deadly, threatening voice, "I don't know what your problem is, but do you mind not kicking the back of someone's chair? It's rude, annoying, and I could name a hell of a lot more words to describe it!"

By now, everyone was out of the classroom, and it was just Sakura and the guy alone.

Sakura let go of his collar. He was staring wide-eyed back at her, as if she had gone mad. She wanted to say something else to tell him off, but she couldn't think of anything. She turned on her heel and walked out of the classroom when she remembered something. She turned back around and walked back to him, since he just stood there.

"I didn't catch your name," she was hoping to at least get his name to the teacher. That would show him!

Suddenly, his wide-eyed look turned into that mocking smile that he gave her before. Sakura took a step back. I spoke my mind, now let's take turns and you can tell me what you're thinking. She had used her deadliest voice to make an attempt to scare him, and he could scare her back with a mere smile. How unfair!

Suddenly, he leaped forward and his lips collided into Sakura's with so much force that they both fell over backward. With him on top of Sakura. Man, how much does this guy weigh??

Sakura just stared at the kiss he just gave her so unexpectedly. It was a little awkward. A little?

After a few more seconds of just lying there on top of each other, they broke apart. The first thing he said was, "Sasuke.

Uchiha Sasuke."


Such a James Bond ending. xD Except, here it's opposite because the japanese names are said... well opposite. I'm thinking of making another chapter of this, except in Sasuke's POV. That would be fun. R&R please! Thanks!