"He's going to make me lose my wonderful body!" Rahzel complained, crocodile tears running down her face.

Baroqueheat sighed at the display from the small girl shaking his head. "Wasn't it consensual Rahzel? If not, I'll kill him, but with the way you to act towards each other, it's kind of hard not to think-"

The ebony haired woman shook her head, a smile lingering on the lips of pale pink. "No, it was. Yet it still is the purpose of the matter! I'm going to get un-toned and go through all sorts of things and what happens to him? Nothing! Because he's a male!" She glared up at the taller man with disdain and snarled. "Why did God make you all perfect, damn it?! You don't get pregnant and your tall and have tons of stamina! It's unfair!" She sat down on the familiar couch in the abbey that they had all once stayed together in.

Baroqueheat grinned. "It's to make hot women as yourself desire us so we can put you through all that torture! It's a perfect system really!"

"You know Baroqueheat, I'm starting to remember all those times you've come onto me…"

The brunette put his hands up in surrender. "Alright, alright. I understand."

"It's still all his fault," She grumbled looking up to the ceiling, crossing her arms over her chest, annoyed.

"His fault?"

"For being Alzeid. Just by being himself, he can easily make me lose all my self-control. For being him who makes my heart race and face heat up. When he takes me in his arms as if nothing could ever be wrong again. The way he," She broke off with a blush shaking her head. "Never mind."

"I hate to say it, but I'm jealous of little boy Al. I may have made advances, but Al was himself and he got you completely. That's pretty special Rahzel."

"I know, but still blaming him!" Yet it was easy to see she did not. Her crystalline blue eyes were soft and melt-y like the sky fading into night, with a soft goodbye kiss from the fading sunlight. Rahzel was such an easy person sometimes to figure out. "I will have my revenge!"

"What's this about pre-emptive revenge?" The said man in question walked into the room bags of groceries in his arms. The brown paper bags made a slight crinkling sound, brining the alluring smell of light cardboard and uncooked food. "I thought you weren't into that sort of thing Rahzel…" He dead-panned, his eyes sparkling slightly with amusement.

Baroqueheat grinned idiotically. "Why Al, she's blaming you for all the misfortunes in her life and is going to leave you for me!" Then the man was staring down the barrel of a gun, the toe-headed man glaring at him with crimson eyes akin to blood screaming for his.

"Would you like to die now?" Alzeid glared at Baroqueheat, who was cowering with crocodile tears running down his face.

"No, you wouldn't want to your child to be godfather-less, right?"

Alzeid turned to Rahzel who shrugged. "He's one of our closest friends. It's either him or Jelice."

"Anyone but him!" He hissed still wishing for Baroqueheat's murder.

"I'm sorry, this is phase one of your punishment!" Rahzel giggled cocking her head to the side, her ebony curls falling around her face angelically.

Alzeid sulked staring at the ground sullenly, his arms crossed over his chest. Rahzel sighed and wrapped her arms around the man's shoulders, whispering into his ears, "You know, Alzeid, I could never leave you. You're too…" She paused not knowing what word she was looking for. "Alzeid."

"Alzeid?" He questioned his voice the same softness as hers.

"Everything that Alzeid encompasses. Loveable, protective, stoic, annoying, sexy, just everything."

"You think I'm sexy?" Alzeid questioned his tone amused as he wrapped an arm around the woman a blush on her face.

"Only possibly…maybe…well…I guess." Rahzel said with a smile.

"That's why your child shall be named Baroqueheat Junior!"

A gun was held up. "Prepare to die."

Author's Note- So Baroqueheat joins the scene! Do not fret my dear readers, I have not abandoned my quest to fill the world with Dazzle fanfiction...I erh, just got distracted by trying to take over the world! No, really. Anyways, I'm not particually happy with this drabble but after rewriting three ways till Sunday, it's the best that I liked. Your reviews have made me smile and have encouraged me! I hope I can continue to please you with the greatness of Dazzle fanfiction! Yeah!