An Angels Poem

Author note-This is a story/poem, because it has some story traits in it, but was meant to be a poem. The last time I wrote a poem, people said it had nothing to do with the things I intended it to be, so I had to add some story things in it!-End Author note

Gotz had no one anymore after his daughter was found drowned in the ocean. The city police said that it was suicide. He couldn't imagine why. He went to sleep that night, lonely and sad.

The next morning, he woke up to find a note on his bedside table. It was transparent sort of, because you could see through it. He took it in his hands. On the front it said "An angel's poem, sent from your dear daughter in heaven" He unfolded it to find the words below:

No one could save me now

I was free though

Free from the pain

Free from the misery

Free of you

No one knew my name

I wasn't famous

I had no one

Only you

A cheat

A lie

A scar I wanted to leave behind

A poor excuse of a father

I was scared and alone

With no one to guide me

Only you

The one who taught me

That not everything ends for the good

That love is not always there

But I can now see

That you were like me in a way

You were scared and alone

With no one to guide you

You had nothing

You weren't famous

You screwed up your life

Drinking and never going home

But you had me

I guess you screwed that up too

Now you wander alone

Not even me to guide you

With no one


I guess we shall see each other again someday

I wonder when that will be?

Gotz stared at the piece of paper for a long time. Suddenly, a huge flash of light came from just outside his bedroom door. He was surprised when the door opened by itself. Then he saw his beautiful Karen standing in the doorway. Only now she had ellegent snowy white wings.

"Hello father. I did write that poem. I did commit suicide. I wanted to leave my poor excuse of a life. You didn't help me through it at all. I know you loved me, but you didn't show it. I wanted to tell you that I am sorry for leaving you, but you wouldn't have listened anyways, so this was the only way. Please forgive me." Karen said, and with her words, was gone in a flash of light.