I've decided something. I'm going to try and write every style of story, which is one-shot (Until You Know The Consequence), shortish story (The Starring Contest), long story (I'm planning on that one being Survival Is Only A Game) and collection. I plan on this story being my collection even if I will make an Inuyasha one, just to make my Inuyasha-story-styles complete, because if you go to see my other stories you will notice they are all Inuyasha.

This change came as I suddenly felt the urge to read some Bleach fictions. That was 3 days ago. Now I'm hooked.

Anyways, enjoy the first chapter of my collection fiction, Unattached. So far, I have 14 different ideas (I came up with them at work. Eh, it was a slow day, okay?). So, don't be afraid to tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is welcomed, flames are not!

First chapter, I have no clue how I came up with it, is called... -drum roll- (Oh, P.S. - most of you may want to look at the Author Note at the bottom)


First Collected:



Ever since Rukia had come into Ichigo's life, his who world had flipped upside-down and completely screwed itself. Throughout the series of events that occurred – because of her, no doubt – had he never been pushed so far over the edge to be legally considered 'insane', but now he was feeling the balance of that slowly tilting to the side.

To make it clear, imagine a teeter-toter with one end labeled 'Sane' and the other labeled 'Insane' with the only thing that could change the weight difference was a white rabbit. Right now, it was hopping towards 'Insane'.

Why a rabbit? Well, maybe that's what was making him go nuts because a rabbit was currently being rubbed in his face, so close that he could feel the twitching of it's whiskers.

"Rukia, get that thing out of my face."

Rukia pulled the rabbit back, appalled. She examined the rabbit herself, trying to find out what was wrong with it. After a second she came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with the adorable bunny, but rather something was wrong with Ichigo.

"Come on, Ichigo! It's only the cutest thing ever!" Wow. Those were only 6 words Ichigo would never thought he'd hear from Rukia.

Again, she crammed the white hare in his face. "I said no – we're not getting it!" He huffed before muttering a string of words along the lines of "Come to the pet store for one thing for Yuzu, just to be nice, and look what happens...".

"Come on!" She whined again, pulling the rabbit back a second time. She glanced up at him from underneath her eyelashes with her violet eyes, pouting. Ichigo winced. That was not fair, by any means.

"No, we don't have room for it anyways. The apartment's already crammed – there's no room to put it in the living room or anywhere near there and there is no way in hell I'm keeping it in my room."

"What about my room...?" The pout still hadn't left her face. To avoid it, Ichigo glared at the hamster food tucked under his arm. Why did his dad get Yuzu a hamster anyways?

"No, your room is more cluttered than any of the other rooms."

"I could clear stuff out of the way...?" She suggesting, attempting to bargain. Ichigo cursed, internally. He was pretty damn sure that Rukia never got everything she wanted in the Soul Society so why would she get whatever she wanted in the human world?

"Look, if you want a damn rabbit so bad..." Oh he had something planned. This was gunna either shoot her down or make her extremely angry, and hopefully, she would forget about the rabbit. "... we could pick up some rabbit from the butcher shop and get Yuzu to cook some." The scowl on his face deepend. Scratch the shoot her down – she was definitely gunna be pissed.

She was. "How could you even say such a thing! How could you even think such a thing?! That's despicable!" Every second, she hugged the red-eyed creature closer to her body. Ichigo rolled his eyes and groaned.

"You know, that was just a joke."

Then she kicked him in the shins. Hard. "It was not! You actually meant it!"

He ignored the obvious, even if a part of his brain was going "Damn, she's good."

"Come on, Rukia. We're leaving, no discussion." His eyes shifted from side to side. People were starting to stare...

Then, Rukia resorted back to begging. "Oh, please, Ichigo! I promise I'll take care of it an I'll pay for it, too!" This was different. She was sounding like the child and he wasn't. Anyone else scared?

"It's not happening, Rukia. Begging and trying to deal are getting you no where." As an after-thought he added with a snort, "How would you pay for it anyways? With my money, lemme guess?"


Did she even understand what sarcasm was? "Rukia..." He began with a stern look.

She started to pout again and he eyes watered, childishly. His expression wavered and the glare softened slightly. She must of seen it because she resorted to one more compromise.

Voice soft, she said, "I won't draw for examples any more...?"

"Hey, what do you want for the rabbit?"

Word Count : 716

Congratulations to those of you who are actually reading this author note as well – impressive. There are a few things you may want to know about Unattached.

The majority of these collections are IchigoxRukia. Don't like it, I suggest you don't read my 'story' anymore, because whatever is left that is not the majority will not have any pairing at all. For the time being though, there are only Ichigo x Rukia, even if it is only the slightest, minuscule fluff.

Also, not all of these drabbles will be romance x humor. As you may have seen, the category is general x romance. -smile- Everyone needs a good Angst here and there, even if it may completely suck coming from me.

Second last, I do not know when I will get a chance to update. I'm not exactly what someone would label as 'reliable' when it comes to that sort of thing because I haven't updated my Inuyasha story in, oh, at least 2 months now. Then again, I'm in writers block for that one, but still.

Last thing, as I mentioned above, criticism is welcomed – flames are not. Wanna flame? Go set your school on fire.

Alright, that's all I have to say for now.