Miss Asahina's voice was the first one I heard as consciousness slowly returned.

"Kyon! You're back!"

Slowly, my vision focused and I saw her tear-streaked face beaming down at me. Koizumi and Nagato came to stand next to her. I had arrived in the clubroom, lying in the same spot I had been in when I had abruptly departed into closed space. I started to push myself up off the table and, even though I really didn't need it, Koizumi helped me down .

When I was finally standing and confident that I would remain so, I asked, "How long was I gone for?"

Nagato was the first to answer. "Nineteen minutes."

Not even a half hour. Was that really all? I walked to the window, suddenly anxious.

"Did it work?"

"Well," Koizumi replied. "It's hard to say. We certainly can't rule out the theory that the world has been affected slightly. If I had to guess though, I think the world as we know it is safe for another day."

I stared out through the glass. It was dark, lit only by the street lamps outside. There was nothing bizarrely out of place: no dinosaurs, no UFO landing pads, no purple trees. I wasn't really worried, to be honest. Haruhi was more stable than they sometimes gave her credit for, and it wasn't like any of those things had been her motivation for the closed space anyway. I mostly felt guilty that back with her, what would happen to the world afterward really hadn't been on my mind.

Koizumi came close and spoke very quietly in my ear, sounding oddly grave. "Kyon, Asahina told us what happened in the past."


"While I'm almost glad that my theory was incorrect, I'm afraid I still feel at fault for some of your misfortune. I had my suspicions about Derrick's loyalties within the Organization, and I should not have introduced you to him."

I looked him over. His serious attitude of the past few days was really starting to weird me out. "Don't worry about it. It actually helped, believe it or not."

He hesitated, then smiled. I should have known his serious face wouldn't last. "So, about what happened now, in closed space?"

"You're too close." Sorry, Koizumi. Not on your life.

I waved slightly, and walked away, spotting my bag underneath the table. "I better go."

This was only partially true. I really did have to leave. My mother was probably worried out of her mind by now. But, I mostly really wanted to check out something outside first, despite it being entirely irrational.

"Oh, that's right!" Miss Asahina squeaked. "Will your mother be all right, Kyon?"

"If you like, I can have the Organization take care of it," Koizumi answered for me. "It'll even help to clear up any questions about your recovery."

Damn. I really did have to take his help. Then again, did I really mind, or was even that just a part of the waiting game?

I guess I had a lot to learn. "Go ahead. Thanks."

Apparently not expecting it, he stared for a second before nodding and turning abruptly, phone already out and ready. I grabbed my bag and started towards the door, but Nagato went first and so I paused to properly say goodbye to Miss Asahina.

"Be safe." Miss Asahina offered awkwardly. She was cutely holding her arm around her back, and I couldn't help but think of her older self for some reason. She also seemed like she had something else to say, but I was in a rush. Perhaps some other time.

I was surprised to find, however, that I didn't really mind if she never told me at all.

I waved, and went into the hallway, rushing after Nagato.


She stopped, but did not turn around.

"Back when Miss Asahina and I came back, she said something about you getting into trouble. Is it something I can fix?"

It was a moment before she spoke. "Negative. There is no problem."


"I am not allowed to heal by reconstructing data unless it is a mortal injury. In your case, it was not directly mortal, but it contributed to your over-all ability to survive as well as your ability to return the Data Integration Thought Entity's opportunity for autonomous evolution. No problem."

That made a surprising amount of sense, although to be fair, I was growing quite adept at Nagato speech. "Well, thank you, anyway."

She walked away. Whether there was a "you're welcome" meant by that was unclear, but I had other things to worry about right now.

When I finally made it to the courtyard, I hadn't actually been expecting anything. It was a silly whim, a foolhardy hope that had popped up when I had glanced out the window. I really hadn't expected it to be true or anything.

I'm telling you this so you can see why I was surprised to find Haruhi lying underneath the tree.

Walking up behind her, I said, "Hey" and sat down beside her, grinning for absolutely no reason at all. She turned to me and grinned back.

"Isn't it a bit late, Haruhi?"

"Don't be stupid. I woke up here, same as you, and decided to wait around for a bit."

"For? who"

"Nobody, idiot. What are you trying to imply?"

I smirked, then remembered. There was something important I had to say. "Haruhi, about what happened. I don't think you should mention it to the others."

"Why not? Obviously we have to find out how it works! We've been sent there twice, and this time I was even given some kind of reign. Obviously we are being told by a higher power that it's our destiny; you see it all the time in epic stories!" She was excited now, her one of a kind smile shining like a spotlight in the darkness.

"Don't tell me you're planning another city walk." Oh well. I knew there was no way to make her forget about what happened, and Koizumi would certainly agree. As long as he didn't realize how much she knew about it, it would be all right.

"Very good work, Kyon! Keep this up and you just might rise up through the ranks! I hadn't even thought of that!"

I sighed, but only half-heartedly. "Can we at least wait until after the big English test?"

"If you're actually planning on studying for once—"

"—No, I was just casually bringing it up for no reason."

"Then I'll just have to help you."

I blinked as she smacked me in the shoulder. Just a short while ago, she'd been quiet and still. Was what I said really enough to garner such confidence? No, there had to be more to it than that. She was looking at me with a slightly evaluating eye.

Was she trying to help me?

"I guess I can handle that." I stood up, brushing the seat of my pants. "Right now, though, I think we should get going."

I reached out a hand. "Come on, I'll walk you home."

Haruhi hesitated for a second and no longer. She smirked and, grabbing it, pulled herself up. She didn't let go until we made it to her stop.

But then, I can't honestly say I minded in the slightest.


I'm standing on the edge of me.

Standing on the edge of me.

I'm standing on the edge of everything I've never been before.

And I've been standing on the edge of me;

Standing on the edge.

--"On Fire", from Switchfoot


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