Spider-Man vs. The Blue Scorpion -

Chapter 14 - The Final Battle -

The Blue Scorpion watched Spider-Man march up to him in the middle of the street, he still had his T.A.C.M set to tactical display. It showed a line attached to the red costumed hero, with weight, abilities and options for success scrolling down the right side. This is it, now I must…

" You must not kill him immediately, " Pang Ye's voice echoed in his memory. " We need him for that sample, afterwards you can kill him. But NOT before then. "

I'm ruining everything for Pang Ye'. He took a hesitant step back, confused as how to proceed. He retracted the 50. Calibre machine gun back into his arm.

" Those people didn't deserve to die ! " Spider-Man yelled at him now, pointing to the burning car in the street. Don't listen to that thing, he's trying to trick you. I can incapacitate him and bring him to Pang Ye'. He can get that sample, THEN I'll kill him for what he's done to me…but what did he do ? The Blue Scorpion saw the flashing of red and blue lights reflect off the nearby shop windows. The police were moving in to the area. He watched several G-Dak gang members break from the large crowd of pedestrians on the street and run away quickly.

What is going on inside this monsters head right now ? Spider-Man stood directly in front of the towering super soldier. The grey skinned creature took a hesitant step backwards, and turned his masked head back and forth, looking at the sidewalks. He's confused.

" Those people didn't deserve to die ! " He pointed at the flaming wreckage as he yelled at the monster. Does he even think for himself ? What did they do to this man ? He spotted several police cruisers approached from behind The Blue Scorpion. The four police cars stopped, then they all got out of their cars and pointed their side arms at the monster. Is he letting himself be captured ? Maybe I'd better not confuse him in case he decides to revert back into destroying first, asking questions later. Spider-Man remained quiet as he observed The Blue Scorpion.

Deputy Grant Willington waved his hands in a calm down motion at his men as they stood ready behind their squad cars, with guns drawn. He watched in awe at the scene in front of him, The Super Soldier and Spider-Man stood facing each other in the middle of the street. It won't take long for the vultures to swoop in on this action. The moment this thought finished, he could hear the thumping of helicopter blades approaching. A chopper hovered high up over the street with the 5 O'clock News Hour logo proudly displayed on the side of it. He then heard the quick squealing of tires behind him, followed by the loud slam of a car door. Uh, oh, that can only be Nimolty. Straighten up that shirt, he'll say. I want this mess cleaned up by the time I finish this sandwich, he'll yell. Grant cringed slightly and turned around, but it wasn't Chief of Police, Michael Nimolty, it was some old guy that looked like the victim of malpractice, the lower half of his face was a different colour.

" Whoa, " Grant held out his arm to stop the old man, " you can't go over there, we have this area under control. " As Grant said this, several more police cars blocked off the entire street behind Spider-Man. He turned to look, then felt a tiny pinch near his wrist. He then quickly felt dizzy, then blackness overcame his vision.

He's not attacking me. Worst yet, I am not compelled to attack him either. The Blue Scorpion watched as more squad cars blocked off the street behind Spider-Man. They'll do anything to protect this city, they care. Just like my men used to care for each other, we were like brothers. If they care enough about the people, maybe they could help me. I need help, I'm so confused right now. Spider-Man could help me.

" Spider-Man…." The Blue Scorpion said out loud, but his voice boomed through his T.A.C.M. That's not even my voice. He felt a quick pinch on his right bicep, he looked down to see a dart sticking out of his massive grey arm. Did they fire this thing at me ?

He was then flooded with images of Spider-Man. But they were scrambled, confusing images that seemed to blur and mesh into one another. What or where is this memory from ?

" He killed every one of your men ! " Mad Jong-Pan Ye' roared from the sidewalk.

Then his memories quickly changed to Spider-Man slaughtering his brothers, his Blue Scorpions. Choking them violently with his webbing and laughing the entire time.

Spider-Man heard the squad cars pulling up behind him, then the doors opening and the multiple clicking of guns being drawn. He noticed The Blue Scorpion seemingly struggling with his own thoughts. Is he second guessing ? What is really going on in that mug of yours ? I really should say something, but what ? Hey, how was your day ? Think we can hang out later and watch this footage on the 5 O'clock News Hour ? That would be cool, ya ! High five my man ! I don't think I'd want a high five from one of those metallic things.

" Spider-Man….." The creature's voice boomed. Did that sound threatening to you ? It sounded more like a plead! I really HAVE to say something now… he noticed a dart zing into the super soldiers arm. The creature looked down at the dart. Spider-Man quickly looked towards the sidewalk, nobody there looked too suspicious. Damn, now he's struggling with his thoughts again.

