Every one knew that Dean was a cheeky little bastard and Sam was the quiet little nerd with the infallible puppy- dog eyes.

Every one knew Dean was the hunter, the warrior and Sam had the healing touch and the little ways to make anyone smile.

Dean knew that Sam would die for Dean, watch the entire world go up in flames just to see Dean happy.

Sam didn't know that Dean would set the world and fire and kill anyone who tried to get within inches of Sam to keep him safe.

And it was all right because the both knew that Sam was borderline psycho and Dean didn't know how to care about anyone other than Sam.


Props go to Hell'sPhoenix for the idea for that last line. I don't know where this came from but I really felt like writing today. I'm thikng about deleting some of my stories but I'm not sure, so I think that I'm going to just be writing one-shots for now. Anyways, I'm going to Africa for the summer so I'm probably only going to write down on paper, so I might even have a whole story when I come back!