-1Chapter 8: Afraid To Love

I'm not scared of lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!)
But I'm scared of (loving you)
I'm not scared to perform at a sold out affair (that's right)
But I'm scared of (loving you)
Am I the only one who thinks it's an impossible task?
Why it don't last? Is that too much to ask?
Why do we love Love,
When Love seems to hate us?

-Jasmine Sullivan "Lions, Tigers, And Bears"

Kagome woke slowly.

She wasn't in her room was the first conclusion that her mind drew. Secondly, she realized that she wasn't sleeping alone. Sesshoumaru refused to budge. And since he was currently wrapped around her, Kagome had no choice but to wait for him to wake up, or she could go back to sleep. Rubbing a hand over her stomach, she settled back down.

Sesshoumaru woke quickly.

His golden eyes snapped open quickly, and he took a quick sniff of his surroundings to see what woke him up. He didn't smell an intruder, and Kagome was still where he put her. Another sniff at Kagome revealed what woke him up. She was aroused. He didn't think she realized it, considering she was still asleep, and it seemed odd that she was having a wet dream. Laying back down, he pulled his share of the blanket back up with him. Kagome shifted closer to him, when she realized that her heat source was back. Closing his eyes, he went back to sleep.

Kagome pulled on the thick plastic boots over her jeans. The bright green and white rain boots matched the white and green raincoat she brought to go with them. Sesshoumaru winced when he came around the corner. She was so BRIGHT.

"Are you sure you want to come?" Kagome asked him as he pulled on a pair of wheat colored Timberlands.

"I don't want you to go out alone in this weather." He replied as he pulled on his own coat and grabbed an umbrella.

"Hand me my green one, too." Kagome asked when she came back with her purse. Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes as he handed her the umbrella. Kagome took a quick look at her outfit. Taking off the raincoat, Sesshoumaru saw that she was wearing a green sweater in the same color. Kagome pulled out a black pea-coat, and her beanie.

"There's no need for all those colors. The umbrella and the boots look just fine." she replied to his questioning look.

Sesshoumaru grabbed the keys to the sedan, and locked the door.

"Mama and Touga-san are going to meet us at the store. Touga wants to buy the crib."

Sesshoumaru thought about the agenda for today, and reentered the apartment. Replacing the sedan keys, he picked up the keys to the SUV.

Kagome rolled her eyes.

Kagome and Azumi stood off to the side as they watched Sesshoumaru and Touga argue over the crib.

"It doesn't need to be that big, Chichi-ue."

"You're having twins."

"That's about the size for triplets. And they won't be sharing a crib anyway." Sesshoumaru said calmly.


Touga looked at Kagome.

"There's no need for such a big one. Besides, Sesshoumaru and I are planning on making a nursery. We only need two, and that's about the size of a twin bed."

Touga frowned as he looked at Azumi.

"You think so?"

Azumi laughed.

"I know you're excited. But, I'm right." Kagome patted his hand.

Sesshoumaru smirked.

"I'll let you and Mama pick out the bedding, and the accent color for the nursery." Kagome cajoled.


"Now, I like this one." Kagome stood by a mahogany crib. It could be converted into a toddler bed after the crib wasn't needed.

Sesshoumaru ran his hands over it,lightly. Kagome watched paitently.

"Mahogany attracts termites." he said.

Kagome giggled. "It comes in oak."

Touga turned to the sales associate.

"We'll take two."

Azumi held up a sunny yellow liner, examined it, and then put it back.

Touga was grilling Kagome.

"What's the theme for the nursery?"

"There isn't one. I just want it to be comfortable. So Sesshoumaru and I decided on a nice cool blue. It looks like it may be an aqua."

"The accent color?"

"You and Mama are posed to pick it out. Here's a paint sample." Kagome rummaged through her purse and pulled out a card.

"This is a nice color. It's neutral, and thank goodness it's not one of those brightly garish colors like orange. I think a nice soft color or white." Touga replied.

Sesshoumaru held up a mint green liner for Azumi, Kagome nodded.

"Has the doctor said what you are having?"

"Dr. Miyabe says that she thinks they may be boys. But the scanner picks up one girl and one boy."

