To My hand held in yours. This is for you.

No Letting Go

Her steps caused barely audible murmurs on the wooden floor. Around him, people are laughing, celebrating, children cannonballing into the life-giving stream that heals all harms, splashes resounding as water bathes him in drops.

Her water.

She walks towards the man leaning against the doorway, his smile easy, his violet eyes twinkling. He would never forget the nights they had shared, that same violet staring into blue with an intensity that made the air around them crackle as they made love.

Another step, and then another. The doorway glows.

She had always been there. He had felt her presence at the end, her hand on his forehead, his voice surrounding both of them like a blanket as he said that this wasn't his place. He had called him friend.

And there he was, smiling.

He remembers. Him screaming to get out of there, seconds before the bullet had ended his life. Her hands clasped as she summoned Holy. Her loving touch, his cheerful smile. A gleaming sword, a bed of flowers. A scream of passion, a whispered name.

"Everything's alright now, yes?"

He knows that both of them are there. That both of them would always be there, that their essence would be inside of him, inside of each other, touching that secret place inside his heart that they knew was theirs only. And even as he gave a cocky wave, even as they walked into the Lifestream, he can feel Zack's arms around him, could feel Aerith's lips on his. And he knows that they will never let go.

"Yeah. I'm not alone."

And Cloud smiles.