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There are different types of hands, big hands, small hands, rough hands, smooth hands, warms hands, cold hands. They are all classification of hands. I've never expected his to be so…


"Huh?!" I snapped from my dream world, walking down the streets with a heavy mind. I didn't even notice Naruto yelling my name, until (of course) he was closer to my face. If I wasn't used to the loud enthusiastic blond yelling my name all the time, since we were in the academy, I would have freak out, but (sigh) that wasn't really the case.

"Ano sa…Sakura-chan," he began, he must have want me to treat him to Ichiraku, yet again.


"You see, I'm in dire need of advice." He began his eyes not ones leaving the unpaved road that his two feet seems to be standing on. He seemed pretty embarrassed too, that rarely happens to Uzumaki Naruto, and to say that he would be serious, has got me serious too.

"Advice? What kind?" I asked, trying to get it over with, at the same time urging him to speak his troubles. It's quite rare for him to be asking advices, and I'm happy that he came to me.

He and I had been close since Sasuke left, even more so after his two-year training was over. We were inseparable in spirit, he was like the brother I never had.

"You see, I want to…to…oh you know…" he said tumbling with his fingers.

"Um…What exactly do I know?" I asked, not really getting where he is getting at.

"I want to propose to Hinata," he mumbled.

"Really, congratulations Naruto, I never thought you had it in you to finally propose." I grinned at my fox cheek friend. Finally he deserved some happiness. Heck even the long haired Hyuuga heiress deserved happiness.

"Ano sa…Sakura-chan…" Naruto was blushing, it look kind of cute on his face. I couldn't help but giggle. He and Hinata are a perfect match after all, they are the blushing couple, or so me and Ino like to call them (behind their backs of course).

"Come on Naruto, you survive Sabaku no Gaara's attack without being prepared, I'm sure you can manage to do some proposal to your girlfriend," I smiled at him, reminding him that he could accomplish anything if he put his mind to it.

"But…but…that's a bit different Sakura-chan!" He half yelled.

"I don't really see the difference Naruto, except for the type of approach. Make sure you do it your own special way, and I'm sure she will be terrific and say yes in a heart beat."

"You really think so?"

"Know so!"

"Sankyuu Sakura-chan," he disappeared in a flash, running through Konoha's streets.

"Doitashimashite, Naruto."

"Haruno sempai," a young medic-nin come running at my direction, screaming my name like her life depended on it. If it's an order from Tsunade-shishou sama, then I suppose she had all the reasons too.

"What is it, Yoko?" I asked the brown haired black eyed medic-nin.

"Hokage-sama wants you to report to a classified emergency room, she said that they need your capable hands in healing a classified person." She said it all in one breath, now she was panting shamelessly. I've heard my orders, and so I left the medic-nin alone to catch up to her breath.

I've reached the hospital as soon as possible and hurried my feet to the classified emergency room that Tsunade-shishou always had prepared in case of emergency that needed her specialty. Whoever was in there that Tsunade-shishou would also needed me, to go with the healing process, has to be seriously wounded. I already prepared myself mentally what kind of screwed up body I would see this time.

As I reached the double doors, I breath in air, and opened the doors, expecting the worse. The first thing I saw was Tsunade-shishou barking some orders, left and right.

I didn't want to interrupt her, instead I analyze the patience wounds. There are wounds all over his body. A slash on his torso, a cut in his arm, a chest wound hole, a few kunai's seem to have pierce through his skin too, and from the looks of things, his chance of surviving is ten percent to none.

"Good, Sakura you're here." Tsunade shishou called out in relief.

"I want you to take care of this patient, I'll go and take care of the stone-nin," Tsunade shishou merely said and exit the room. I wasn't listening intently, though, it seems I'm in charge of making sure this patient lives, or else, I'm in deep trouble with shishou.

I concentrated on the man's heavy wounds first, mainly the wound on his chest, it's a good thing that it missed his heart by a few inches. Talk about lucky. After treating that wound I move from the heavy gashes to finally the kunai wounds.

I didn't know how I manage to heal everything, though I did know how my chakra reserves had been severely depleted from healing him completely. Even to the wounds on his palms. I took my time to finally check his face.

What I saw nearly shock me. Not because I've been treating an ugly face, no that's the least of my worries. How come I never notice I was treating an S-class missing nin was beyond me.

Oh, wait it's not entirely beyond me, I could already hear inner Sakura chastising me for my usual routine of not checking the face of a patient, especially if I know that their face is not wounded, since it's such a distraction in my line of work, especially if I run out of chakra and have to sew a wound together.

But yet, here I am, face to face with Uchiha Itachi. How he end up in the hospital under Konoha's care is something I do not know yet, but I intend to find out. Tsunade-shishou can't expect me to keep quiet about this without filling me in. A Hokage just not suddenly decided to shelter a missing-nin out of spite and being a good neighbor. Something must have happen, and I will find out as soon as I'm finish here.

Since I'm completely done, I took some time to study the elder brother of the surviving Uchiha sibling. There was no pain in his face, not even a grimace reach his lips, and there was nothing, not even a groan of pain. It was like he didn't even feel the pain. Though I'm done healing him, it didn't mean that he was pain free. Though I do wonder about his pain.

I still have a few chakra left, enough to completely do a chakra check up to his sharingan eyes, which according to Kakashi-sensei, should be deteriorating.

