Spider-Man vs The Blue Scorpion - By SuperTinfoilManPart2

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Chapter 1 - More questions than answers -
25 Miles East of Paektu-san , North Korea ...

Midnight- Commander Joseph T. Dales raised his fist in a sign language that read , -HALT - His team of Private OPS stopped creeping in the thick jungle and slowly crouched down into the thickness of the bush. His team was air dropped near the Tumen river and they made progress towards the secret Nuclear facility located twenty miles north of the drop zone.

His team of Special OPS was secretly declared non-existent by a secret military faction long ago approved by the U.S Government. They were assigned to shut down the facility by any means necessary , without capture . First priority was to not be caught , a war could escalate if that were the case. Joseph named his team The Blue Scorpions and they had a small picture of a blue scorpion sewed into each uniform on the right shoulder almost standing out from the camouflage.

" Intel marked the red zone three point five miles south-west from this marker. The GPS has three armored cars with little movement. Keshwa and Irwin can sneak in there and surround the outside wall with timed explosives, the structure will be too damaged to retain any Nuclear Core , it will have to be shut down permanatly. By the time it goes off we'll be halfway home smoking big fat cigars. " Jeffrey commented looking into his GPS .

Joseph rubbed his chin, " It seems too easy. There's something I don't like about this Jeff. Where is the security ?"

" I think the three armored cars answers that question Joe. " Keshwa remarked almost too loudly from several meters away.

" Quiet you idiot . " Joseph scowled in husked whisper, " I was talking about the men , where is the patrols ? There has to be walkers around that base somewhere. "

Joseph stood up out of the thick bush to get a better look with his night vision goggles. He stood at six foot three , he weighed two hundred and thirty five pounds , a huge man who demanded attention when he walked into a room .

He quickly threw his goggles to the ground from a bright flash grenade explosion nearby that nearly blinded him...

6 hours later inside a secret meeting room in New York City ...

" Captured ? " A crackling voice could be heard over a speaker set up at the end of a long table lined with older men dressed up in military suits.

" Yes general . " An old Military commander responded with white hair trimmed neatly under his dark blue hat , he was sweating , " Operation Silent Crater is a complete failure . " He waited for a response.

After a long pause the audio shot to life again , " The repercussions of this could be catastrophic men . "

" General , " The old Military commander continued , " We have footage from the last feed taken by Soldier 23, it seems that the nuclear facility was some kind of huge underground lab, they are testing humans like guinea pigs , most of the footage is too blocky to see but we identified several humans mutated to the point of near coma-like status. Soldier 23 was obviously killed during the ending of the footage. "

" Mad Jong-Pan'ye . " The Audio responded , " A scientist who still operates in Korea , I thought he was dead back in the Vietnam War , this is incredible. Back then he conducted several human experiments to try and make a Super Soldier , he was a madman no doubt. He used illegal chemicals and robotics , eventually I heard he was betrayed by the War Lord Tu'Mak'Pao and killed near his old lab . But this recent news shows that is false news. Gentlemen , this meeting never happened , the lab is not something our government has concern over anymore , it is not a nuclear facility. "

Over the next several months , no news came out of Korea of any American captives , the cover-up seemed secure ...for now.

The Daily Bugle ...1 year later ...

" What do you want me to do with this Parker ?! " Jonah Jameson slammed the photo of police arresting a group of old ladies wearing masks on his desk.

" I ask you to go get me a picture of Spider-Man up to no good and you bring me a couple of old ladies clearly off they're rockers ! " Jameson almost dropped his cigar out of the corner of his mouth as he berated Peter Parker.

" I keep trying to tell you Mr. Jameson , Spider-Man is one of the good guys." Peter responded slowly picking up the photo. Another typical day at The Bugle , why do I keep coming back here ?

" When you cross this desk with a picture of Spider-Man robbing a bank , stealing a car , beating up teenagers , doing drugs , not paying his taxes , THEN !! AND ONLY THEN WILL I GIVE YOU ANY SORT OF MONEY YOU DESERVE ! " Jameson finally lost his cigar as it gently splashed into his coffee , Peter let out a muffled laugh as the angry publishers intercom beeped on his desk.

