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Chapter 4

"It's over!" Fang yelled. Zanny bristled, growling.

"That's what you think!" she returned the shout. Chocolate pudding splattered on her back, and she couldn't ignore the cold sliminess of it.

She held up one claw. "One second." She turned to the other Pokemon. "Aight, who's da fool that threw that!?"

Sandy paused and slid the pudding bowl closer to Eevee. The fox-like Pokemon stared at the bowl and slid it back to Sandy, who let out a soft growl and slid it back.

Zanny rolled her eyes when Fang Tackled her from behind.

"Enough. Let's finish this." Fang muttered, pinning her down. Zanny tried desperately to turn on her back so she can stop Fang's next attack. The blade flashing purple for a Poison Tail, Fang threw the attack at his enemy.

Finding a new inner strength, Zanny pulled herself out from under him and bounced backwards, facing the snake. The blade smashed into the floor.

The Seviper pulled at his tail, but it was stuck. Hissing in impatientness, Fang continued his struggles while Zanny grinned at this opportunity.

She pounced and gave a Crush Claw attack. Fang's tail got free, but he wasn't in time to dodge. Hitting her opponent on the back of the head, Zanny's attack sent the Seviper flying into the wall.

Landing upright, Zanny retracted her claws and stared at the fallen Pokemon. He looked fainted.

"Give up yet?" she asked. Fang shook his head weakly before pulling himself back up as Zanny slowly re-extended her claws.


"Move Todo! You're ruining my aim!" Kit said, trying to throw some pie at Pigeot. But the stupid Totodile kept getting in the way.


Kit shoved Todo out of the way and threw the pie. It missed by a longshot. Kit shivered with rage, grounding his teeth.

"You need to work on your target practice." Todo said with that horrible smile. Kit set the floor under the water Pokemon on fire. Todo ran off as Kit gave chase, giving a Flamethrower at her tail.


Kooky yawned and fell asleep right in the middle of the chaos. Out of everyone, he was the least covered in food. Teleporting was all he had to do...That's all he had to know.

Afterall, yelling his first words were exhausting...for an Abra.

Now he wants to sleep...as always.


Sandy and Eevee were back-to-back, with apple sauce as their weapon of choice, after running out of pudding.

"Status Report?" Sandy asked.

"Kooky dodging all shots fired. Pigeot beating Kit up for dissing on a 'future girlfriend'." Eevee said.

Sandy rolled her eyes and huffed. "As if." She looked around. "Darkness, Sableye, and Hiarashi hiding under the table for cover. Growlithe trying to take all hits...brave soul. Zanny and Fang trying to kill eachother...that's nothing new..."

"There's too many. What should we do?" Eevee asked franctically. Sandy paused.

"It's been nice workin with ya."


"We're not gonna make it!" Hiarashi exclaimed. Darkness pulled himself out of the cover of the table, threw some icecream, and quickly hid back with his friends.

"Yes we are! We're not giving up!" Sableye reassured, shouting over the noise. He gave Darkness more icecream ammo, but as the dark type Pokemon was about to throw it, some gravy splattered all over him.

"I've been hit!" he called out. He fell to the ground as Hiarashi and Sableye pulled him back to safety.

"Are you alright?" Hiarashi asked. Darkness groaned dramatically.

"I see the light..." he muttered in answer.

"Don't go to it!" Sableye yelled, eyes getting teary. Darkness coughed.

"It calls...my name..." he mumbled before fainting. Hiarashi cried.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" he and Sableye shouted in distress.


Zanny and Fang were exhausted, but determined. They spent a moment glaring at eachother before Fang caught his breath.

"I'll beat you. Or maybe I should destroy your precious chocolate syrup." he muttered with a grin, trying to tick Zanny off.

"Never! You'll never get my chocolate!" she shouted. Fang chuckled.

"Yes I will. Just to see you squirm."

"Over my dead, rotting body!"

"That can be arranged."

They charged at eachother.


Growlithe was trying hard to save as many as he could. He was literally covered ear to paw in food. but he had to keep going.

He saw that Darkness had fainted and wished he'd been there in time to save him.

He saw Sandy about to get hit by some mac and cheese. He ran to the rescue.

"Look out!" he shouted before taking the hit. Sandy and Eevee looked at him in shock.

"Muchas Gracias." Sandy muttered. Growlithe smiled gratefully.

"Just doing what's right." he said before going out to save more.


"I'm so sorry, Mrs. Otay. This doesn't happen many times. Honestly." Mahi said. Rin looked at her scolding look. Mahi sighed. "Okay. Yes it does."

Mrs. Otay didn't seem to hear them. She was looking around with her usual shocked look. She saw Zanny and Fang fighting. She saw Darkness out cold and Hiarashi and Sableye crying over him.

Growlithe was taking hits for other Pokemon. Sandy and Eevee were like female secret agents. Pigeot was trying to win the heart of Todo by attacking Kit. Kit had all his attention on trying to kill Todo.

Kooky was sleeping throughout the whole thing, teleporting to dodge the food.

It was absolute chaos!

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" she screamed. Every Pokemon stopped what they were doing and stared at the teacher.

"Mrs. Otay?" Mahi asked as the adult human laughed in a derranged laugh. "Are you alright?"

"Alright? ALRIGHT!?! Hahahahaha...I'm fine. Fine as ever!..." Mrs. Otay's hair looked...maniacal.

"Are you sure?" Rin asked in concern. Zanny was confused with the teacher's behavior so she threw some yams. It splattered on the teacher's head. Mrs. Otay smiled like a psychopath.

"Yeah...hehehehehe...all's cool!...In fact, A's! A's for everyone in the class at school! For the rest of the year! For you Mahi,...A+'s for the rest of your life! HAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Mrs. Otay ran out of the house, still cracking. Everything was quiet in the house. Finally Rin cleared her throat.

"That was weird." she said. Mahi smiled.

"We should invite more of our teachers." she said as everyone fell over at her comment. "All Pokemon, as thank you, gets you're own room. Plus a trip to Kanto!"

Everyone got up again and cheered.

So it was just another day at the lonely house in Hoenn.

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