Beast Boy,

I'm truly sorry to say that I never got to know you better as a friend, an ally. I respect your passion and drive more than you could ever imagine—of course, these could make you despise me even more once you wake up and read this letter.

Last night, I took possession of your body. It was a horrible thing to do, but if you truly mean loving Raven, it had to be done. So I took possession of your body, and then I—as you—told Raven that I had feelings for her, and that I hoped she returned, even if the feelings were only for friendship. You're probably wondering why I would do something like this—didn't I want her, too? Was I trying to sabotage you, make you sound like an idiot?—so please let me explain.

I loved Raven. Truly, I did, and a part of me always will, but I could never love her as truly as you. Love would wind up being too complicated for me. I just want to live on my mountain undisturbed. Not to mention, I think that you'll be able to make her much happier than I ever could. A relationship with only one-way conversations could never last, and writing to her was already getting tiring. She does like you, Beast Boy—whenever she talked about you, she was passionate. It might seem like she hates you, but if she cares enough to put so much energy and passion into talking about you like she does, even when she's annoyed, shows that she really does care for you.

And to answer the second question, I would never sabotage you. I promise I didn't say anything to make you sound stupid or like a bad person. I want you to be with Raven with all of my heart. The reason I possessed you was because I knew that you wouldn't approach her just because I left. You'd be more afraid of rejection than ever before. I told her not to ay anything until the next morning—this morning—but I can guarantee that she won't reject you. Like I said, Beast Boy, she's passionate about you. Right now she's going to be hurt that I just left without saying goodbye, but she'll soon forget what we had. Not completely, but enough to see how perfect you are for her. She won't reject you—you'll see.

And about Slade…You're right: I do know things about Slade you don't. At this time, I truly cannot tell you what they are or how I know them, but please believe me when I say you will be informed. For now, let me just say that I have known Slade for longer than you might think—longer than any of you have.

Please, my friend, I hope you don't hate me, but I also would understand your hatred if you did. I just hope that someday you'll see that this was the only way I could figure out to help you, and I promise it will. Take care of Raven and love her as much as I would.

But, of course, there's no reason for me to even say that. I would trust you with anything or anyone I cared about, and I hope you understand how much I respect you.

Your friend, always,


Beast Boy was shocked. He was furious, outraged—help?! How was this help?!

"Jericho?" called a voice through the halls. Beast Boy looked at the clock—it was only five. Raven was the only one who would be awake now. This wasn't going to be pretty.

"Jericho?" Silence. "Jericho? Jericho? Jericho! Jericho!" She walked fast through the halls, up the stairs, outside, constantly calling his name. After a long while, Beast Boy heard a knock at his door. Cautiously, he walked over to the door. He was scared to death at what she would do to him, but he might as well just take the beatings and try to explain as soon as possible to get it over with.

"Raven—'' but he stopped before he tried to explain. Raven was wiping off her cheeks, crying quietly and looking shocked.

"Beast Boy, you were right…I should have known he wouldn't stay…" Raven walked up to him and hugged him tightly, her head buried in his chest. Beast Boy hugged her back, and understood why Jericho had done what he did. Beast Boy never would have had the courage to talk to Raven, Jericho was right…Beast Boy had no idea how he could thank Jericho, but he made sure that one day he would.

"Beast Boy, I can't…I can't…be in a relationship with you right now—''

"I know, I know, and that's okay. I don't expect you to just automatically be my girlfriend, don't worry. You can take all of the time in the world. And if you just want to be friends, that's okay, too."

"Beast Boy…I do have feelings for you. I do, I swear, it's just—''

"I know, I know. It's okay." They paused, and Raven backed away from the embrace.

"So…What now?" she asked, sniffling.

"Well, now," said Beast boy, smiling, "I'm going to make us breakfast."

"Tofu eggs?"

"Of course."

"Soy milk?"

"You'd better believe it."

"Sounds…nice," she said, smirking through her remaining tears. Beast Boy grabbed her hand and took her to the kitchen, and on the way he was sure he could faintly hear a guitar being strummed down at the shore.