Laughing out, I pushed Fate along her way before the girl decided to tease me any more than she already was. The dark alleyway did nothing to dampen our moods, in fact it made all of us perk up when the familiar sight of neon lights and music came to us. It has been a little over a month since we were engaged and so far everything has been going smoothly. Just today we had taken down another group of people who were smuggling illegal logia, bringing the grand total up to three. Word of our division spread quickly it seemed, and when we arrived on the scene the people knew our names. My little girl Caro rounded them up while Subaru and Tia knocked them down. Elio, in all his ten year old glory, took down the head person all by himself. Fate had been boasting about that feat all day during the report to Hayate. She was obviously very proud of her little brother that doubled as a son to her. To finish off the day I had stated that we should go to Fuji's since it had been a week since I had last come. My partner agreed happily and soon our plans spread around the group, leaving us with all four of my forwards as well as Vita and Signum along with Fate and I. Hayate had to refuse since she was too busy with the new information and Yuuno had never been much for drinking himself. Shamal, of course, had turned down the offer since she had to always be ready for emergencies. Two bouncers stopped us at the door but after seeing my wave they instantly let us by and into the nightclub. Haseo was running around with drinks, carelessly tossing them around without spilling so much as a drop. Kuhn was behind the bar like always, currently juggling four bottles with a fifth on top of his head. I had the sudden urge to run over to the bar and toss a fifth bottle into the air to make him drop them all but I somehow managed to keep myself in check.

6th mobile Division: Reminisce



"Nanoha!" Kuhn greeted the girl happily when she sat down at the bar. "Babe you gotta stop leaving me hanging like this. You're here, you're not, you're here, you're not. You cheating on me?" He pointed at her playfully. "Don't lie to me now, I know where you live."

"I am," Nanoha agreed, holding out her hand to show off her ring. "Fate proposed to me!"

"Oh wow, that's some serious shine," Kuhn leaned forward and looked at it closer. "Congratulations!"

"Thank you!" Nanoha seemed happy to brag about her engagement again. "You have to come to the wedding!"

"When is it?" Kuhn saw more of the girls lean against his bar while Haseo took the two smaller children upstairs to claim a table.

"Don't know yet," She admitted, smiling over at a blushing Fate. "We'll work it out soon and let you know."

"You do that," he grinned. "But for now, let me do my stuff." He flipped the bottom half of a Boston shaker around and caught it on the top of his hand before flipping it and making it spin several times and letting it land on his head. "Give me drinks, on the house! All of you! I'll have them done in under one minute!"

"Toasted Almond!" Nanoha instantly cheered.

"Blue Kamikazi," Signum added.

"Pina Colada for me," Subaru chirped.

"Tequila sunrise." Vita nodded.

"Long Island Iced Tea." Tia requested, wondering if Kuhn could pull this off or not.

"Gin and Tonic," Fate finished up for the group.

Kuhn nodded, grabbing two stemmed glasses instantly while a few people at the bar started counting off seconds. The blue haired man twirled them around and sat them on the bar before grabbing his shaker and scooping up ice in both parts of it. One went into a blender while the other filled up two old fashioned glasses. An orange juice filled up one while the other was shotted with some 7-up. He then grabbed some sweet and sour mix and flashed it in a taller glass before throwing some ice in it and grabbing more bottles, pouring different counts of seconds into the glasses as he went. Two more glasses shot onto the bar and were filled with the ice from the first two. The now empty, but chilled, glasses were quickly mixed together before being frothed and touched with an accent. Finally one cup lost it's ice and was replaced with a slushie type mix complete with a two second count of yet another clear liquid. Straws were placed in each to give a slight stir before he jumped back. "Time!"

"One minute seven seconds," Vita informed him, making Kuhn groan and hunch over, dejected. "and you missed a triple sec in the long island."

"Did not!" Kuhn looked at the drink and gasped, realizing that it was, indeed under poured. With a sigh he grabbed a bottle and poured it, adding in a stir. "There you go, sorry about that Legs." Tia blushed darkly, even though she knew Kuhn had a pet name for every female that came into his bar. "Tell Elio to come say hi before he leaves out would you?"