Azumi came over with a matching set of mint green liners, and put them into the buggy.

"Are you sure that a theme wouldn't be better?"

"Sesshou can pick it out if he wants one." Kagome said as she put a pale yellow set into the buggy.

Azumi turned to Sesshoumaru.

"Kagome says that you can pick a theme."

Sesshoumaru raised a brow.

"The theme is crayola. The paint mixer says that the color Kagome picked is from the box. Just pick some complementary colors. Like red, yellow, green. The color is blue after all."

Kagome beamed at him.

"See, Sesshoumaru gets it."

Azumi and Touga sighed.

Kagome poked a finger into the mattress.

"Sesshoumaru, does this feel right to you?"

"It's too hard."

"I thought so too."

Azumi pushed them both out of the way.

"Let me get a set of pillow-tops. I need two. She's having twins."

The sales boy nodded as he wrote down the order, handing them the receipt, he said that they'd schedule it to leave in the morning on the delivery truck. Sesshoumaru supplied the address.

Kagome yawned as she rubbed a hand over her belly.

"I'm kind of sleepy."

Sesshoumaru nodded at her. Touga and Azumi asked if she wanted to eat lunch out today, or if she just wanted them to pick something up.

"I think I want some fajitas. Can I have a taco salad too? With extra sour cream?"

Azumi looked confused.

"Kagome, you don't eat sour cream."

Kagome shrugged. "That's what I really want. Fajitas and a Taco Salad, with extra sour cream, and some of that white cheese dip."

Azumi started to protest, but Touga stopped her.

"What kind of Fajitas and Taco Salad, dear?"

"Oh, can I have all the meats? For the Fajitas, that's shrimp, beef, and chicken. And for the Taco Salad, I want beef, chicken, and shrimp too. But I want the beef and chicken from the fajitas, not ground beef or chicken."

"What about a Fajita Taco Salad?" the sales boy supplied.

Azumi and Touga turned to look at him.

"My sister's pregnant too. And she loves Mexican food. There's a restaraunt nearby who sells a Fajita Taco Salad. My brother-in-law and I found it one afternoon." The sales boy dug through a drawer as he chattered on about the restaraunt.

"Here you go! It's the menu. They deliver too."

Azumi beamed at him.

"Thank you sweetie." She reached into her bag and pulled out a twenty. "Take this as a gift for heping us, and we'll deliver a commision to you in the morning."

The boy blushed.

"You really don't have to do this Ma'am."

"Nonsense. You were so helpful."

The boy nodded.

"Thank you very much."

Touga laughed.

"No, thank you."

Sesshoumaru and the guy at the counter had reached an understanding. If Kagome changed her mind one more time, they were just going to give her what she originally started out with, and leave it be.

"Ok, ok, ok. Can I have two Fajita Taco Salads? I want all the meats, and no guacamole, but sour cream, extra sour cream, and some white cheese dip. Oh, and do you have a slushie machine?"

The counter guy blinked.

"No ma'am."

Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru.

"I want a slushie."

Azumi sighed.

"I'll run her over to the gas station." Touga said as he pulled Kagome to the door.

Sesshoumaru turned to the counter guy.

"I apologize."

"Nonsense, women can be confusing when they aren't expecting. But she's carrying double, and that makes it a little more difficult. What can I get for the rest of you?"

Touga scowled mightily at the cashier in the gas station.

"I need to pay for the slushie. I don't care how you have to ring it up, but give me one in that size." he pointed at the giant cup Kagome was happily slurping out of.

"Matter of fact, gimme two."

The cashier snapped her gum loudly. "It's against store policy, sir."

"Fine, let me speak to the manager."

"I don't think that will do any more difference." the girl mumbled as she went to the back.

Soon , a young woman came out.

"Can I help you sir?"

Touga pasted his most charming smile on and turned to the girl.

"My daughter-in-law here is pregnant. I need to pay for the slushie, she's drinking, and an extra one. I'm willing to pay however it's rung up, but I need to have that size cup. She'll never let me here the end of it."

The woman turned to Kagome.

"She's just started the cravings, hasn't she?"

Touga blinked.

