Title: No Smoking

Author: Amethyst Hunter

Rating: PG (mild sexual content)

Word Count: 100

Warnings/Spoilers: None

Notes: This is all AbstractConcept's fault. XD

Summary: #45 on the list of Things Ginji Is Not Allowed To Do...!


A man's twenty-first birthday is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated as such, Ban proclaimed when he dragged Ginji out on the town, financial expenses be damned.

One block of lighting suddenly went out like a candle in a windstorm, and seconds later the birthday bash soured as Ban and Ginji were ejected from one of the more popular houses of pleasure. They took off running as though their lives were at stake. Considering the current state of the girl Ginji had been with, it wasn't an entirely false claim.

"I'm sorry, Ban-chan, but it just felt so GOOD!..."