"Sure thing," Nanoha waved at him as she made her way across the floor with her drink happy girls. Upstairs she found Haseo entertaining her younger members by randomly juggling a few empty beer bottles her had collected along his way across the floors. This time she couldn't resist and grabbed one off a random deserted table and sneaked up behind him, tossing it over his head and into the mix. The man stumbled, wondering where the new bottle came from but amazingly he knocked it up with his elbow and started juggling four at the same time a few moments before catching them all and turning around. "You're no fun," She accused him after taking a sip of her drink. "I wanted you to drop them all."

"You're mean," Haseo protested. "I'm going to mess with your food now." He tossed the empty bottles across the room and into a garbage can, where they all shattered in the metal barrel designated for glass. "There, broken. Happy now?"

"Yup!" Nanoha moved some hair behind her ear, letting the light glance off her ring and calling Haseo's attention to it.

Subaru leaned over to Tia's ear after sitting at the table. "She's showing that thing off to everyone every chance she gets isn't she?"

"I don't blame her, it had to cost Fate a good chunk of her year's paycheck..." Tia sighed. "Ahhhh, an engagement ring, every girl's dream."

Fate smiled to herself as she watched Nanoha and Haseo talk to each other. Her fiancée was blushing happily as the two talked about her relationship. Although they were to be married now, nothing much had changed over the past little while. They still talked just as much, played around the same, flirted shamelessly and... Fate suddenly blushed. 'Okay maybe there's one thing we do more often now...' She looked over at Nanoha, who caught her eye and waved lightly despite the fact that she was no more than ten feet away.

"How sickeningly sweet," Vita humphed, sitting next to Fate and propping her cheek up onto her palm. "I don't get the whole relationship thing."

"You will when you meet someone someday, Vita." Fate looked over at her and watched the shorter girl sip her drink.

"Last thing I need in my life is some lolicon pedophile hitting on me." She growled while chewing on her straw.

Elio found himself at the bar not too long after the group had eaten their dinner and started playing their normal drinking games. Kuhn seemed to favor the boy, even letting him come behind the bar so he wouldn't get too bored. This backfired on him when Kuhn suddenly made a run to his cellar for more alcohol and two new people sat down at the bar and called out their orders. They gave Elio a look as if wondering why a child was behind the bar but the two semi-drunk men shrugged it off and demanded to know why he wasn't making their drinks. Thinking quickly, Elio dove down under the bar to the ice buckets and looked up their orders on the instruction chart before going about making them. Two minutes later he placed the drinks in front of them and held his breath when they both took a drink. "Not bad, kid." The first told him, tossing a quarter on the bar for a tip. "Don't spend it all in one arcade." The two walked off, leaving the red head to look down at the change and hesitantly pick it up and drop it into the glass jar designated for flair tipping.

"Nice thinking," Kuhn's voice made the boy jerk around and look up at him. "I'm surprised you knew what to do."

"I didn't," He replied a little shyly. "I have a good memory so I just remembered where you placed the bottles and looked at the chart for how much to pour."

"Let me show you a secret." Kuhn grabbed the jigger-pony combo measuring device. "Instead of using this, just count seconds. Each second of a pour is one quarter of an ounce. Such as," Kuhn grabbed the container for his blender and a few bottles. "Here, turn this completely over and count to five then snap it back upright." Kuhn gave Elio a bottle of light rum that had a pouring tip on it and watched the red head do as he was told. "One tablespoon of triple sec here," He grinned when the boy did it. "Measure one and a half ounces of lime juice from this squirt bottle here, and put in a teaspoon of sugar... Good, now throw in a peeled banana." he tossed it to him. "Blend for five seconds with a cup of ice... now turn it on high...great!" Flipping down a champagne flute, he placed it on the counter and pouted the drink into it before adding a cherry. "Good deal, on the house. Go share it with that hot girl over there that's been giving you the eye." As an afterthought he added a single straw to the glass.

Elio blinked and turned to the side, seeing Caro looking at him with wide eyes. "Eh!?"

"Go on," Kuhn pushed him a little to encourage the boy out from behind the bar and watched him nervously walk over to Caro and offer the drink to her.