"I guess."

"She's dying for something that she normally doesn't eat, or maybe doesn't even like?"

"Yes ma'am."

The manager smiled.

"I'll do it for her. She seems so happy. It is against store policy, but I can't say no to that."

Touga smiled.

"Here is my business card. If you ever need anything, I want you to call this number and ask to speak to either Sesshoumaru or Touga. I'll write that down. And we'll take care of it."

The manager laughed.

"How many do you need again?"


The manager rang him up, and then took a small piece of paper from the register.

"If you stop at this gas station or any one of our sister stores, this is so you won't have any problems getting the size you need. I'll send out a memo, but remember this card."

"Thank you very much, dear!"

"You're welcome, and Good Luck. You're going to need it."

Sesshoumaru put the bags neatly in the back of the car. Azumi had suggested ordering an extra salad for Kagome. Touga pulled in next to Sesshoumaru.

He hopped out, holding two large big gulp cups, and trotted over to the car.

"I just met the most amazing young woman. She gave us a personalized size and a card so there won't be anymore difficulties in getting Kagome here, her slushies. It works at all sister stores and the main branch." Touga put both cups into the drink holders, and turned to assist Kagome up into the truck.

"We're going to follow you guys back to the house. Kagome has a lamaze class later this afternoon, and it's closer than driving all the way back into town later."

Sesshoumaru nodded.

After watching Kagome plow her way through two whole taco salads, bowl and all, and another of her slushies, Sesshoumaru was suprised when she announced that she was going to take a nap.

He nodded and went to the bathroom.

Coming back out, he realized that she wanted him to take one too. Kagome stood in his room with her pajama capris on, and a blanket.

"Are you coming?"

Sesshoumaru blinked, not sure if he heard her right. Kagome tapped a foot impaitently.

"Sesshoumaru? Are you coming? I'm sleepy."

"I'll be there shortly, Kagome. Go ahead,"

He heard Kagome's muttered breaths as she retreated into the room, and with a bang, the door shut.

Picking up his and Kagome's cell phones, he stared at them blankly for a minute. Remembering that Kagome was waiting, he fixed a glass of juice for her, and made his way into the bedroom.

Kagome was bundled up under the blanket, and she looked a little annoyed, until she saw him.


She glanced up and waited, eyebrow cocked.

"Are you feeling well?"

She scowled.

"I'm fine, Sesshoumaru. Considering that I have an extra fifteen pounds centered at my stomach, and I'm about ready to roll over and cry, because the reason why I have fifteen extra pounds, is kicking the ever loving hell out of my stomach lining. And on top of that, it seems like as soon as I finish peeing, I gotta go again. Besides, I'm always horny it seems like. This is not your fault. But it feels like it."

Sesshoumaru smirked.

"You want sex? Then let me ask a question."

"What is it?"

"Would you like to share what you were dreaming about this morning? I thought it was a wet dream."

Kagome blushed furiously, but nodded.

"I was dreaming about, well you know. But I-it-hmm." she looked unsure of how to phrase what she wanted.

"It was rough and sweaty. I know that I'm not supposed to have rough sex, but it's such a turn on."

Sesshoumaru glanced up, mentally wondering what god he had to have pleased to just drop her into his lap. Imagine, liking rough sex? Most women wanted to try it, and then afterwards, complain about pain and bruises. But a willing female? He had done something good in a past life.

"So you like rough sex?" he asked, knowing he sounded like a mentally deficient sheep, but should wait to hear it from her lips.

She didn't disappoint.

"Weren't you listening to what I said? Yes, I like rough sex! Your dickwad of a brother is a jackass who wouldn't give it to me, claiming that I was too delicate to handle it!"

Ignoring her rant, Sesshoumaru began to pull the t-shirt over his head.

"What are you doing?" Kagome snapped at him, as she scooted further over and bundled back under the cover.

"Taking a nap." he replied coolly.

"Set the alarm. I've got lamaze in three hours. It'll take about thirty minutes to get there."

Sesshoumaru fiddled with the alarm and slid under his blanket, with a predatory smirk.

She'd get her rough sex, alright.

