You thought you had me all tied up in a little knot

You thought I'd go on living just

Like you asked you until you asked me nicely to stop

But surprise, I'm free…

To be the girl you tried to steal

You thought I'd freeze out withered and abandoned

Now you know differently that

I'm gonna lie much more than you ever imagined

So surprise, I'm free.

Free – Plumb


"Miss? Miss what happened?"

"Emergency! Just help her please!"

People rushed all around her, and she could barely understand what was going on. She was lifted onto something soft, and then a face appeared above her.

"She's going into arrest! Get me the paddles!"

"Can't you use magic!"

She knew that voice…that was Pansy's voice. God her chest hurt. What the hell happened?

"Not with injuries such as this kind, she needs to be stable before we can fix the bruising!"

She felt a shock of pain, heard a beeping sound. Around her, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh my God," the doctor said quietly. "This girl is pregnant,"

Everything around her went black.


"Miss Weasley? Miss Weasley are you awake?"

Her eyes fluttered open slowly, and she raised an arm to her face as the lights blinded her.

"What happened?" she heard a croaky voice asked. Oh my God, is that me?

"You were severely injured, and you went into cardiac arrest. The young lady who brought you in couldn't tell us what happened. Did someone attack you?"

"Yes," that voice croaked again. My God that is me. What do I tell them?

"Miss Weasley are you aware that you're pregnant?"

She coughed. "I'm sorry, I'm what?" she asked, sitting up quickly.

"Pregnant. Only a few weeks, but enough. You're very lucky that the young lady brought you here. If she had taken you to a muggle hospital, your baby would be dead,"

"It's okay?"

"It's fine. Growing everyday as a little baby should,"

"I'm pregnant," Ginny whispered to herself, before fainting.


"Mr. Malfoy? Are you with Miss Weasley?"

"Yes I am! Is she okay? I've been waiting here for hours!" Draco asked, jumping up from his seat.

"She's fine, she's fine. Can you tell us how she came about these injuries? The young lady who brought her in refused to tell us where she got them, and once we lifted the glamours we found previous bruising, no more than a few weeks old,"

"No I can't tell you where they came from," he growled. "She appeared at my house two weeks ago barely breathing, refusing to be taken to a hospital. I had to call on all kinds of magic to save her,"

"And do you know what happened then?" the doctor asked, solemnly.

"No, not a clue," I'm going to kill you, Potter!

"Well in any case, she's fine now. I require her to stay here for observation for at least two nights, and then bed rest would be the best thing for her, not to mention her baby,"

"Baby?" Draco croaked.

"Yes. As I said to Miss Weasley, she was lucky she was brought here. Muggles would not have been able to save it,"

Draco's heart dropped.

"How old is it?"

"Only a few weeks. Two and a half at the most. Barely the size of a pea, but growing everyday,"

"My God, it's mine…" he whispered.

"I beg your pardon Mr. Malfoy?"

"Never mind. You said a young lady brought her in…who was it?"

"I never got her name. I sent her to the Tea Room with some money, suggested she get something to warm her up. She was pale as death,"

"So she'd be in the Tea Room?"

"Yes," the doctor replied. "Stands out, that one does. Beautiful long raven hair,"

"Thank you," Draco growled. Pansy.

He made his way quickly to the cafeteria, trying to remind himself not to run, as he was in a hospital. He got to the Tea Room in record time, and looked around. He spotted her almost immediately, hunched over a table in the corner, crying and drinking something.

"Pansy," he demanded. "What was she doing there?"

Pansy turned around and let out a small squeal. "Oh Draco!"

He grabbed her hands to prevent her from hugging him.

"I repeat, what the HELL was she doing there?"

Pansy whimpered. "She wanted a divorce, she went to talk to him. She knew that anyone else she asked to go with her would probably beat him to a pulp before she had a chance to speak to him, so she asked me,"

"What happened?"

"She went in about half an hour after he got back from work. She asked me to wait in the lobby, so I did, and – "

"Pansy how stupid could you be! After what happened last time!"

"That's the thing Draco, I didn't really know about last time! She told me that it was no big deal, that it hadn't even bruised! You know how good a liar she can be!"