"Um, on the house," He smirked nervously but felt rather proud of himself when she placed her lips around the straw and tasted it.

"It's really yummy," she admitted with a small scoot to the side to allow him to sit next to her in the booth. "I love bananas."

"Oh?" He didn't know that before. "What else do you like?" Elio took a small drink of the cocktail when she offered it to him.

Fate grinned to herself as she leaned over the railing of the second floor and took several pictures of the people she was keeping an eye on. "How sweet, my little boy is picking up his first girl at a bar!"

"He moves fast doesn't he?" Nanoha teased happily, falling over onto the girl. "Ne, Fate, wanna get busy?"

"Nanoha!" Fate blushed darkly and looked over at her in shock. "You're drunk already aren't you!?"

"No," She nodded her head in an affirmative. "Come on, I'm in the mood, right here." She slid her body up next to her and pouted when Fate held her away. "Awwwww..."

"You're such a handful, come on." The blond lead her drunken friend back to their table and sat her down. "This girl gets no more alcohol, understood.?"

"Ma'am!" Subaru tried to salute but ended up hitting herself in the head. "Ow..."

"I can't leave you alone for a minute!" Fate cried out, "Vita, Signum, please tell me you're sober?"

"Oh course," The redhead glared at her. "Like I would get drunk off this."

"I'm fine," Signum nodded at her. "Don't worry, I already told Haseo to cut the Stars off for the night."

Fate rubbed her nose. "Thank you Signum. Mou, when did coming to Fuji's turn into a baby sitting job?" She looked down when an old fashioned glass of rum was placed in front of her with a few cubes of ice. Picking it up, her eyes went to Signum's who had her matching glass reached out to her. "Cheers," She smiled at her rival and friend before tapping their glasses together.

Elio held the door open for Caro and followed her once she started walking. "The night air is great after being in there for so long, don't you agree?" Caro clasped her hands behind her back and glanced over her shoulder at her partner.

"Yeah," Walking next to her, he looked around. "Its surprisingly peaceful around here considering this is considered the back side of town."

"Mm." Caro looked up into the sky, seeing her dragon circling the general area. "Freidliche is flying, I wonder what made him take to the air?" A heavy silence washed over them, making the two look around nervously. "Ne...Elio-kun... isn't it a little too peaceful?"

"The bouncers aren't at the door either..." His eyes looked around the area, trying to find anything out of place. "There!" Pointing to the side, he gave Caro just enough time to see a machine fly away from them. "Gadget Drones!" The boy gave chase immediately, leaping over garbage cans and other objects in his way.

"Shouldn't we get the others!?" Caro shouted at him as she followed.

"No time, we'll lose it!" Elio held up his arm. "Strada!"

Caro nodded to herself, looking down at her hands. "Kerykeion, please." A sharp flare of pink light flared around her, mingling with the yellow lightning of her partner. When the display was over the two uniformed warriors darted after their prey once again. "What I ask for," The girl held out her hands, starting her chant. "is the speed of lightning, so we might catch our target." Blue light engulfed her feet before sailing over towards Elio. "Agility up!" Her eyesight blurred into tunnel vision, her feet barely tapping the ground before leaping forward with a speed so fast the scattered papers on the ground flew out in their wake.

Elio destroyed the first device simply, using his speed to stab Strada through the auto-AMF field so quickly it didn't have the time to fizzle out. With a leap he landed on the side of a building and jumped again, once more landing on the concrete and chasing the device ahead of him taking a turn. 'There are several of them, but they aren't trying to fight us...' His eyes narrowed in thought, ripping through a second device that was being held in place by summoned chains. "Princess!" He called to his partner telepathically. "Can you get Freidliche to fly ahead and see where they are going?"

"Already have, they are gathered several blocks north of here with two people." Caro once again moved her hands, binding a third device and letting Elio destroy it as they passed. "I think they already have something, that's why they are not fighting us."

"Our first priority is to recover the object, second is to destroy the drones."

"Roger." Caro moved her hands out, summoning spikes to impale the drones that turned into an alleyway that lead into a dead end so they wouldn't have to waste their time. Finally they moved around a corner and slid to a halt. "We're on the harbor," she stated the obvious as her partner took in their surroundings. "We stopped this smuggling route...didn't we?" A noise caught her attention and the girl sprang into backwards handsprings to avoid blast coming from the drones. "Elio-kun!"