" He killed every one of your men ! " A familiar voice yelled from behind a car, not that freak again. It's one thing to deal with this Blue Scorpion, but to have to look at that ugly face of the mad scien…


Spider-Man's thoughts were dashed as the grappling hook dug into his chest, The Blue Scorpion pulled back hard and swung him towards the nearest shop, smash ! He smashed right through the large front window of a flower shop.

" Wait ! Wait ! " One of the officers yelled but it was too late, the gun fire started. The super soldier held up his arms to cover his face as bullets rang off of his metallic hands. He then spun around and unleashed several concussion grenades from his wrist. One of the grenades hit an officers car door and sent him flying back inside the squad car. The other grenades detonated all around the cars, smashing the windshields, the side door glass and sending the officers flying backwards.

The Blue Scorpion raised his arm and the 50. Calibre machine gun rolled out, a string of web wrapped quickly around his arm and pulled hard just as he fired. A wave of bullets shredded the sign of a Lawyer's office. Spider-Man jumped from the shop and kicked the super soldier hard in the thigh, it caught the monster off balance for a moment long enough for a hard side kick to the chest. Wump ! The kick took him right off of his feet and he landed hard on his back. Spider-Man jumped out of the way of a sweeping electric whip as the monster lashed it out of his palm while on his back. The super soldier jumped to his feet and lashed his electric whip at Spider-Man again and again, creating blue sparks flying everywhere. The webbed hero dodged the crackling whip then shot two quick globs of webbing right at the dark eye lenses of the creature.

" Rahh ! " The Blue Scorpion growled as he clawed at the webbing that blinded him. He ripped the remained webbing off to find an empty street in front of him. He looked quickly to the left to see Spider-Man swinging a smoking car tire around with a string of web.

" Catch ! " Spider-Man threw the tire as hard as he could, the tire flew through the air leaving a trail of smoke and web behind it, but the Blue Scorpion extended his climbing claws from both hands, he caught the tire and ripped it in half.

" You know, " Spider-Man nodded as he rested his chin on his palm and held his elbow with the other hand, " you could do wonders down at Fred's Auto. But changing tires is definitely out. "

" You can sit there and joke, " The Blue Scorpion boomed, " but you'll soon realise you are OUTMATCHED ! " He raised his arm and activated his double bladed boomerang, it rapidly began to spin until it rose up to the night sky.

" Damn, " Spider-Man kept his eyes on the weapon, " you and you're gadgets. "

He jumped back just as the weapon zipped by, he stuck himself to the brick wall of the Lawyer's office and fired off a string of webbing at the boomerang. But this brief delay of attention cost him as the electric whip wrapped around his ankle. He started to go into convulsions as the Blue Scorpion dragged him off of the sidewalk to the pavement, he quickly rolled to one side as the boomerang stuck right into the street, he reached out to grab it but the weapon quickly took off again.

" I can see it live on the news. " The Master laughed into the phone.

" This could work out perfectly for you. " Mad Jong said from a cell phone, with clashing noises in the background.

" Just make sure Spider-Man has no chance of winning. Keep your pet well in sight. I have to contact my men in Omaha right now, Jong. To make preparations for our arrival. Make sure you get that sample and meet me at the airport ! " The line went dead.

Spider-Man kicked off the electric whip as The Blue Scorpion grabbed him by the shoulder. He hauled Spider-Man to his feet and punched him hard in the chest with his other arm, that still had the electric whip dangling around. The whip shocked him and the punch sent him reeling backwards across the street. Pedestrians covered their mouths as they watched their hero fly into yet another store window. Spider-Man crashed right through two rows of mannequins before creating a large dent in the front counter of the clothing store. He struggled to his feet then spun two strings of webs on the ceiling with both hands, he jumped and swung as hard as he could back out of the store.

The Blue Scorpion caught him again, this time with his grappling hook in mid air. He swung Spider-Man right into the windshield of a small red car, the windshield smashed and he fell right into the front seat. He ducked just in time as the boomerang smashed through the side window and out the passenger window, spraying glass everywhere.

Spider-Man jumped out of the smashed windshield, did a front flip and kicked the Blue Scorpion in the chest with both feet, he rebounded back into the air and shot two strings of webs around the monsters shoulders and gave the beast another hard kick to the front of his mask. The boomerang zipped by again and slashed off his webbing, causing him to lose balance right in front of his enemy. The Blue Scorpion punched Spider-Man right in the face with a hard metallic left hand. CLONK !