Draco considered this for a minute, and then nodded. "I do. Continue,"

"So I was waiting there, and it seemed a really long time to me, I just couldn't understand what would take so long, and then Harry came bolting out of the elevator. He slowed down a bit, so he didn't look suss, but just as he was leaving I saw a little bit of blood on him, and I knew straightaway that she was hurt. I went up there, and she was laying on the floor next to kitchen table. Her head was split open and…"


"Oh Draco it was horrible! There was blood everywhere, and it was coming out of her mouth, and she was convulsing, and I just picked her up and apparated her here,"

It took a second, but Draco finally looked her up and down. She was covered in blood.

"My God Pansy, look at you!" he whispered. He took out his wand and waved it, changing her clothes and cleaning her up.

"Thank you Draco. I'm so sorry!"

She threw her arms around him, and he hugged her back. "It's alright Pansy, you didn't know,"

He was fuming inside. He wanted to kill Potter. Maim him and hurt him in every way possible.

"Has anyone called her family?" he asked, pulling away.

"No," she replied, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. "I gave them your number, but that's it. I don't even know how to get in contact with her brother or any of the rest of them,"

"Oh my God Pansy, what am I going to do? She's not going to want me to tell them that Harry did this!"

"Draco you have to!"

"I want to see him go down…but she'd be so upset. She's convinced that hers is the only real family he's ever going to have and all that crap,"

"Draco, none of that matters now. You have to tell them,"

"I'll at least wait until she wakes up,"

"Let's go up and see her then," Pansy suggested. "She might be awake,"

"That's a good idea. Pansy, there's something else,"

"What?" Pansy asked, grabbing his hand to lead him to Ginny's room.

"She's pregnant Pansy,"

"Oh Draco," she replied breathlessly. "Is it…?"

"I think it's mine. It has to be mine…she's only two weeks,"

Pansy looked at him, speechless for a second, then threw her arms around him again and hugged him tight.

"I'm so happy for you Draco! If anyone deserves this after everything, it's you two,"

"Thank you Pansy," Draco said, and he meant it. "Now let's go and see if our princess is awake,"


"Now Miss Weasley, it's very important we know how you got these injuries,"

"Look I don't know okay! I know someone attacked me, obviously, but I swear I don't know who it was. I really don't want to stay here,"

"I'm aware of that, but that's also necessary. We need to watch you and your baby. Neither of you are completely out of the clear yet. And I'm rather concerned about your old bruising…"

"Look that's all well and good, but I have something to do and – "


She looked over to the door, where Draco and Pansy were standing, watching her with amused smiles on their faces.

"Are you making trouble for the doctor again?" Pansy asked.

"Draco! Pansy! Oh honey, are you mad at me?"

"Mad at you? I'm furious! But we'll talk about that when the good doctor isn't around,"

"So it seems that everyone except me is aware of how you came about these bruises?"

"That's about it Doc, sorry," Ginny replied, patting him on the arm. "Would you mind leaving us alone now?"

"Well I've taken your vitals and filled out your chart…I suppose I could – "

"Thanks, you're a champ," Draco said, patting his back and pushing him out of the room. He shut the door softly and then turned on Ginny.

"I thought you were smarter than that Gin,"

"I know Draco, but I really didn't think he'd hurt me again!"

"What are we going to tell your family?" Pansy asked.

"Eventually, the truth, but give it a few days. For now, let's just tell them that someone broke into the apartment ok?" she replied.

"But why? Why wait a few days?"

"Because I have a plan – "

"Ginny you are NOT going back there alone!" Draco exclaimed.

"I have no intention of going alone. You and Pansy are coming with me. And we're not going to the apartment, we're going to go to the ministry office,"

"I don't understand," Pansy said, looking confused.

"I'll explain later. My God…I'm going to be a mother Draco,"

"And I'm going to be a father…"

"I used to dream about having a family with you," Ginny said softly.

"Guys this is really sweet and all that, but it's kind of grossing me out, and we have company," Pansy said, indicating the red haired mob that had just swarmed her doctor.

"Oh God," Ginny and Draco moaned, as Molly Weasley burst through the door, sobbing, and threw herself onto Ginny.

"Oh baby you had us so worried! What happened! I am never leaving you out of my sight again!"

"Mum I'm fine really, can you not squeeze me so hard?" Ginny replied.

"Why? Did they hurt your stomach too? Let me see," Molly pulled up her daughters t-shirt. "There's nothing there,"

She looked confused. Draco looked at Ginny's brothers, and suddenly began to fear for his life. For a few short seconds, he considered apparating out of the room.