"Right!" The boy ran forward. Slinging his spear along the ground and ripping up the pavement to break the shields before lashing into his own attacks to finish them off. 'And just one of these used to give me trouble...' He pushed the thought back for later and scanned the area quickly. "Was that all of them?"

"Drones are gone," Caro ran over to him, now paired with her dragon. "Our main targets are on the ship."

"Then let's go." They ran forward and up the ramp leading onto the boat, calling out. "Stop!" Elio gripped his spear as the two figures paused their walking. "Place the item on the ground and raise your hands. If you comply you will be given the right to a trial."

"If you refuse we will answer with force!" Caro finished up for him, holding her fist up in front of her. Freidliche landed next to her and roared out threateningly in an attempt to make it's cute master seem a little more threatening. The two figures turned around slowly, the taller one holding a case that had several locks around it as well as countless barriers. The pink haired girl shifted her stance lightly, preparing herself to battle. 'That container has to host a relic with that many protective devices around it..' If they could retrieve it, no doubt they would be praised by their superiors. Smiling, Caro allowed herself a quick mental image of Nanoha rubbing her head before getting serious again. The smaller of the figures took a few steps forward before getting stopped by the taller one. A few words were exchanged before the figure was allowed to continue along it's way. When it was close enough the hood was brought back, revealing flowing purple hair. "Lutecia-chan!?"

Elio gripped his spear harder at the sudden outbreak before glancing over at his partner. "You know her?"

"The names were the same but I didn't think it would be her!" Caro took a few steps forward. "Lutecia-chan! Its me, Caro!"

"Caro-chan," Lutecia spoke softly, a gentle look in her eyes. "Its nice to see you alive and well."

"Lutecia-chan, what are you doing? Those relics are dangerous! Please hand it over?"

"I'm sorry," She bowed lightly to her. "I need it."


The purple haired girl raised her hand. "Will you try and stop us?"

"We will," Elio ran in front of Caro and readied himself. "Strada!"

"Explosion!" Strada loaded a cartridge quickly, shooting a reddish tip from his spear.

"What I desire," Lutecia moved her hands out, instantly making Caro's gloves glow as well. "A means to stop my foes,"

"She's summoning!" Caro pulled Elio back quickly before several bee like insects appeared around her. "Be careful, Elio-kun!"

Elio nodded before shifting his spear to one hand and slashing it, sending the blade flying and destroying most of the insects. Several more cuts followed, but after Lutecia had a few seconds to chant freely a large swarm appeared behind her. The girl looked over at Elio a moment before pointing at him and sending her swarm forward. Two cartridges flared from Strada, allowing Elio to cleave a good fourth of the insects before they scattered and swarmed around them. Freidliche was already ahead, inhaling a deep breath before exhaling and lighting most of them on fire as they flew around. Finally Caro raised her hands and spoke softly, blasting a liquid up around the swarm that immediately caught flames and incinerated the remaining force. Once clear they saw Lutecia looking at them with a calm face, despite having her summoned army killed.

"You've grown," Lutecia told Caro softly. "I'm happy for you, Caro-chan."

"Let's talk about this, I don't want to fight you, Lutecia-chan!" Caro bit her lip in worry. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You can not hurt me," The purple haired girl tried to sooth her. "I'm very strong." Despite the words, the way she spoke them left the two wondering if she was being polite by informing them and not bragging about it. "Zest, if you would please?"

Caro gasped out, realizing for the first time that while they were lost in the swarm of insects the person with Lutecia was charging up a blast. "Freidliche! Protect!" She barely had enough time to move her hand forward, eyes going wide when Elio leaped in front of her. Her scream rang out loudly, dieing off only when the intense heat of the magic stopped moving around her. The clang of metal came to her ears next and she forced herself to look forward where Elio was. Instead of seeing him wounded like she thought, he instead was kneeling down while panting. Moonlight reflected off his armor brightly, shining around him as he stood up and gripped his spear. "Dragoon... Armor...?"