Sesshoumaru sat in the corner of the studio with his laptop as he listened to his father berate his youngest son. Glancing around, he spotted Kagome and Azumi near the center of the floor on a blanket.

Turning back to his laptop, he checked his email, and low and behold, found a note from Kaguya.

She claimed that she had seen Inuyasha, and it was common knowledge in their circles about his wife, and that slut he'd hooked up with. But mainly she wanted to know if he'd meet her for lunch one afternoon.

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes, and replied that he wasn't interested in meeting her. They had nothing in common, and despite her seeing Inuyasha, he didn't care to know how she was.

Touga let out a earth-shaking snarl, as he bellowed out that his son's slut could bail him out. He was tired of rescuing his son. The occupants gaped at him, all except Kagome who was chatting quietly with Azumi.

He could hear Inuyasha's whines from his seat, and then when the whines didn't work, he resorted to his usual method, rant and screech.

"Izayoi would be ashamed of you. I don't know where I went wrong, but obviously I fucked up somewhere in raising you, and until you learn to be a man, I think jail is a great place for you." Touga barked.

Inuyasha was silent after Touga's rough rebuttal.

"Good-bye, Inuyasha."

"Are you going to get him?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"No, he can rot there for all I care."

"I say he'll find some way out of there in about a month. It matters not to me, but you might have problems."

Touga scoffed and then whipped out a folder full of papers, with a small glance at Sesshoumaru's laptop, began reading and signing.

"I'm not coming into the office next week, Chichi-ue."

Touga glanced over from the small print on the paper, and blinked. "Why?"

Sesshoumaru leveled a look over the computer moniter at him.

"Oh. OH! Well, then it isn't a problem, then I guess." Touga smirked evilly. "I'm sure she'll enjoy the attention to detail."

Another hour and a half later found Kagome and Sesshoumaru back at the apartment. Sesshoumaru was looking for something on the sleekly built MacBook Air he seemed so fond of, and Kagome was talking to Sango on the phone.

"No...I haven't seen Shippo lately. Souta says that he's working on something for his graduate degree at the college, but I thought he'd call...I'm thinking of making a trip down there next week to see if I can see him. He might have a heart attack! I'm about as big as a house by now...Oh, the doctors says one boy and a girl, but I think boys...No, Sango! Miroku is not gonna like that...a tattoo?...maybe.." She pulled the phone back from her ear and frowned. "Sango, let me call you back...Someone's on the other line...Yeah, I will. Tell Miroku I said hey...Bye."

Sesshoumaru glanced up at the confusion in her scent.


Kagome slammed her phone closed with a satisfying crunch. Then she chucked it across the room.

Sesshoumaru's hand shot up and caught it.

She glared at him with a pout.

"You would have been upset about it tomorrow."

"The screen's already damaged. I just wanted to see it break. That means I wouldn't have to listen to her whiny ass voice."

"How did she-"

"The bitch called me from Inuyasha's old cell phone. He doesn't delete numbers because he's a stupid ass who loses phones about three or four times a year." Kagome glared angrily at the side of the wall.

"It won't help you to glare at the wall. It doesn't know that you're angry."

Kagome snapped her head round and stared at him.

"Yes?" Sesshoumaru asked coolly.

"I'm glaring at you, since you're animated, and the wall isn't." she said slowly like he was a retarded pre-schooler.

For a moment, Sesshoumaru was a bit miffed. Then the more he realized he was miffed, the more calculating he got.

Kagome had long since given up on glaring at Sesshoumaru. It was like trying to melt an ice cap with a hair dryer.

Sesshoumaru examined the outfit Kagome had on. A pair of loose fitting sweatpants, and a huge t-shirt, with a pair of socks.

Oblivious to Sesshoumaru's current thought process, Kagome mumbled to herself as she flipped it open and looked at her screen. The smiling picture of Kagome and Souta had been replaced by a black blotch, sort of like an ink splot, but the mini screen on the front was still intact.

Sesshoumaru turned the volume down on his MacBook and shut it down after saving his work. Keeping an eye on Kagome, he stood, stretched and then strode off into the bedroom.

