So this is the end, leave a review pleases. This story is purely fluff, I realize that, but that's the way I like it.

Pie is Yummy

"I'm still hungry," Peter whispered. He was lying in Harry's arms, sheets twisted around their bare bodies, darkness covering the room.

"Pie sounds good," Harry said, "We should have brought that up with us earlier."

"God knows what that pie would have been used for if we had," Peter chuckled.

"Probably something tasty," Harry said. Peter rolled his eyes, getting out of bed. He grabbed Harry's shirt and put it loosely over his body as he headed downstairs. He came back a minute later with the pie plate and two forks.

"Good service at this place," Harry grinned, taking the food from Peter so he could get back in bed, dropping the shirt on the floor. "What type of pie we got here?"

"Apple," Peter answered, snuggling back into Harry's arms.

"My favorite thing in the world to eat," Harry said, then casting a glance at Peter, "Well, second thing." Peter smiled and dug his fork into the pie.


When Peter woke up, he was surprised to find Harry still lying next to him, not yet at work. Harry was too awake, and starring absently at Peter.


"Good morning," Harry said, emphasizing the good. "Funny story, I was getting up for work, and you were just too beautiful to leave."

"Isn't it funny how stuff like that happens?" Peter asked, smiling.

"I love you Peter."

"So you say," Peter smiled, "Continuously."

"But I do, I really do."

"Well, I suppose I love you too," Peter grinned, "Maybe just a little bit."

"You're a bad liar," Harry said.

"Well I try," Peter whispered.

See now, isn't that just cute?