A/N:: I guess this seems like a silly, pointless fic, but I do sometimes wonder if Albus and Minerva really would often have to worry with stuff like this. Btw, I wondered somewhat whether I would put this in Angst, but I decided against it.

FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 052- Fire


The embers of the fire crackle quietly before dying peacefully in their fireplace grave. A comfortable silence seems to reverberate in the heated winter air. An empty tartan biscuit tin, candy wrappers, and tea cups sit momentarily abandoned on the desk. The Headmaster's eyes link solidly with his Deputy Headmistress's. Their hands brush softly together, instantly igniting the fire within the two. Ever so slowly they lean in together until they can feel each other's ragged warm breath against their skin. Lips seem to hunger for each other..

There is a knock at the door.

Albus exhales with disappointment as Minerva bites her bottom lip and turns away.

"Come in," Albus calls.

The hunchbacked Hogwarts caretaker enters, jaws quivering.

"It's Peeves," Argus Filch wheezes. "He's throwing dungbombs in the Gryffindor Tower again."

Albus rises to his feet, but Minerva steps forward.

"I'll go," she says, casting an apologetic look at the Headmaster.

Filch begins to lead the way, but Minerva pauses at the door, releasing an audible sigh as she turns back to look at Albus, the sorrow evident in her eyes as well as his.


She shrugs and smiles half-heartedly.

"Goodnight," she says before closing the door behind her.

"Someday, Albus.. Someday," she whispers into the door crevice before walking away to attend her duties.


A/N:: Ah, poor Albus and Minerva. It must be hard to both run a school and try to get some alone time every now and then, eh?