Kagome watched him go with a sigh. Sango was right, even though he'd taken care of her last issue, she needed to jump his bones. His very large and Oh-So-Thick bones. Smiling foolishly to herself, she missed him come out of the room, and made his way to the kitchen, dressed in a pair of blue cotton pajamas, and nothing else.

Sesshoumaru glanced at her as he grabbed two bottles of water. She was staring off into space with a silly smile on her face, while the slightly spicy scent of her arousal drifted through the living room.

Retreating back into the bedroom, he put away the pineapples but placed a bottle of water on both bedside tables.

Kagome had just climbed off the couch and was reaching behind her to unloosen her bra. Sesshoumaru watched as the motion pushed the already heavy globes out and against the shirt she wore in stark potrayal. His mouth watered, to have one small taste.

"Kagome." he mumbled out.

Her foggy blue gaze landed on him with a dreamy 'Hmmm'.

"I'm going to bed, are you going to stay up longer?"

Kagome blinked, and seemed to jerk slightly.

"No. I think I'll go ahead and take a shower, I feel really sticky for some reason."

Sesshoumaru smirked to himself as he forcefully brushed against her on his way to the kitchen. Her arousal had doubled sharply, and then skyrocketed when he pushed himself against her.

At least he knew she wasn't lying.

Kagome scrubbed at the skin under her foot with a lost expression.

She needed him. Like she needed air. He was forceful and so damn demanding, and by all the gods, it turned her on.

The only problem was she was scared. She'd practically bitten his head off that afternoon when he'd inquired about her wet dream, which had been about him.

She had feelings for him. Intense and strong feelings, and yet, the only thing seperating her from the guy was a broken heart so bruised, no one would probably want it.

Sesshoumaru was every woman's fantasy. Her deepest, darkest desire. He was tall, impossibly tall compared to her own dainty height of 5'5. He was built, Geez, he could probably pick up a car or a house or something, without being so blatantly obvious with it. And he was gorgeous. Inhumanly so, so it was a good thing he was youkai. He was almost quite literally perfection, with one major flaw, his own glacial demenor.

Kagome sighed, as she ran the cloth across her arms.

And she was like the cast away. That tiny unwanted speck of dust on immaculately polished furniture.

Sure she was attractive, she'd heard tons of people say so, but no one stopped and stared when she walked into a room. No one walked into walls, like the unfortunate sales girl at Baby Depot had that afternoon, when Sesshoumaru had strode through the door in her wake. She had a genetic pro with her eyes being blue. She was charming, could be practically anyone. She wasn't sloppy, or too slutty. In fact, Inuyasha had been her first. And Sesshoumaru had been an amazing second. She wasn't dangerously thin, like was the apparent style. She was shaped neatly, and knew all the mysterious ways of women, she could cook, she could clean, and she could bake. While she wasn't a centerfold figure, it was rounded enough to make the illusion of a body, and not a boat. So exactly what attracted someone like Sesshoumaru to someone like her?

Letting out another sigh, she rinsed off, and then climbed out of the shower.

Sesshoumaru lay on his side, his usual sleeping position. And listened to Kagome's sighs as he imagined water sluicing off of her amazingly rounded body. Even with the extra weight of the pups, she was lushly curved and had the best ass he'd had the pleasure of spooning around. She wasn't curvaceous to the point of being overblown, but she had enough to be any man's fantasy. He knew she considered herself unattractive since she realized she was having twins, but she had all the traits a demon looked for in any bitch.

He was naked, the cotton pants had felt constricting when Kagome had responded so beautifully to his ploy, and underneath the blanket already. His pajamas were hidden on his side of the closet, so she'd never know what he was wearing. Body tense, Dick alert, he waited for her to emerge from the bathroom.

Kagome ran the brush through her hair before she braided it. Ignoring the comfy capri and tank set her mother had given her, she slathered on some lotion, and pulled on a tee-shirt that Sesshoumaru had given her. Coming out of the bathroom, she turned off the light and giving her eyes a moment to adjust, she plodded out into the bedrroom.

Sesshoumaru's beast whined at the scent wafting from her. She smelt heavenly.

So good. It growled in Sesshoumaru's head.