Spider-Man did a backflip in the air and slammed into the side of a van. The Blue Scorpion then shot a concussion grenade at him before he even landed. The wave of pressure from the exploding grenade ripped the side of his costume off , leaving his entire left arm exposed. He gasped as he crawled around on his belly. But he stopped crawling when a large, shiney black boot stomped on his back. The electric whip cracked around his neck, ripping away the lower portions of his mask, and causing extreme pain as the Blue Scorpion started to pull him up, bending his back. The creature looked up at the hovering boomerang and guided it down in front of Spider-Man's face.

" Move a muscle, and I'll slice open your neck. " The Blue Scorpion's voice commanded as the boomerang spun inches from Spider-Man's neck.

" Excellent work, " Mad Jong commended his creation, he then jabbed a needle into Spider-Man's arm and filled the vile full of blood, " you may continue. " The mad scientist laughed as he walked away.

" This is it bug, " The Blue Scorpion sounded very pleased suddenly, " the green light to finally end your murderous ways ! "

The boomerang moved in but Spider-Man ducked his head causing the spinning blades to snap the electric whip, the released tension caused the Blue Scorpion to stumble backwards. Spider-Man jumped to his feet and quickly spun webbing around the boomerang until it finally stopped and all that was left was a big round ball of web sitting on the pavement.

He jumped and gave the monster a hard double fist to the side of the head, the Blue Scorpion staggered sideways, the webbed hero continued to smash the grey monster with rights and lefts until he fell onto his back after a hard jumping uppercut.

Mad Jong Pan Ye' opened his overcoat as he walked down the sidewalk, he placed the vial of blood inside a small black box and slid it inside his pocket. He then pulled a ripchord that extended two small jet engines pointing down, the move caused his overcoat to fold under to reveal his jetpack.

" You're not going anywhere, freakshow ! " Spider-Man called out as he landed several feet away on top of a Mercedes.

" Think again, insect ! " The mad scientist called out as he activated his jetpack. He took off into the night sky leaving a trail of dual smoke trails behind him.

Spider-Man jumped and shot webs at the building as he swung high into the air, he let go and glided for a moment before shooting another string of webbing near the top of the huge building, he ran up the panes of glass as he neared the side, quickly catching up to the jet packed mad scientist.

Just as he was about to reach Mad Jong, he felt pains in his side as grappling hook claws dug into his hip. He looked down to see the Blue Scorpion clawing up the side of the building while extending his grappling hook.

" Can't you just get lost, " Spider-Man yelled, " I'm busy here ! " He reached out and shot the back of the jet pack with a string of webbing as he slammed into the side of the building as the Blue Scorpion tugged at him.

The Master picked up his breifcase and headed for the door to his office marked. C.E.O QUENTON REDWHEEL, when he stopped, lifted his head as he could swear he heard something outside. He walked around his desk and watched in horror as Mad Jong Pan Ye' sailed right at his office window!

Smash !

Glass flew everywhere as The Master dived to the floor sending his briefcase spinning towards the couch. The mad scientist slammed into the office wall sending the pictures of The Master popping off and breaking on the floor. He disengaged his jetpack as the exhaust filled the office with smoke as it twirled around the broken window.

" This is a little blunt, you fool ! I told you to wait for me at the airport ! " The Master screamed. Mad Jong unhooked the jetpack and showed The Master the string of web still attached to it.

" Don't worry, " The Master smiled, " if you two can't handle the spider, I'll do it myself. "

Spider-Man jumped inside the office breaking more glass. The Blue Scorpion was close on his heels, firing his 50. Calibre machine gun and creating wide pit marks all over the ceiling.

" Stop ! " The Master called out. Everyone stood in one place, The Blue Scorpion waited, pointing his machine gun at Spider-Man.

" I should've guessed. " Spider-Man said, shaking his head…..

" Brumhild Deimo. "

" That's correct spider. But I go by many names, Brumhild Deimo, Abraham Kreos, Quenton Redwheel, but most know me as The Master. " He smiled at the webbed hero.

" But it doesn't make sense, you could've gotten my blood anytime you wanted. You had me unconscious. " Spider-Man eyed Mad Jong as he said this, the mad scientist had picked up The Master's briefcase and walked over to his boss.

" It makes perfect sense Spider-Man, a.k.a Peter Parker. I have deep roots in the military and the F.B.I. Brumhild Deimo is not off the suspect list when it came to searching for the mysterious Master and Mad Jong Pan Ye'. I had my own team eyeballing me the entire way. The only way to fix that was with The Blue Scorpion, so I arranged for him to kill me. Then he was to incapacitate you so we could acquire your blood, then kill you." The Master opened his briefcase and removed a thin laptop, which he opened.