"I'm going to have a baby mum," Ginny said, eyeing her mother to discern her reaction.

The room went silent. Molly stared at her daughter. The men of the family all turned to look at Draco, who waved coyly.

"Is it…I mean…who does it belong to?" Molly asked quietly.

Ginny looked over at Draco and smiled. He tried to smile back, but he caught the looks on her brothers faces and decided it wouldn't be good for his health.

"You got our sister pregnant Malfoy?" George growled.

"Already?" Fred asked.

"He's tainted the bloodline," Ron said, dramatically shaking his head in mock disappointment.

"There are so many things I could think of in reply to that statement, but out of fear for my life, I'm going to keep my mouth shut," Draco replied, grinning slightly.

They all began to advance on him, murderous stares on their faces. Pansy backed away from him. "You're on your own mate," she said, walking over to where Ginny and Molly were still staring at each other.

The boys surrounded Malfoy in a circle, and just as he began to really fear for his life, and thank God he was in a hospital, they all began patting his back and shaking his hand.

"Good work mate,"


"Couldn't think of anyone better mate,"

"Proud to have you in the family,"

Draco breathed a sigh of relief, and Ginny looked at him grinning. Suddenly Molly burst into tears. They all turned and looked at her.

"Mum?" Ginny said, looking at her mother.

"Oh my baby is going to have a baby! I'm so happy!"

And then she proceeded to crush Draco and Ginny in a very tight, very painful embrace.


A few days later, Ginny, Draco and Blaise found themselves standing outside the Ministers office, Pansy having elected to stay behind, for fear she might just attack Harry the moment she saw him. Draco and Blaise had promised to be on their best behavior, or they would incur not only Ginny's wrath, but they would not be allowed to have any of Molly Weasley's chocolate mudcake and cream upon their return.

"Where is his secretary?" Draco asked, looking around. "I don't like this,"

"Relax Draco. There's no possible way he could have known we were coming. She probably quit. From what I heard, he's been going off the deep end, and no one wants to work with him. I give it a week before he's thrown out of office. The Auror's office – in particular a certain Ron Weasley – is already discussing the possibly of having him turned out," Blaise said, walking up to the door.

Ginny took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

"Enter," Harry's voice came from inside.

Ginny almost giggled. She always giggled in serious situations. Instead she pushed open the door, and walked in, Blaise and Draco following her.

"Hello Harry," she said.

He turned around and nearly fell of his chair. "Ginny! Oh my God you're okay! I was so worried,"

"I'm not inclined to believe you. You know Draco, and I'm sure you remember Blaise?"

The two boys nodded, and Harry laughed.

"What are these? Your personal bodyguards?"

"Well sadly I've come to realise that I need protection around you Harry, otherwise I tend come out of it battered and bruised, and I really don't feel like going to hospital again any time soon, so yes. They are my protection. They're also here as my friends,"

"Well, get on with it. What do you want?"

Ginny removed a large envelope from her bag, and opened it. She placed three documents on the table.

"Divorce papers? I already told you I wouldn't sign them!"

Ginny smiled softly. She then proceeded to remove a large pile of photos from the envelope, and lay them out on the table in front of him. As she placed each one down, his face grew paler, and paler.

"What the hell?"

"These are my bruises. This is what you did to me. This," she said, indicating the first photo. "Is from when you found out that I had seen Draco, after that ridiculous photo hit the paper. So is this one. This row here," she pointed to the row of photos beneath that. "Are my souvenirs from the time you had me followed, and thought I had sex with Draco – "

"Which, by the way, she hadn't," Draco added in.

"Correct. I didn't have sex with Draco at all – "

"That day," Draco added.

"Yes thank you Draco," Ginny said, smiling. "I nearly died that day. And these photos," she indicated the rest. "Are from the other day, when you bashed my head open and tried to rape me on the kitchen floor,"

Draco and Blaise both growled, and Harry took a step back.

"So? What's this all mean?" he asked, his voice shaking.

"I'm not done Harry," she pulled another piece of paper out of the envelope. "These are my doctors records. A very detailed account of every injury - past and present - that I have suffered these past few weeks. While my wonderfully understanding doctor's suspicions were never actually confirmed, I'm sure you can guess what he thought had happened. He was pretty right on the mark actually,"

Ginny was surprised to find that she was feeling guilty. He looked so pale and deathly, like he was about to throw up. But she had another life to think of now, not just her own.

