I couldn't help but smile as the church bells rang, signaling the end of the wedding. Several people were clapping and cheering and I couldn't be more proud than I am right now. It had taken eight years but the day was finally here, everyone gathered in the remote church on the countryside of Midchilda. Everyone in our lives were here, including a few people that I had never met before. I was sure I would be shaking a lot of hands at the reception. By pairs of two, the people started walking back down the isle to finish the ceremony and I caught the eyes of Subaru and Tia, both of which looked absolutely gorgeous in their wedding gowns. Signum, dressed in a tuxedo, took my arm and we walked down the isle as well, leaving only the two blushing brides at the alter before they too started walking, getting covered in rice thrown at them. Once outside I sighed out and fanned myself to try and cool off. Yuuno and Hayate were laughing, having gotten caught with a little rice on themselves as well. Although I wasn't sure at first, the two seemed to be getting along rather happily and there were rumors that Hayate was pregnant, although I was sure I'd be the first to know if it were true. Finally the two brides made it to the hallway and yelled with joy, hugging each other tightly while we applauded. I was so proud of them, more than I could ever say.

6th Mobile Division: Reminisce, Original Ending

By: Satashi

"Oh, we have to throw the bouquets!" Subaru realized once everyone was out of the church and gathered in the grassy yard outside to talk and snack on things. "Everyone gather around, we're going to throw them!" Laughing out, she grinned at all the friends she made over the past eight years of her life. "Ready, Tia?"

"Ready!" The girl smiled brightly at her and both stood next to each other before tossing their flowers over their heads. Several girls cried out when Tia's bundle landed somewhere in the middle of them, but Subaru's flew over their heads. Turning around, the brides looked to see who caught them and were surprised to see Caro looking at it with a blushing face. Across from them, Lutecia felt something land on her head and reached up to take it off, realizing that Subaru had just made it land on her. "Hahahaha!" Tia laughed merrily as both girls turned to look over at Elio.

The red head flushed instantly, reaching back to scratch the back of his neck. A long ponytail hung down his back now and his body had grown to a little over six feet tall, towering the shorter girls by a clear foot. "What now, Elio!?" Yuuno called over to him with a smirk.

"Its okay," Caro closed one eye and gave a peace sign, grabbing Elio's arm with her free hand. "My tribe practices Polygamy!" Her hair fell behind her like a waterfall, pulled into a single bunch by a white scrunchie and mimicking Nanoha's old lopsided ponytail.

"Mine too!" Lutecia added in, taking Elio's other arm and smiling up at him. "So we'll share him!" Her hair was also long still, divided into three parts. The main section fell behind her casually while her bangs each held a purple ribbon in them, over her shoulders.

Chrono shook his head. "That's going to be one hell of a honeymoon."

Nanoha covered her laugh, also giving her head a small shake while watching her officially adopted daughter stand on her tip toes to kiss Elio's cheek at the same time Lutecia did. "I swear, those three..." Looking over the hills she took a deep breath and started walking to the side, allowing her hair to bellow out into the wind. A single black ribbon kept it together near the tip, which went to her knees. "Hayate, I'm going to talk to Fate for a little bit, I'll be back shortly."

"Okay!" Hayate waved at her.

Walking from around the church building she made her way over to the well kept military grave yard behind it and walked silently over to a polished marble head stone. The girl knelt down slowly, being careful of her frilly pink dress, and smiled fondly. "Hey, Fate," She began. Her eyes read the stone out of habit, despite knowing what it said. "Sorry I havn't come by lately, things have been really hectic. As you could probably guess, the wedding just ended. Subaru and Tia are officially married now, can you believe it? Sometimes it's hard to look back and compare them to the fumbling blushing girls we both knew, huh? Those were the days..." A small tear came to her eyes but she wiped it away before it could smear her makeup. "I'm still keeping my apartment clean, you would be proud. I even put my dirty clothes in the basket and straighten my shoes at the door... I still miss you, though I'm happy so don't worry. Sometimes it gets hard, though, like today. This is where I wanted to marry you at actually. Caro was going to be our flower girl, and Elio was the ring bearer. I had my dress picked out and everything...A shame it couldn't ever happen. But today is a happy day, so I won't spoil it by talking about that. I have some news for you: A new group of forward candidates are coming to section six in a few weeks. This will be my third set so far, but none of them will ever be as close as the first. Subaru is now working for me directly, as a sub-instructor. Can you believe it? Haha, wow. Subaru, the clumsy girl who was outstandingly loud and outspoken actually is a great teacher. I'm amazed. Tia? She's an enforcer now. She's in your office and has all of your bad habits, including drinking too much coffee"

Nanoha giggled to herself. "A real work-a-holic that one. She stayed with section six instead of going into the air forces like she had planned, probably because Subaru is staying here as well. Elio has come a long way since we last talked as well. That boy grew up so strong! He's now classified as a rare ability user because of his ability to form magical armor. He's currently a triple A ranked mage in his standard stance, and is S-ranked with his armor on. Speaking of, the love triangle has only gotten better. Caro-chan and Lutecia-chan are even closer than we are, and both are okay with sharing Elio between them. At first he was really against the idea but as time went on they talked him into giving it a chance and the three have been dating for almost two years now. Believe it or not, they're the picture perfect couple. They argue, sure, but it's never about anything important." Putting a finger to her chin she thought about it. "Come to think of it, Caro has been taking after my younger years lately. Elio's neck has been bruised a lot lately and she's not shy about claiming them to be from her kisses. I feel sorry for him if Lutecia is the same way.

"The two Girls have really grown up. Caro is now Triple-A and working as a wildlife preservationist, protecting animals and the like from harm and helping stop natural disasters from hurting the landscape. She works out of section six and helps us with Public Safety as well. Her fourth dragon summon is lightning fast so she can get to places even before our best jets. Just between you and me, she can fly circles around me blindfolded. Lutecia is an Enforcer now as well, working under Tia. She mainly handles cases for the local police that involve any type of mage interference. She's thinking about going into special investigations and has spending a lot of time with Hayate lately. Oh! Hayate! Guess what? Her and Yuuno are getting closer and closer, I even caught them kissing! It was so cute, I wish you could have seen it!"

Hearing several cheers behind her, Nanoha glanced over her shoulder before turning back to the stone. "Sounds like they're having fun, I better get back to it before too many people realize I'm gone. I'll come visit again so rest well, okay?" Reaching up, she kissed two fingers on her left hand before placing them on the stone above the carved name. The sun reflected on the diamond ring on her hand brightly, as if Fate was smiling at her from the heavens. "I love you, sweetheart. I'll keep on living my life happily thanks to you, and you'll always be in my heart." With that being said she stood up and walked back over to the reception area, happily waving to her friends. 'There is nothing greater than the will to live happily. I learned that from you, Fate, and I will continue to live... For both of us. '