" What is this now ? " Spider-Man asked, afraid of the answer.

" This is an arial view of the large underground base we have in Omaha. " He touched the sceen, changing the image.

" This is what we hold in that base. " The Master smiled.

Spider-Man lost his breath as he viewed the tens of thousands of glass pods, each with dozens of tubes and rods running to the ceiling. Each pod contained a sleeping human being.

" I plan to create a Spider-Man army. With this army I will control the entire planet. Now that we have your blood, we can combine it with Mad Jong's technology into these people. It's a really long process to talk about, I don't have time to get into it here I'm afraid. " The Master replaced the laptop back into the briefcase.

" Our mission was a lie. " The Blue Scorpion lowered his weapon.

The Master nodded in Mad Jong's direction, the mad scientist slowly took out his dart gun. He fired it at The Blue Scorpion but Spider-Man caught the dart in his hand and crushed it under his boot.

" Your plan is about to fail. " Spider-Man said as he took a step towards The Master.

" No. No it isn't. " The Master pressed a button on a conceiled remote control in his pocket and Spider-Man fell to his knees in pain. The Blue Scorpion also fell to his knees from the same remote.

" You seem to be forgetting the tracking chip implant on your collar bone. It serves another purpose as well. " The Master smiled as he pressed the button again. Spider-Man fell to his face, unable to move, the Blue Scorpion suffered the same fate.

" I am planning to blow up that silly little photograph place you work at, Peter Parker. Was is the name again ? Daily Bugle ? What a dumb name. That construction going on at the main floor is handled by all my men. Its really just symbolic, once that explosion takes out every building within two miles, I unleash my Spider-Men onto the world, they will work together just fine with the gangs and mobsters I have under my control. I estimate this city overtaken within hours, by the time the president can figure out whats going on, we'll be on the White House lawn, running towards the building. " The Master smiled as he took a step closer to the two beings twitching on the floor.

With every ounce of strength, Spider-Man pushed up to his feet and grabbed the remote out of The Master's hand. He quickly crushed the remote and tripped backwards over a fallen office chair. He was really exhausted now, he scrambled to find a handhold to climb back up.

The Blue Scorpion auto injected himself with adrenalin and stood up in front of The Master, towering over him.

" Mad Jong ! " The Master screamed as the mad scientist struggled to put a dart in his gun.

The monster grabbed The Master by the scruff of his neck and lifted him up to the front of his mask.

" You are the cause of my brothers death ! " The Blue Scorpion roared into The Master's face. But a dart hit him on the left bicep and he dropped The Master back down to the floor. Mad Jong hit him with another dart, then reloaded and sent another dart into the same arm.

" Spider-Man killed your brothers. " Mad Jong said as softly as his mechanised voice could allow.

The Blue Scorpion turned around quickly to confront Spider-Man but was met with a web spun power punch to the face. The monster reeled backwards, knocking The Master over an ornate table, smashing a lamp.

Mad Jong quickly reloaded his dart gun with a poison dart and aimed it at Spider-Man, but the webbed hero shot a string of webbing at the ignition switch on the jetpack, the pack roared to life grabbing Mad Jong by the legs and dragging him right out the office window ! The jetpack corkscrewed through the air whipping the mad scientist around and around until it exploded into the opposite building, killing Mad Jong Pan Ye' and sending his smoking rag doll-like body to the streets below.

Spider-Man shoulder tackled the Blue Scorpion, who smashed into The Master, all three of them crashed right out of the office sending door parts flying all over the floor. The Master fell to his side and started to crawl away. The Blue Scorpion grabbed Spider-Man by the front of his costume and threw him through a cubicle wall. The creature thumped a concussion grenade in Spider-Man's direction, the webbed hero quickly caught the grenade and threw it away from himself. The grenade exploded sending computer monitors and equipment flying everywhere. Cubicle wall parts covered The Master as he crawled on the carpet towards the exit. He grabbed a small black cell phone out of his pocket as he crawled.

" Skylight, this is The Master. " He scowled as he neared the exit, a monitor crashed into the wall near him exploding into dozens of seprate pieces, " I need an exit now ! Triangulate my cell phone signal for a roof extraction. "

" Extraction….." The Blue Scorpion muttered as he rolled out his 50. Calibre machine gun. A memory from the past surfaced for a moment and he hesitated. This gave Spider-Man the time to grab his arm and give him a hip toss right across the room ! The creature rolled through several cubicles while he fired his gun. Bits of pressed wood , papers and bullets flew in all directions.

" We have to stop him ! " Spider-Man yelled with a pleading quality.