"I see..." Elio slowly opened his eyes. "No wonder I couldn't call it before..."

"A knight..." Lutecia whispered out softly, finally showing a change of emotion on her face. Slowly her cheeks colored as she inspected him and the his new armor.

"Struggle bind!" Zest's words made all of them gasp out as chains flared around the two, binding them in place. "Lutecia, let's go!" The girl looked over at the two a moment longer. "Lutecia!"

"Y-yeah..." Instead of walking over to Zest, she instead went over to Elio. The boy struggled desperately, slowly breaking the links of the chains binding him. His eyes went forward, gazing into deep purple orbs. "Your name...was Elio?" Before the boy could answer, Lutecia's eyes closed and she leaned forward, pecking his cheek in a quick kiss. With that, she turned around and trotted the distance between them and Zest.

"No!" Elio shook his head to clear it and gripped his spear hard, breaking the chains and spinning his body around. His hand let go of his weapon, letting it rip up into the air at the two retreating figures and clipping the larger man's hand. "Sonic Move!" Elio's world blurred into black and white, moving so fast that not even the light could reflect off everything to reflect it's colors. His foot landed on the side of the boat and pressed hard, sending him sailing into the air. As soon as his hands touched the case containing the relic his spell faded and he found himself falling. Strada came to his call and slapped into his hand on the return from the toss. Twirling it, he pointed it up at the two figures and glared while he fell- as if daring one of them to give him a reason to fire the charging shot. The water hit his back hard and he found himself sinking quickly. Grunting out, he pulled up on the case and tried to swim upwards. When that didn't work his mind quickly tried to think of an alternate solution to get both him and the heavy item back to the surface. The way out came to him in the form of a splash, revealing a blond haired teenager swimming towards him at top speed.

Fate broke the surface of the water and flew upwards quickly, holding the coughing male in her arms. "Are you okay!?" Her voice was clearly worried and she showed it by quickly rubbing his back to try and settle him down. "Did you inhale any water?"

"I'm fine," Elio coughed a few more times before steadying himself. "How is Caro-hime?"

"She's fine," Nanoha told him, kneeling down. "Just a little worn out from using a dislocating spell on the people coming after you." She motioned to the side where Caro was laying on Freidliche's back. Even though the dragon was still in it's small form he could still easily carry the girl on it's back. "Now tell me... what is going on here?" She looked at his armor questioningly.

Elio sighed out, relieved. "Long story short, we saw a drone, chased it here, fought two people, and recovered this." He sat back on his kneed and pointed at the case he had been clutching. "We think it is a relic."

"Signum, please contact the base and get them to prepare to seal a relic. Vita, contact Hayate-chan and tell her of the situation and get Shamal ready to scan for traps if you would." The two nodded and brought up their own M2Ds before carrying out the requested action. "And you, Elio, what are you thinking engaging by yourself!?"

Elio smiled lightly. "Please forgive me, ma'am. I didn't think we would catch them if we went inside to get you."

Fate sighed and rubbed her eyes. "Shari contacted me when you two started using your devices, you have any idea how worried I was when I noticed you were missing!?"

"...Sorry." Elio looked down, suddenly realizing that he wasn't being scolded by his superior, but from his guardian. "I won't do it anymore."

"That's right," Nanoha added in, bending over again to talk to him. The red head saluted instantly, this time getting an earful from his trainer. Elio hated getting scolded by Nanoha the most. Her soft gentle voice was always filled with an emotion that just ripped through people and made them really reflect back on what they had done. In all, he would rather be screamed at than to hear how disappointed she was with his rash actions. "And so," She was finishing up. "I must also say I'm really proud that you managed to recover what you were after, and even let me see this 'dragoon armor' of yours." Nanoha touched the armor and ran a finger along it. "I can feel the power, it's at least A- rank." The older girl smiled at him and winked before walking over to Caro and kneeling down in front of her dragon. "Hello there, sweetheart, how are you?"

Caro looked up from laying down and smiled at Nanoha. "Mommy, we did it! We got the relic back!" Her eyes shined brightly and a giggle escaped when her hair was ruffled.