" WHAT IS IT ?! " He yelled pressing the button.

" Don't forget to take your pills Sir. " His new secretary responded in a sweet voice.

" Is that you Florence ? " He squinted out his office window to get a better look at his new secretary.

" Yes Sir . "

" Didn't I fire you last week ? "

Peter didn't listen to the rest of the conversation as he left the office , he walked down the stairs and took the elevator all the way down . I need some fresh air . I'm not about to make Spider-Man look like a street thug just to make some money.

He walked outside to the busy human traffic on the sidewalk , cars honking , people complaining . I should get my bike fixed . But this isn't so bad , the city has been pretty calm lately, just petty crimes here and there . No Green Goblin , no Doc Octopus , no Lizard , no Hobgoblin , no Venom , no Kraven the Hunter , no Rhino , no Mysterio , no Electro , no Shocker , no Kingpin , no Scorpion , no Sandman ...

" Hey kid ! Get outta my way ! Wake up will ya ! " A large fat man had almost ran Peter over driving a bike exactly like the one he used to own before it was destroyed.

" Sorry. " He apologized but the fat man was long gone.

He kept walking down the street towards a window display with four television sets on , a small speaker was set up near the top of the window providing a faint audio of the events on the televisions. A small crowd gathered to watch the latest events unfolding on the 5 o'Clock News Hour .

" ...mayor says his daughter went for a jog in Central Park at 7Am this mourning never to return. The New York City Chief of Police says the investigation is in full swing. ( The screen changed to the Chief of Police Michael Nimolty talking about her safety being the number one priority and if anyone has seen her in the last few hours to contact this number. The screen changed back to Pamela Drakens . ) A press conference with Mayor Carlson and his wife Debbie will take place within the hour , stay tuned for future updates on this story... "

" Spider-Man could find her . " An old bald headed man spoke to nobody in particular.

" Spider-Man ? He hasn't been around in months, some say he retired." Another equally old man responded as his wife poked him to continue walking down the busy street.

Retired ? Now THAT sounds like a good idea ! Peter smiled to himself . I miss M.J , he realized out of the blue.

She had taken off to Toronto for police training and computer science , Peter became gradually depressed ever since she left three weeks ago . He was still recovering from the loss of his best friend Harry Osborn and the beating he inflicted from a giant formed Sandman , his Spidey sence has yet to recover from almost being pummeled to death from his giant sand fists.

With the beefed up New York Police Department and the seemingly unlimited budget they acquired from careful planning , Spider-Man became less and less needed . So Peter decided to lay low and try to sew some of his life back together.

He snapped back to reality from being lost in deep thought , the news program had returned from a commercial break and the crowd had scattered , " ...and in International News , a giant forest fire is currently burning down hundreds of acres of trees in Paektu-San , North Korea . Korean officials claim the fire started from a large facility located in the center of the forest , the facility exploded at 10:00 Am this mourning. ( Footage of the giant forest fire came on the screen. ) Experts claim that... " Peter walked away from the television sets , his stomach was growling . It was time for a visit to Aunt May.

Winnipeg Manitoba , Canada .

A large wooden door exploded sending fragments sliding across the marble floor of an abandoned mansion .

The old white haired commander from the meeting walked through the door followed by several military personnel dressed in casual wear. The old commander wore his military jacket with pride , decorated , something in his life he actually didn't want to hide .

" Search the entire estate . We've been betrayed and I want this piece of dirt dead ! " He roared to his men. They complied and started to tear up the place looking for any evidence of the betrayer.

The mansion had been abandoned only a few weeks . The owner was the voice on the audio from the meeting , now a wanted man by the secret government , it was now a matter of national security and no borders would hold the team back from tracking him down.

The entire place was clean , except one crucial piece of evidence found under the refridgerator. A floppy disk with faded words marked on the sticker .

" Mad Jong Pan'Ye . " The old commander growled and clenched his teeth in anger.

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