Hey everyone! It's me, Seer of Terana! I know you all came running when you saw that I updated this story. I'm so sorry to disappoint you, but let me explain:

Since so many people have requested it, I've decided to add another chapter to "Secret Park." But unfortunately, writers block has finally set in. So I've turned to you, my faithful servan- I mean, generous readers. '

So, to anyone who reads this, please send me a private message with some plot suggestions. What you want to see, what you'd like to happen, if you want it from Kyou or Tohru's POV. I'll keep this note up for a while, then start working on a second chapter using the suggestions. Once I've finished the chapter, I'll remove this note and post the chapter.

I want to ask anyone who read the first chapter to review the second, as I'm deathly afraid that I'll post another chapter and it'll just make the entire story worse. So if you would all tell me if that happens, I'll be eternally grateful and remove the second chapter.

So think about what you want, and then tell me. Just don't write it all yourself, you need to leave something for me to do!

With lots of love, and wishes of unending happiness,

Ichigo Masaki