"And last, but most certainly not least, this is a statement from me, a very long statement, detailing everything that has happened since I was 17 years old, and you banned me from seeing my friends, blackmailed me with an apartment and my mothers wrath, forced me to dye my hair, change my eyes, go to the gym and burn my clothes. It's a very sad story really, really. Full of pain and neglect. The saddest part is that not one word of it has been exaggerated,"

"What the hell do you mean 'pain and neglect'? I gave you everything!"

"Yes, and in return you stole my happiness, my personality and my uniqueness! Now listen to me very carefully Harry, because I'll only say this once. Somewhere hidden, there are three more of these envelopes, containing everything that you see here, bar the divorce papers. One is addressed to the Daily Prophet, one to The Quibbler, and the last one, to the Auror department of your very own ministry. Spousal abuse isn't very well regarded in the wizarding community," she said, her voice shaking with every word she spoke. Hopefully, in a few moments, everything would be over.

"You're blackmailing me?" he asked incredulously. "You're actually blackmailing me? Do you think anyone will actually believe this?"

Draco growled at him, then smiled slightly.

"They don't need to believe it Potter, they just need to print it. What with your office going into shambles, your incredible demands, half your employees quitting and your rapidly declining mental state, they wouldn't need to believe it. But if you like I could quite easily do this – "he whipped out his wand and removed the glamours from Ginny. " – and they would see the truth,"

Her face had a large bruise covering her right cheek, there was a large lump on her head. Everywhere he looked was covered in bruises. You could tell where some were aged, and some were fresh, but it was a horrible sight nonetheless. Harry almost felt sick looking at her, and Ginny's eyes brimmed with tears as she tried to avoid her reflection in the window.


"You never thought it was this bad did you? The doctors said if I want to heal properly, I need to heal naturally. And besides, I wanted you to see this. I wanted you to see what you had done," Ginny said, her hands shaking, tears threatening to fall. Draco put an arm around her, and Blaise replaced the glamours. Instantly Ginny's skin went back to it's natural paleness, the bruises were gone, and she looked normal again.

"I still can't believe you would do this to me. What do your family say?"

"They don't know the truth, not yet anyway. I have every intention of telling them, and I think my brothers have worked it out anyway. But my family doesn't matter. Sign the papers Harry, or I will bring you down,"

"I don't think you know what you're doing here Ginny – " Harry began.

"Sign the fucking papers!" she screeched. Her voice was shrill. "Do you understand what you did to me Potter? You have no idea what you almost did! You have no idea what fully went on! You always jumped to conclusions and assumed the worst! I was almost completely faithful while you were going around having your little affair with that whore Miss Davis, not to mention Cho Chang! I'm sick of it! Sign the paper Harry, or I will publicly humiliate you, and then have you arrested, by none other than your old best mate!"

Harry leant over his desk, and one by one, signed the papers. He sighed.

"I really did love you Ginny,"

"Oh please Harry, you never knew what true love really is," she said softly, a huge weight having been lifted off her shoulders. "I'm selling the apartment. All I want is whatever money comes from that, everything else you can have. Draco has more than enough money to support us, but I will not let you keep that place,"

She picked up the papers from the desk, placed the photos, medical records and statements back in the envelope and handed it to him.

"You can have that copy. You have my word that once that apartment is sold, all copies bar one will be burnt to a crisp,"

"Why bar one?"

"Because I don't trust you Harry. I can't trust you,"

She ushered Draco and Blaise out of the room, and was walking out, when he spoke.

"Why do you want this so bad Ginny?"

She turned back and smiled sadly at him.

"I'm pregnant Harry. We are pregnant," she said insistently, indicating herself and Draco. "My baby is very weak, you almost killed it, but it's alive. I'm going to be a mother; I'm going to have a family. I wanted every part of you gone from my life before I attempted that,"

She turned back, shutting the door behind her, and walked into the waiting room, where Blaise and Draco were waiting for her. From inside his office, she could hear him swearing and cursing, smashing things and throwing things against the walls. They all looked at one another, before exiting the room. Ginny almost ran downstairs and out the door. The fresh air was heaven to her, and she turned to Draco and laughed.

"I'm finally free,"

And tears fell down her face as he embraced her.