Temporary Insanity

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Summary: After Heero bites the apparent dust, Quatre suffers from a
momentary lapse of sanity and invites Duo to stay with him. The
second lapse occurs when he doesn't kick him out after two weeks of
idle boredom. Welcome to Hell Quatre Winner, welcome to Hell.
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Notes: This is the sequel/side- fic/other PoV of Cadaver Company. The
Quatre and Duo story. The plot-bunny has spawned. You have been

Chapter One: A Lapse in Sanity

I, Quatre Raberba Winner, am officially concerned about the
condition of my own mental health. What, exactly, had I been
thinking, inviting Duo Maxwell to stay with me? The Duo Maxwell who
called himself the God of Death. The one with the meter long braid
and a Gundam that gave off the air of having once been the monster
in an American horror film. The same Duo Maxwell that had the most
amazingly large and beautiful violet eyes, I had ever seen.

Sanity had taken a sudden leave- that much was obvious.

Or maybe I'd just tuned into that little voice in my mind
that kept reminding me to look out for number one. The voice that
had quite deviously taken advantage of the situation and mapped out
a viable plan to get myself alone with Pilot Zero Two.

You know, that same voice that made me go against my
family's wishes and pilot a Gundam; the same voice that made me
drink caffeinated tea and kill people.

Yes, I was certainly living on the edge.

I sighed to myself, muting the mike on my side as Duo hummed
the tune Ave Maria'. I knew I wasn't the manliest looking of the
pilots. Wufei thought I was too weak to be a soldier, Trowa thought
I was insane because of my Space Heart, Heero only saw my financial
and leadership abilities and contributions to the team and Duo….

Duo thought I was a cute little rich kid.

My problem? You don't make out with the cute little rich kid.

Although, if I was a bit more honest with myself- and that
devious little voice- I certainly wanted to do more than simply kiss
with Duo Maxwell.

I felt my cheeks burn as naughty thought filled my mind of
Duo. Of me and Duo. Of me and Duo and a bed….

Well you get the point. There didn't necessarily have to be
a bed involved.

"- Q? Q-bean? Kitty-Quat? Q-man? QUATRE!"

I blinked. "Yes?"

Duo continued to rant at me. "If you don't use that deep
boardroom voice soon I'm going to make my Gundam molest your Gundam
and send the pictures to Une."

I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that not-so-innocent
pictures of Sandrock and Deathscythe in compromising positions
filled my mind- as the words deep boardroom voice' echoed in the
background- before I remembered I had flicked off the mike earlier.

I'm so blond sometimes, I scare myself.

I tapped the button and cut off my friend's slow countdown.

"If your Gundam touches mine in any way that expresses a
devilish sexual intent, I will file charges on Sandrock's behalf."

Duo's face popped up on the vid, an eyebrow quriked. He
looked so…rugged and handsome like that…..

"With who?"

I had to think about that for a moment before giving him my
most dignified look.

"I'll tell Wufei."

Not-quite-maniacal laughter assaulted my ears. Duo had no
fear of the justice obsessed Chinese pilot and gained some sort of
crude entertainment out of teasing him.

I pouted. "I'll tell Heero."

The laughter didn't stop. I sighed. I was trying to solve
the matter with a bit of peaceful negotiating but now it was time to
break out the big guns.

"I'll tell Trowa."

Complete and utter silence.

"Dude…..that' s harsh."

I couldn't stop a smug smile from crossing my face. Duo has
this illogical fear of Trowa…..asking him why results in mumblings
of carnies and small hands. And the silence. Silence unnerves Duo

Silence like the one we were sharing right now.

I pulled my thoughts back to my unusually quiet comrade,
noting his solemn expression. He must have sensed my gaze or the
unspoken question because the happy mask popped halfway into place.

"Can you believe Heero's dead? It's...weird. I always
thought he'd be the first to go because of his The Mission Is
Everything' attitude- but he's the Perfect Soldier. He can't die."

I bit my lip at the swell of utter sadness that came from
my companion. The bitter acceptance and the quaking fear that
someone else he cared about would be next.

Not that Duo knew I could feel all of that coming off of him. He
likes to hide behind too bright smiles and off-beat humor to keep
people from seeing he's not as shallow or simple as a puddle but
deep and passionate like the ocean.

"No matter what anyone else thinks- even Heero- he is only
human. Mortal and emotional. Bright and shadowed at the same time."

Duo blinked at me before rubbing the back of his
neck. "Quat, man…..I don't know if they taught you this in manners
school or not but you usually use the past tense to talk about the

Oh drats! Here comes the part where people start giving me
the Quatre's gone Kooo-coo' looks. Allah knows I've gotten used to
them but it would be nice if someone didn't think I was a nutcase.

"I don't think Heero is dead."

Duo coughed. "He self-destructed. "

I rolled my eyes. "I know Duo. I saw him self-destruct Wing.
I felt it with my Space Heart…….but I haven't felt him fade from my
being. He's still among the living."

I swear, hand to Supreme Being, Duo gapped at me and looked amazing
doing it. It's just not fair.

"Q-man I know you think you've got some sort of …..funky feeling
thing when people get close to you but nobody could possibly survive

I glowered at him. "I'm not delusional or insane, Maxwell. If you
want the clinical term I'm empathetic. I know what I feel, what
others feel and I know Heero isn't dead."

It was oddly disturbing to see Duo's violet eyes take on an
almost calculating gleam as he studied me.

"Empathy huh?" he challenged. "Okay, Quat, what am I feeling

I huffed at him. Of all the damn nerve!

I took a deep claming breath before reaching for the braided
pilot's emotional aura. I just hoped he would be ready for the
answer and remembered that he had asked for it.

"You're saddened, obviously, by the loss of a comrade.
You're afraid for those you care about that are still living but
you've already accepted, embraced that death is the driving force of
life; especially yours and that of those around you."

Duo snorted. "Logical assumptions. "

I frowned. "Let me finish."

He glared but complied.

"You're surprised that I've hit so close to your actual
feelings and you're….wary of me. Of me knowing that you're not
anywhere near as happy as you like the world to think." My voice
softened. "It terrifies you to think that someone else could feel
how much you hurt on the inside- that someone else could know that a
little boy cries silently under your sunny smiles."

Duo swallowed suddenly and I felt very guilty for going as far as I
did. Perhaps too far.

"You felt all of that?"

I nodded. "From the moment I first met you."

Duo seemed to be digesting that as he nodded sharply at the
screen and signed off.

Yes, a lapse in sanity had definitely occurred.