When she climbed on the bed, and he realized she was deliciously bare underneath the oversized tee-shirt, Sesshoumaru felt himself harden even further.

She moved around a little and then with a soft sigh, she snuggled under his warmth.

Sesshoumaru laid stiffly as possible. He could feel the lush globes of her breasts pressed into his back. Soon, they'd nourish the pups, but right now, he wasn't all that sure what he wanted.

*The Next Morning*

Sesshoumaru watched Kagome press a hand into the small of her back for the fifth time in less than forty minutes. Pulling on the heavy winter boots he waited as she took mincing steps toward the sofa.

"Kagome?" he asked.

She winced slightly, and then turned to face him.

"Yes, Sesshoumaru?"

"Are you feeling well? If not, we could postpone the outing for today."

She smiled, though it was a bit dull, and she still winced in the middle of it.

"I'm fine." she lied.

Sesshoumaru ignored that and moved in closer.

Kagome pulled on a pair of snow boots in somber black to match the heavy long sleeved sweater dress she wore over a pair of white leggings. Sesshoumaru finally noticed how big she'd gotten. Dr. Miyabe had said she'd gain an average of two pounds per week once she'd reached the seventh month. Her stomach was noticeable beneath the thick wool. She wore her own midnight hair pulled back into a braid and wore a black beret over it.

"Kagome, perhaps you should lay down." Sesshoumaru said.

"Sesshoumaru, I said I was fine. Maybe you should just-" Kagome broke off with a sharp cry of pain as she crumbled into a chair.

Sesshoumaru was there sniffing as soon as she was down. He held a hurried conversation with the pups, who responded with frantic replies that something was wrong with thier Okaa-san.

Snatching up the phone, he dialed Touga.

Touga's booming voice answered on the first ring.

"Where are you and Kagome, boy! Azumi and I have been waiting for-"

"Chichi-ue, I need you and Azumi-san to meet me at the hospital. Something is wrong with Kagome and the pups and I are worried."

"We'll be there when you get there." Touga said and hung up.

Kagome let out a soft whimper as Sesshoumaru bundled her into a blanket and grabbed his wallet and keys.


Sesshoumaru, Touga, and Souta sat in the waiting room of the hospital. Souta had practically ran there from his school after Azumi called. On the other side of Souta sat a young redhead, who'd introduced himself as Wanatabe Shippo. He was constantly texting and then he got up to stride over to the nurse's station and demand entrance to the emergency center.

Touga suddenly spoke, startling both Sesshoumaru and Souta.

"Who is that young man?"

"Ship's like Kagome's adopted son. She used to baby-sit him all the time when she was in high school, and then Shippo's parents died, so Kagome practically took on raising him. He hasn't been around as often since he started his doctorate program in bio-mechanics, but he adores Kagome and Kagome adores him."

"He's the prodigy?" Sesshoumaru asked.

Touga looked blank.

Souta chuckled.

"Ship hates being called that, but yeah, he's the prodigy."

"What prodigy?"

"Remember when you were trying to find a tax write-off, and the brat said he knew of a child prodigy he met through his girlfriend?"

Touga blinked.

"You were mad at one another before so it probably slipped your attention. He graduated from high school at the age of 14."

Shippo came back over beaming.

"I just got us back into the room where Azumi and Kagome are."

Souta and Touga gaped at him.

"How?" Touga boomed.

Shippo grinned.

"I'm super intelligent. I just fixed a couple of computers and maybe a coffee maker and BAM! Instant Access." He struck a pose. "Let's go."

Azumi was seated in a chair next to the bed wear Kagome lay, drowsy and disoriented.

"Azumi-sama! Is she ok?" Shippo asked as soon as they made in through the door.

Touga, Sesshoumaru, and Souta waited as Azumi wiped her eyes with a piece of tissue.

"Dr. Miyabe's on her way in, the doctor here says he's not sure what it is. He thought it was early labor, but her water hadn't broke yet, and then when they ran tests, it showed the pups, and then this blurry thing, and no matter what angle you approach it from, it doesnt clear up." Azumi looked at Souta.

