M'kay, this'll be the my first Tsubasa fic (that I've posted). I've been desperate for some fluff lately with all the angst going on, so that's basically what this is for XD. Anyways, this is AU, so I know Kuro-sama's kinda OOC. It's too much of a pain to write fluff with such a bitchy Kuro-puu. (but if anyone from xxxHolic is OOC, it's not my fault, 'cause I've never read it --) So here's the first chapter of Holiday Dreams (I might change the title at some point...) and I hope you like it!

New Year's Eve

Kurogane unwillingly made his way into the side door of Yuuko's house, said bitch following closely behind him. He let out a soft growl at the woman when the door was latched behind him and he was thrust into her kitchen, which was currently filled with her other guests.

The raven haired man scanned the room as he leaned against the wall just inside the door. Despite almost half of the guests being underage, all of them looked at the least a little tipsy. Kurogane recognized most of them, but honestly was not in the mood to associate with any of them. It wasn't like he was there out of his own free will. The man had been literally forced from his house by that damn bitch. Not by physical force, though, oh no. Kurogane could take care of himself in that department. Yuuko's methods were far different than the norm. She had supposedly found a certain little book that Kurogane had kept; one that was to be seen by no, and he meant no mortal eyes. And if it was, the red eyed man had decided long ago that said person's eyes would have to be gouged out with a rusty plastic spork. Yes, that was the way to do it.

Nonetheless, there were things that Kurogane had written in that book that if it fell into the wrong hands, his life could be made into a living hell. And, Kurogane decided, he was rather happy with the life he had at the moment. Well, maybe not totally happy, but that was beside the point. Kurogane needed that book back and the only way to retrieve it, Yuuko had said, was to attend her New Year's Eve party. And that's what he was currently doing. Again, not that he was enjoying it.

Red eyes wandered toward the kitchen table adorned with glass bottles of every shape, color, and size. Maybe some of that alcohol would help to make the night go by faster. There were only about two hours until midnight and then he could leave, having (hopefully) retrieved what he had come for.

Slowly, Kurogane made his way over to the magical table'o'alcohol, ignoring all of the other party-goers along the way. He just wanted this night to be over as fast as possible and with as little human contact as possible. The man grabbed a glass, threw in a few ice cubes, and picked up the bottle of his good ol' buddy, vodka. He poured some of the liquid into the glass and brought it up to his lips. Just before he took a sip, Kurogane felt as something heavy latched onto his back.

"Kuro-sama, you came! I'm so happy!" he heard the familiar but slightly slurred voice call from behind him. Kurogane groaned inwardly. Of course, he had to be there; the last person he would want Yuuko to spill to about the contents of his book. Not because any of the things in there were about said blond…of course not…

Kurogane gently peeled Fai's arms from around his shoulders and turned to face the other man.

"Do you have to be so damn clingy?" the larger man asked, finally taking a sip of his drink.

"Of course I do, silly Kuro-myu. You came because I invited you, and that makes me so happy!" he smiled, throwing his arms around the other man's neck once again, nearly causing Kurogane to spill his drink.

"Idiot," he growled in response. "Be careful."

"I'm sorry," Fai apologized with a small pout, though it was soon replaced by his smile once again. "Kuro-puu should call me by my name once in a while! I don't like it when he calls me an idiot…" The man's pout then returned, doing his best to make Kurogane give into his demands.

"Fine, idio-, er…" The raven haired man let out a sigh of defeat, not wanting to aggravate the drunken man. "Fai."

"Yay!" Fai cheered, jumping up and wrapping his legs around Kurogane's waist. "Kuro-rin made me happy…" he whispered, nuzzling the larger man's neck. Kurogane felt as a small blush crept onto his cheeks and he quickly forced Fai to release him. Once all physical contact between the two was cut off, Kurogane turned away in an attempt to will the blush away. Damn, that was annoying. He'd have to get that under control.

"Are you alright, Kuro-pon?" Fai asked, trying to get a clear look at the other man's face. "Did you have too much to drink already?"

"No, I'm fine," he replied, hoping that Fai was to drunk to notice that he was in fact, blushing. (Blushing. Blushing, God damn it. He did not blush.)

"Alright," he responded airily. There was then a silence between the two as Fai's eyes wandered through the crowd as if he was looking for someone. Soon, he turned his attention back to Kurogane. "Kuro-chu, I'm bored. Some of the kids are downstairs in the basement watching a movie. What do you say we join them until its midnight?" Fai grabbed onto the red eyed man's hand and led him toward the basement door before he even responded.