"I'm very proud of you, Caro-chan." She praised her and gave a moment for the happiness to last. "But next time, please come and get us okay? Its okay if they get away a little bit since we can fly." Her lightning member looked down a moment and offered a soft apology. "Don't worry, you know for the future and that is what's important right now."

"Yes ma'am..." She looked up at her un-official mother. "Um, did you go in the water too? Your hair is wet."

Nanoha blushed and scratched her cheek. "Let's just say Fate introduced me to a pitcher of water before we headed out of the bar...Now, that aside for later, did you see the people close up?"

"Close up..." Caro suddenly remembered Lutecia walking close to them and kissing Elio. All at once her cheeks puffed out in annoyance and she sent a death glare over at Elio, who didn't see her but suddenly had a full body shiver. "Yes ma'am." Her tone was a little short.

"Is something wrong?" Nanoha smiled lightly, wondering what made her little girl so upset all of a sudden.

"I'll explain it all at the base, is that okay?"

"Sure thing sweetheart." The blue eyed girl stood up to her full height and called out to everyone else. "All right everyone, back to the base for debriefing!" The people surrounding her all nodded and Elio walked over to them but Caro humphed at him and rode her dragon away. "Did you do something?"

"I don't...think so..." Elio felt his armor fade away from him and drift back into mist. "Girls are so confusing..."

"Okay, so," Hayate began after hearing the full story. "This Lutecia girl is apparently a heavy player in what's going on right now. She has a partner named Zest who's abilities are unknown other than he's a double A ranked mage minimal from that blast the devices recorded. Lutecia's power is unknown, but she can summon and fly so she has to be AA as well, minimal. We have visuals of Lutecia," Several images appeared around the small room that the 6th Division's main people were in. "From what we can tell her barrier jacket is black and purple but for the most part the best characteristic is the design on her forehead. Caro, you said you know her?"

Caro stood up and saluted. "Ma'am. She was at the laboratory where I was...stationed... at before Fate-san picked me up. We were friends but she was taken by someone a month after I met her so I don't know much other than she can do the same thing I can... Just not dragons."

"I see." Hayate nodded at the girl to show she could sit down again. "Yuuno, how goes your research?" Her gaze went over to the newest resident of the 6th Division. "And new leads?"

"Not as of yet, I have managed to record every appearance of the two people. I can have it organized into a folder for you in a day with all the vital specs."

"Please," The leader looked back over at the room. "Anything else we know?" She allowed several moments to pass before standing. "Well then," A quick salute made the others stand as well and return it. "I'd like to give special mention to Elio and Caro of the Lightning squad for a job well done."

"Ma'am!" They both stood up straighter and blushed when Several eyes looked over at them, paired with grins.

Fate stretched out since the meeting was over and yawned loudly. "I'm going to get in bed," She waved at the group as they split up and headed for the elevator, looking over at Nanoha when she didn't come with her. "Where you off to Honey?"

"Shamal wants to examine me again," She gave Fate an apologetic smile. "Sorry, but since we had a lot of action today she wants to be sure I'm fine... Even though I told her countless times I was..."

"Go get checked up and come back whenever." The blond yawned one more time and waved.

"So," Shamal started conversation while they headed towards Hayate's loft. "I bet you're really proud of your kids huh?"

"More than you can guess." The blue eyed girl giggled to herself.

"Caro-chan?" Nanoha blinked when she saw the pink haired girl appear when the elevator opened up on her floor. Turning from her door she looked down at her and knelt down more to her level. "Something wrong?"

"I can't sleep," She admitted up at her. "Can I stay with you tonight?"

"Sure, what's keeping you up?" She unlocked her door with a wave of her hand and walked into her loft.

"Na-no-ha-chaaaaaannnnnn!" Fate's voice sang down at her seductively from upstairs. "I'm waiting for youuuu."

"Caro-chaaaaaaan's sleeping with usssssss toniiiiight!" Nanoha sang back up, trying hard to keep the amusement from her voice at the sudden scrambling upstairs.

"Is this a bad time?" Caro looked up at her innocently.

"Not at all sweetie. Would you like something to drink before we get in bed?"