And I did just that, placing my green chakra filled hands to his eyes gently. Trying to find the source of the problem. And I find it within seconds, playing nurse and sick patient with Neji helped me a bit in the eye problem department. Since Neji had a perfect far sight and a perfect near sight, and his byakugan doesn't seem to affect his eyesight at all, I've been curious as to why people's eyes deteriorate faster in the shinobi world.

Finding the opposite as to my finding with Neji's in Itachi's eyes, I've grown much more curious. Now if only he would remain in bed for a few more days, I'm sure a sedative won't have any problems knocking him to sleep. Because I'll certainly not check his eyes if he's awake, who knows what he will do. He is dangerous after all.

"Sakura are you done with the patient?" Tsunade shishou asked coming inside the room, looking exhausted.

"Hai, Shishou."

"Shizune, should be done with hers too."

"Hai…Ano…Tsunade shishou?"

"You can ask me in my office Sakura, for now, these rooms are restricted to anyone, and I have Jiraiya station outside of these doors. I'm sure he's enough of a challenge against three injured Akatsuki members." I couldn't believe what I'm hearing, three Akatsuki members wounded, and at the mercy of shishou nonetheless.

And with that I walked with her out, greeting Jiraiya-sama on the way, I give a small smile, and he returned it with a grinned, reassuring shishou that he would take care of the patients.

I sat comfortably in one of the chairs in Tsunade-shishou's office. My curiosity at the matter at hand had not drop since I left my patient, who I have no doubt would not serve any problems for Jiraiya-sama, even though he did not show any pain while I'm treating him. I'm pretty sure he would find out the hard way that he couldn't move his muscles just yet. The repercussion of doing so would give him more pain and no doubt a screeching yell for pain relievers.

Shizune-san walked in shishou's office, looking just as tired as the two of us silently seated.

"Tsunade-sama," Shizune san announced her arrival as she grab a chair to sit down herself. I don't think any of us can stand up at the moment. Our chakra's is at it's lowest points already.

"As both of you know, you were treating an S-class nin, which under laws is punishable by death," I couldn't help but gulped at that comment, I sure like where my head is at the moment, thank you very much.

"But also, since I'm the hokage, I gave you two strict orders to heal them, therefore it is not violating that said law." I released the breath that I've been holding. I swear I heard a sigh of relief coming for Shizune-san too.

"And I'm sure you want to know the why's, the how come, and why them, ne." Shizune san and I both nodded our heads to that proclamation.

"It's really simple, the organization known as Akatsuki, as of this moment, is of no more," Tsunade-shishou announced.

Shizune-san and I could only listened to what shishou is telling us, I could tell that we are both fighting our jaws not to gap open, and to start hanging for the flies to seek haven to.

"In addition to that, the council wants the sharingan bloodline to return to Konoha, of course they didn't specify which Uchiha they want, and since we had an opportunity in our hands, we'll try to get this Uchiha to stay in Konoha for good."

"Ano…Tsunade-sama, exactly how do you plan to accomplish keeping this particular Uchiha, here, in Konoha," I asked her under the mask of sincerity and concern for everyone in Konoha, the man could murder all of Konoha if he wanted to.

"He would have no other choice for that matter, in fact he already agreed to it, before I even called you to heal him, Sakura."

No one dared voice their opinion after her explanation of what will happen to Uchiha Itachi, though Sakura was curious as to what the agreement contain.

"Tsunade-sama, what of Kisame and Deidara?" Shizune asked.

"They are to stay too, those three would try out for Konoha Anbu, no one is to know that Deidara of Stone, and Kisame of Mist is a konoha shinobi, and the safe place for them to do their everyday homework is as an Anbu."

"Will the same thing apply for Uchiha?" I asked.

"Eventually yes, for now, the only people that know that the surviving Akatsuki members are here, are the three of us, and a few of the medic-nin staff, but they know better than to spread rumors."

"Is that all Tsunade-sama?" Shizune-san asked.

"Ah," Shishou said taking a sip of her precious sake. Shizune san walked out leaving me alone with shishou, I decided to take my leave too, but shishou stopped me.



"What are the odds of you accepting a marriage proposal from a person you hardly know?" Tsunade-shishou asked.

"I don't understand, Shishou."

"In the agreement, your name is mention Sakura…"Tsunade shishou mumbled her cheeks red from drinking sake.

"I did an agreement jutsu with Itachi, Sakura."

"Gatten no Jutsu," I mumbled, of course I've read of the technique before. Just like a blood pack with a summon, it is also sign in blood. Except it is something the two or more user agreed to can't undo, once it is done, there is no escape except death. And the way it is done, is a bit complicated. Two scrolls would appear as soon as the jutsu is cast, whatever is written in it would be only heard and read of the person who cast it and who it is cast on. Every single thing written has to be something they both agreed on, terms they both must follow, as they give their terms on the scrolls they either write or say, it would automatically switch as soon as they sign their name in blood. And each term and agreement has to be signed in blood or else it would be null.

"Yes, it is that Jutsu, Sakura." Tsunade-shishou said solemnly, looking crushed at what she is about to say.

"I made him agree to remain in the village and marry someone among other things, Sakura." She said looking at her hands, deeply thinking.

"And he agree to it?" I asked, already knowing the obvious, I just want to know where my name comes in, in this agreement.

"He agreed of course, as long as the one he has to marry is you."

Minna he,

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