Hey, all! Yes a Dazzle Drabble. Actually a series of drabbles. Isn't it fun? This will be my second Dazzle fanfiction, and I am very excited (not to mention proud) about it. It's all about Rahzel and Alzeid, my favorite couple (my favorite pairing is Rahzel/Alzeid/Baroqueheat, but I'm doing something for them later)! Yey! So, seeing as I don't have a beta, please go harsh on me about conventions and such. Also please note this is set six years in the future and Alzeid is thirty and Rahzel is twenty. Baroqueheat will show up in later chapters, but not yet. Please enjoy this fuzzy story! (Also drabble equals short. None of these will be very long.)

Disclaimer- I do not in any way shape or form, own Dazzle. I am merely using it's characters in my own way for general amusement and am not making any money. I fully submit to the fact if Minari Endoh or her editors want to kick my butt and tell me to take it off here, I will. Thank you and good night!

"Alzeid! Guess what?" Rahzel asked cheerily as she walked into the bedroom, a bathrobe clutched to her small lithe form. Even after six years, she still remained the same height but grew in stamina and strength.

"You're late." He said not looking up once from the bodice ripper (It was a joke from their earlier days) he was reading. He was on the top of the covers of their carefully made bed, clearly the work of a maid. They were at a hotel, again on one of their excursions out into the world just because they wanted to. This time, there was no ill contempt, just a want for adventure and seeing what they could.

The black haired girl pouted, crossing her arms. "How'd you know?"

"Rahzel, you never get out of the bath on time. You always take the time to clean out the weird stuff you put in there before I get in." Alzeid said simply as he turned a page. The sound of the his calloused finger rubbing against the page filled the room.

"Oh…" Rahzel said, seemingly disappointed. Then she sat on the side of the bed he was on and smiled cheerily. "Hey Alzeid?"

"What do you want?" He asked closing his book as he looked up at the woman that he had admitted (though grudgingly) that he loved.

"Do you have any good ideas for names?"

"Why are you asking me that?" The albino man asked, as the blue eyes of his black haired vixen.

"Just because…" She said cocking her head to the side.

Alzeid sighed heartily, sipping on the hot chocolate he had by his bed side that Rahzel had made for him earlier. "You know what I think about names. They're simply semiotic devices for distinguishing individuals. They have no intrinsic value in and of themselves." (Well, he really didn't think that about names anymore. He just liked seeing the angry look on her face now.)

Rahzel looked at him, a deadly look in her eyes. Her face contorted in anger, her eyes narrowing as she crossed her arms looking him dead in the eyes. "Alzeid, I swear if you ever say that to our child, I will murder you!"

Alzeid nodded understanding her malicious intent, but knowing she would never follow through. Even though she may look scary she was still too soft hearted of a person, not to mention his lover. He opened his book again, and started reading barely registering his black haired beauty beaming besides him.

"Wait what?!"