Blushing lightly, she nodded up at her. "Some milk, if you don't mind?" She was lead into the kitchen and placed up on the counter to watch Nanoha take her time pouring the girl a glass of milk, even adding in a little honey and warming it up in her microwave for a while first. "Why do you do that?"

"Something I learned from my mother back on my planet," Nanoha answered easily, hearing Fate obviously trip on something upstairs. "She would make this for me whenever I had trouble sleeping. Try a bit, it's a little warm so watch your lips." she watched Caro sip the drink testingly a moment before smiling and bringing it back to her mouth to drink a little heavier from it. "Did you just have a rough day? I thought you would be conked out tonight after all the running you did earlier."

Caro looked down into the cup and frowned just a little bit. "I feel funny."

"How so?"

"I'm not sure," she admitted, taking another long drink. "I don't know how to explain it, but it's keeping me from sleeping." Another gulp finished the drink so she sat it in the sink next to her.

"Well just forget all about that okay?" Walking over to the girl, Nanoha hefted her up before putting an arm under her and balancing the pink haired girl on her hip as she walked to her bedroom. "You're already too big to be doing this but I always wanted to try it once." She got a happy giggle and felt Caro hug her neck while being carried. "Hey Fate," She greeted as she got up the stairs. Her fiancée was sitting on the bed with a long baggy shirt going all the way to her knees and smiling brightly at them. There was a light scent of perfume in the air, making Nanoha smile at her and mouth out a 'Sorry' to Fate before setting Caro down on the middle of the bed. "Get comfortable while I change okay?" She received a small nod and the girl curled up among the many, many pillows on their bed.

"Nightmare?" Fate whispered while Nanoha started stripping down.

"Not sure," She answered before pulling one of her long nightshirts over her head and letting her hair free from her ponytail. "She may be upset about Lutecia since they knew each other."

"I see..." Fate looked over at the girl on her bed. "I guess this is the start of a new chapter in our division, huh?"

"Guess so... Skeith was hunting Wily, but Jail's influence was laid all around us... and now these two new people show up hunting relics, enough to have drawn me to them while I was taken over. I can't help but feel they are connected..."

"And if they are, we better be on our guard..." Fate gripped her fist. "That bastard again..."

"Shhhh," She shushed her softly with a finger on her lips. "We'll talk tomorrow." Her head nodded over towards Caro, who seemed to already be falling asleep. Nanoha wiggled out of her mini skirt and peeled off her stockings before giving Fate a good night hug paired with a kiss to the cheek. "Feel free to cuddle with us if you want."

"Mm." Fate crawled into the bed and pushed her back against the wall. Nanoha looked at her sadly a moment before smiling and crawling over to her as well instead of getting on on her usual side. "Nanoha?" She felt her cheeks color as her lover slid between herself and Caro, making it so all three of them were on one half of the bed. "...Thank you." Her arm went around Nanoha's waist and placed her hand on Caro's back, giving both of them a hug. With a content sigh the girl in the middle closed her eyes and snuggled her back up to Fate's front, pleased to be embraced. "Good night, you two." She got two sleepy replied before she too closed her eyes.

Nanoha: Once again the wheels of fate have been set in motion, leading us along our unknown destiny.

Fate: Old foes re-emerge along with new enemies to get in our way.

Hayate: My Division will now face its hardest opponents: Personal feelings, inner strife, doubt, and seeking acceptence.

Fate: I won't forgive anyone who calls himself "god"!

Subaru: With my new power, I will protect everyone here.

Tia: Fly!? Me!?

Elio: You... know my past...?

Caro: No! Don't leave me!!!

Nanoha: Next time, on Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha's 6th Division: Reminisce, "Defect"

Lutecia: Come with me...

Notes: I installed the new open office, and had to add a lot of things to the spell check dictionary. I also notice this doesn't have a grammar check on it, so either this chapter will have a lot of mistakes or maybe it'll have less.

Well, the start of a new saga. Just as before, this will focus more on the characters and their feelings as they grow and learn, discovering their purpose in life. A single chapter may seem to flow more on one couple but it doesn't mean the whole story will be like that. Depending on the comments I get about this I'll decide how hard, fast to keep this story going so if you're still interested in this storyline after the small break then please let me know. Its always great encouragement. See you next time.