A/N: A direct follow-up to "To See," from Erik's perspective. About a drabble and a half.

And Be Seen

On the other side of the mirror, Erik still trembled at her simple request. Part of him reveled in the fact that Christine wished to be near him, but whatever pleasure he derived from this was quashed by the reality of what she was asking. To see him was to know the reason he had been forced to hide from her in the first place, and he dreaded the day she would learn the truth. Still, his arms ached to encircle her as he did with his voice, and as each day passed Erik wondered if it would not be worth the risk of revealing himself for the chance to be a man to her… But for the moment he remained her Angel, a disembodied spirit to guide her singing and comfort her in her continued grief over her father's death. That was what she needed from him still, and he so desperately wanted to be needed by her.