" I'll stop you alright ! " The Blue Scorpion opened fire again and Spider-Man dove out of the way as sparks flew off the metal computer chairs and destroying bulletin boards.

Spider-Man layed on his side behind a waist high wall as it was being tore up, hole by hole, by bullets. He reached up and shot a web on the ceiling then pulled down, the ceiling caved in causing a halogen light to fall and smash on the floor. He crouched then jumped right into the hole. He smashed right through the floor to the office above. He then jumped over a table towards the exit. The Blue Scorpion turned and headed towards the exit nearby.

Spider-Man ran out to the staircase hall, the floor number 45 was marked in red on the wall. He listened carefully, winced for a second as the creature destroyed the exit door, one floor down. He could make out quick steps far up. He ducked as chunks of the wall blew off as The Blue Scorpion opened fire again, he turned and ran as fast as he could up the staircase, the giant grey creature followed him, firing all the way.

The Master kicked the bar on the roof door and ran out to the night time roof. He spyed the red and white lights of the helicopter approaching in the distance and smiled. He could hear the gunfire echoing up the staircase behind him. He looked around quickly and hid behind one of the large exhaust vents.

Spider-Man ran out to the roof, stopped then did a backflip right on top of the staircase door. The Blue Scorpion ran out firing wildly but lurched forward as Spider-Man jumped onto his back. He wrapped his arm around the massive neck of the creature and started choking with all his might. The helicopter hovered on a back angle on the roof as it slowly dropped down, it kicked up a massive amount of dirt and pebbles flying everywhere.

The Master jumped out of hiding and ran to the helicopter, he jumped in and gave the up signal several times.

Spider-Man saw the chopper start to lift off the roof and reached out to sling it with his web, but the Blue Scorpion grabbed his arm and flung him hard into the concrete barrier surrounding the roof. The barrier smashed sending the webbed hero spiralling out into the darkness with parts of dust and concrete following him.

The Blue Scorpion held his head in confusion, looked up at the chopper getting more height, then shot his grappling hook at the landing skid. The Master looked shocked as he stuggled to hang on as the chopper veered sharply while the creature held it in place.

A web stuck to his arm and he was hauled roughly right out of the opening. He bounced hard on the roof and rolled right in front of The Blue Scorpions feet. The creature raised his black boot and stomped hard on The Master's forehead, cracking his neck and skull. He let the chopper escape by releasing the grappling hook. Spider-Man cautiously walked towards the large creature to inspect the kill.

Far down on the street, there was mass confusion surrounding the splattered body of Mad Jong Pan Ye', cops were trying to maintain order and keep the people back while at the same time controlling traffic. There was blood everywhere. A hand reached down inside the jacket and pulled out a little black box….

" I need help….Spider-Man. I am really confused. " The Blue Scorpion stammered as Spider-Man stood next to him. Spider-Man worked up the nerve to look at the body of The Master. He completely lost his breath as he stared at the cracked open head, with yellow ooze dripping out of it, there were tiny gears moving all inside the fake skull.

Brumhild Deimo, The Master drove down the street in the back of his limo away from the excitement of Mad Jong's scene , he smiled as he held up a single, lighter sized object with a red button on the end.

" You lose, Spider-Man. " He muttered as he pressed the button.

The bottom of the large building exploded into a mass of dust and glass. It flipped over nearby cars while sending people flying into the building next to it. The huge skyscraper started to crumble straight down, creating a huge dust cloud.

Spider-Man jumped to one side as the roof collapsed, The Blue Scorpion tried to run to the edge of the roof but was swallowed in a cloud of debris as the entire section quickly collapsed around him. Spider-Man yelled out for the creature as he ran down the outside of the building as large juts of glass, metal and dust shot out sideways all around him. He tried to look for any signs of The Blue Scorpion but knew there was no chance for survival, he jumped from the crumbling building and swing to safety across the street. The collapsed skyscraper cloud created a giant round wall of dust that quickly crawled its way down the street. Spider-Man did what he could to save people in the area around the disaster.

Hours later….

A dusty, ripped and bloody Spider-Man crawled inside his apartment window. He knew he would hear about the discovery of The Blue Scorpion's body in the news. But what really bothered him was the robot of The Master. A perfect replica of the original. But he knew there was a switch somewhere on the way.

Probably on the staircase. My job is never done, now I'll have to hunt that man down before he finds somebody smart enough to help him create that super army with my blood.

He ripped off his costume and jumped into the shower. The phone rang several times until the answering machine picked it up…

" Hi Peter ! It's me MJ. I was just calling because I miss you. I hope everything is fine there and your not fighting any monsters. Ha ha ha ! Well, I'll call you a bit later. Love you, tiger ! "


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