"She's always been more delicate than you, and she'd hurt herself before making me worry if she could prevent it, even after Daisuke died, and she tried to hide that bout of depression, she was practically comatose and still trying to play it off like she was fine. But I'm her MOTHER! I know better."

Souta started to speak, then he quieted.

Dr. Miyabe came rushing in, and Touga turned around.

"I was filled in just now. And the only other conclusion is that Kagome is having triplets, maybe one with spritual powers, but then I'm not sure, and the only other person who would lives like three thousand miles away.

Touga frowned.

"Are they hermits? I wouldn't mind having them flown in. I mean this is my daughter-in-law, and my grand pups."

Dr. Miyabe shrugged.

"I've already tried to contact them. She isn't answering her phone, and I've left several messages. I'm going to run a couple of tests, but until I hear from the informant, I can't give any definite."

Sesshoumaru frowned himself, and thought.

"Are you speaking of the healer, Midoriko or Ms. Kaede?"

Dr. Miyabe turned wide eyes to him.

"You know my Obaa-sama?"

Sesshoumaru and Touga began speaking at once, leaving the rest of the rooms occupants confused. Finally Dr. Miyabe asked one of them to start again.

"My dear, I am the Inu no Taisho, Touga Takaherashi, this is my heir Sesshoumaru. I've known Kaede-san for many years, ever since Sesshoumaru was conceived."

Dr. Miyabe smiled now.

"My Obaa-sama is a reputable healer for the demon community. She was my teacher. My auntie isn't as sociable and therefore spends time in the herb garden she loves so much."

A young nurse came to the door, and glancing around, spotted her excuse.

"Dr. Miyabe, a Kaede Takanabu is on the phone for you."

Touga and Sesshoumaru pulled out phones and began dialing numbers in rapid succession.

Shippo and Souta followed suit and pulled out phones of their own. Souta was the next in line to run the family company so of course he had connections of his own, and Shippo was a doctor. There had to be something he could do.

Dr. Miyabe came back in.

"My Obaa-sama says that she isn't sure if its the spiritual energy contrasting with the demonic, and she needs to make arrangements to catch the next flight out."

Touga spoke before she could continue.

"Can she be ready in forty-five minutes? I would be more than glad to accommodate her in my home or a hotel or something if she preferred."

Sesshoumaru was sitting in the chair Azumi had vacated next to Kagome as she stared dreamily into the ceiling. Souta and Shippo had finished the mass phone convention, and were also sittting near the bed.

"Kagome, are you ok?" Shippo asked as he leaned over the bed.

Kagome's dull blue gaze focused on his face. Her eyes brightened slightly, and she lifted a hand sluggishly to touch his face, with a small smile. Shippo smiled back down at her and rubbed a hang over the bulge of her belly.

"So me and Sou are gonna be uncles huh? And you didn't call me to say anything about the mutt? You know I could've had him back here for someone, probably Sesshoumaru, to beat up in a couple of days."

Her foggy eyes were tired but she still managed a small chuckle.

"Ship, you're so silly sometimes." she whispered, turning her head toward Sesshoumaru.

"I'm sorry." she sighed wearily.

Sesshoumaru raised a brow.

"About what, Kagome? This certainly isn't your fault."

Dr. Miyabe interrupted Kagome's reply.

"I've figured out what it is. Since the pups have altered their DNA strands to match Sesshoumaru-sama, and Kagome's a pretty powerful being in her own right, combined with Sesshoumaru-sama's energy signature, it makes it difficult to co-exist peacefully, inside of her. In other words, their draining away Kagome's energy in what they think is making her sick, to keep her healthy. Unfortunately, it isn't working. Oh, and there is two boys and a girl."

Sesshoumaru turned to Kagome's wide eyes.

"Three." he replied calmly. "You can have all the time in the world to care for them. After all, I am more than capable of providing for you and however many pups we deem enough to carry."

Touga and Azumi raised brows and tried to cover up snickers behind coughs, while Shippo and Souta make motions indicating that they were going to be meeting with Sesshoumaru sometime in the forseeable future.

"I'll have to buy another car." Kagome said softly.

Shippo and Souta snorted out a laugh, and Sesshoumaru even chuckled.

"We'll find you something."