This is rated real R, or M I guess. It is slash, don't like, don't read.


Peter woke up slowly, his body aching with pain.

He rubbed his head gently and sat up. He was in a dark place, with cold metal floors, surrounded by bars. A jail cell? Last he remembered he was happily riding his bike down the street when somebody picked him up. He'd blacked out, but obviously from the blood that covered his body, his kidnapper was not his friend.

He realized that on top of being locked up, and beat up, he wasn't wearing anything. He sighed and pushed against the metal bars.

"It's no use," a voice whispered from somewhere outside the cell, "I made those bars especially for you."

"Harry?" Peter asked, recognizing the voice in an instant. A match was lit and revealed the speaker to indeed be his old friend, whom was now wearing a very large smile, mildly evil. "Why have you done this, Harry?"

"You don't get it Pete," Harry chuckled, "You're a bittersweet man in my head. I want you, Pete. I want your body against mine. I want your touch. But then again, I was to beat you bloody, till I kill you. So I decided if I locked you up and only let you out when I wanted to play, I could have my fun and then finish you off myself. It's the perfect plan."

"And you hate me because your still believe the idea that I killed your father?" Peter said, not really asking.

"I figure I shouldn't fight my selfish impulses to have you, even if part of me hates everything you are, my body yearns for everything you have."

"What about Mary Jane?" Peter asked.

"I'll make sure she knows that Spiderman was killed in a tragic accident. And if she gets in my way, I'll just finish her along with you. I'm sick of trying to stay away from you Pete. I think about you all the time. So now, you're mine."

Peter slumped down into a sitting position and leaned against the wall.

"Now Pete, if you will excuse me, I'm off to dinner. I'll drop off some leftovers later, or maybe I'll fix you one of my specialties."

And then he was gone, leaving Peter alone in the darkness of the night.