The blond led Kurogane down the dark stairwell. The room at the bottom was almost as dark, illuminated only by the television screen. The larger man looked around, trying to identify the others in the room, but could only make out Syaoran and Sakura sitting together near the stairwell. He was sure that there were two others there – most likely males, but he was not quite sure who they were.

"Fai-san! Kurogane-san!" Sakura squealed when she spotted the men. "You came to watch the movie, too?"

"Yes, we did. How is it so far?" Fai asked, leading Kurogane over toward the unoccupied end of the large plush couch.

"It's really scary!" she exclaimed, and then began to giggle. "Watanuki's especially scared."

"I am not!" the boy retorted, earning a 'tch' from Doumeki. Fai let out a small chuckle and sat down, pulling Kurogane down next to him. He then hugged one of Kurogane's arms, cuddling against it.

"Kuro-chi, if this movie is too scary, you'll protect me, right? I'm not too good with scary movies." The blue eyed man smiled into the hard muscle of Kurogane's bicep. He, in turn, made a pathetic attempt to shake him off, ignoring the question. Fai just curled up closer to the other.

Not long after they had sat down, Kurogane had decided that the movie was quite boring. He found himself occupying his time by watching the kids react to some of the 'scary' parts which contained nothing more than a few screams and some fake blood. He had noticed that Fai was doing the same, at least for a while. There had been no movement from the lithe man in quite some time. Kurogane looked down at him and found the blond to be fast asleep. He soon concluded that his drinks must have caught up with him.

Kurogane shifted and, careful not to wake the sleeping Fai, dug the cell phone out of his pocket. He flipped it open and looked at the time. Eleven fifty-five. Figuring Fai would have a fit if Kurogane let him miss New Year's, he gently shook the man to wake him from his slumber. Fai's blue eyes fluttered open and he starred through the dark and up at Kurogane.

"It's almost midnight," he grunted when the smaller of the two shot him a questioning look.

"It is? What time is it?" Fai replied groggily.

"Five minutes 'till," he stated simply.

"Well, then. I suppose we should head upstairs, eh, Kuro-puu? We wouldn't want to miss it." The blond stood and pulled Kurogane behind him. They both ran up the stairs and into the kitchen where most of the guests still resided, a few passed out on the floor. Yuuko really needed to cut back on the alcohol she served. Stepping over a few of the unconscious bodies, Fai led the larger man into the living room and pushed him down onto the floor, forcing him to take a seat there. Fai plopped down next to him and smiled brightly at him.

"What?" Kurogane raised a questioning eyebrow to the man.

"I'm just glad we got to spend the holiday together."

"Yeah, well, you spent half the time sleeping," the raven haired man snorted as Fai rested his head on the other's shoulder.

"Yeah, sorry about that," he giggled in apology. Not a second after, his attention was drawn to the television. "Kuro-sama, look! It's almost time!" Surely enough, the countdown on the television was already starting.

One more minute of the year. Thirty seconds. Fai counted down along with the TV and half the other people in the room. Five…four…three…two…one…

"Happy New Year, Kuro-chu!" Fai yelled happily as he jumped into Kurogane's lap, hugging the man's body to his. He quickly brought their lips together in a soft kiss that lingered a few moments. When their lips parted, Fai rested his forehead against Kurogane's. Looking into crimson eyes, he whispered, "Kuro-puu, will you go out with me?"

"Idiot," he grumbled in response, pushing the other man from his lap. "Don't say things like that while you're drunk. People might take them seriously."

"First of all," Fai pouted, "I thought you weren't going to call me that anymore. Second, I'm not drunk. I haven't had anything to drink all night. And third, I did mean it, Kuro-ran." Kurogane starred at the blond in disbelief. He had not been dreaming of a confession like this from Fai for the past few months and he had certainly not written about it in that damn book that he still had to get back from that bitch.

"…so will you?" Fai looked expectantly at the raven haired man, hoping for a positive answer.

"…I guess, if it'll make you happy," he replied, smiling to himself and only himself. Fai smiled brightly and once again latched himself to Kurogane's neck.

"Kuro-chi, you don't know how happy this makes me! Thank you so much…" The blond then once again captured the larger man's lips for his own, this time in a more passionate kiss. Fai opened his mouth to allow Kurogane entrance, which he happily accepted. Kurogane wrapped his arms around Fai's small frame, pulling him closer while his tongue explored the warm crevices of his mouth.

Air was soon needed and the two parted, breathless. Fai snuggled into Kurogane's embrace, burying his face in the black fabric of his shirt. Kurogane began to softly stroke the long blond hair.

"Happy New Year's, Kuro-mi," Fai breathed into the larger man's chest.

"Happy New Year's…Fai."