Home Is Where the Heart Is

Chapter One

I was lying on my bed depressed as I had been for the most part of the Summer with my iPod in my ears (this really great device that I can listen to music on without being interrupted; Aunt Hermione bought it for me for my last birthday). Tonight was the night in which a ball was held every year annually on this night in celebration of the defeating of Voldemort on this very night twenty-three years ago. Usually I love to go, getting dressed up and looking hot for everyone used to be the highlight of my year and getting to spend the whole night ignoring my family and snogging my boyfriend Ben Malfoy in an unused room, used to be great; but not anymore.

I broke up with Ben on the last day of school last year after I caught him screwing Felicity Thomas in a deserted school hall. So after figuring out that I had spent the last two years giving all of my love, devotion and even having sex with Ben and having it all thrown away made me completely and utterly depressed the entire Summer. My best friend Jake tried to cheer me up by taking me out to fly and my cousin Kate attempted to make me feel better by getting her mum (my Aunt Hermione) to tell us all of her depressing love stories. None of it worked and I decided to wallow in self pity for the rest of the Summer.

Mum has been nagging me all Summer about what was wrong and there was no way that I could tell her. I mean I was going out with the son of their arch enemy Draco Malfoy for two years without even telling her and the fact that he cheated on me would give my parents reason to kill him and then kill me for going out with him. I just wouldn't work. I herd a knock on my door and before I can even tell the person to fuck off my mum walks in with my dad and once again they are giving the concerned look to me.

Mum and dad come and sit on my bed and I look at them properly and realise just how attractive they still are; Mum is turning 40 soon and looks exactly the same as when she was seventeen except her face has matured. Dad is 41 and thought the lines across his face show his age, he is still as fit as he always been and is the Quidditch coach for Puddlemere United the team my twenty year old sister Lilly plays for.

"Jayne what's wrong, your dad and I have been so worried for you all Summer. What happened to the Jayne that used to play Quidditch all of the time with Lilly, dad and Jake? Who used to love the Summer and couldn't stand her room. The girl who only used her iPod for when she went running because she couldn't stand to not be fit? Jaynie what is wrong?" Mum looked really concerned and I decided that shock tactic may actually be the best thing for them to leave me alone. Going back on my earlier opinion I decided to tell them the truth. I took my earphones out and questioned them.

"You really would like to know what's wrong." Mum nodded and dad answered.

"Yes." He said more to himself than me and I mentally braced myself.

"For starters the last two years I have been going out with Ben Malfoy." Their faces turned from concern to shock.

"You WHAT?" Dad exploded and mum put a hand on his knee to calm him down.

"Wait we haven't even got to the good part yet." I said snidely and my mum and dad shut their mouths, I could tell mum could sense that something was really wrong.

"Our relationship was really good, I even thought I loved him, we did everything for each other, I even slept with him and then out of no-where when I went to patrol the corridors with Kate one night to keep her company and then we walk into a deserted corridor and there he is. There he is fucking Felicity Thomas right in front of me and I was so angry with myself that I had just wasted two years of my life with him and all I could think of was just how stupid I was."

I looked at my parents and for the first time in years tears were flowing from my eyes and I was crying so hard and my dad looked look like he didn't know what the hell to do so he kissed my head and left the room. Mum wrapped her arms around me and held me.

"I'm so fucking stupid, I'm so stupid mum." I cried and cried into her and she actually looked a little relieved that she knew what had been going on with me the entire Summer.

"Look at me Jayne," I looked up into her beautiful brown eyes and she smiled.

"You are not stupid, he is because he doesn't know what he has just lost. Life goes on Jaynie and there are good and bad times in life and you never know when these things will happen, they just do and there isn't anything you can do about it. Now I just want to ask you some things?" I nodded my head and she proceeded with questioning.

"Were you having safe sex?" She looked at me concerned.


"Jayne because that's how I got pregnant with James at seventeen." She looked concerned and I nodded.

"Every time, believe me I made certain."

"Good," She stared into my eyes and smiled.

"You should cry more often your eyes are this beautiful brilliant green when you do." I laughed and sobbed at the same time. She hugged me one last time and got off my bed.

"Now if you don't mind getting ready for the ball, your dad is having a stress as usual and I need to attend to him." She smiled at me.

"Mum," I said as she was at the door of my bedroom.

"Thanks." She smiled and I remembered just how much I loved my mum.

"No problems." She walked out of the door and I walked to the mirror.

Mum definitely was right, I should cry more often. Though I was only one of two kids in our family to inherit my dad's beautiful eyes (my brother Matt is fifteen and has them as well) my eyes are generally really quite pretty on their own, when I cry they look spectacular and they shine like nothing else. I walked across my room and checked out all of pictures of my friends and I from previous years. I felt like the biggest bitch, I had done them no justice at all this Summer and had basically ignored them. Whilst I was thinking about what I would say to apologise to them, I looked up and Jake Longbottom was standing in my door way.

"Hey," I smiled at him and he smiled back at me; I forgot how cute he looked when he got all dressed up and shy too. When I tilted my head upwards and looked straight up at him, his face changed and he looked concerned. I assume he looked at my face and guessed that I had been crying.

"Have you been crying?" He asked concernedly and he walked over to me and put an arm around me.

"Yeah, a little" He looked shocked.

"But you never cry, I've known you to get knocked by some serious pain and be pushed around but you've never cried." He rubbed my back and I relaxed into him; he and Kate are always my comforts.

"I know, I told mum about the whole thing with Malfoy and I just started balling. Going on about how fucking stupid and naive I have been."

"You told your mum about Malfoy?" He looked a little scared.

"…and dad too" Jake didn't look scared anymore, he looked bloody frightened.

"How did they take that?"

"Dad didn't really, he just kind of kissed my head and left my room a shit load more stressed than before but mum didn't seem to mind at all. I think she just wanted to make sure I wasn't pregnant after the whole Malfoy thing." He made a face and I laughed at him.


"Just thinking about the spawn of Malfoy"

"Yuck" I said and we both laughed, I hadn't realised this past Summer just how much I had missed Jake and Kate as friends.

"I'm sorry for all the shit I've put you and Katie through this Summer." I looked up at him and I knew that he had been pissed off that I had blown them off the whole Summer but I knew that he would forgive me.

"I was really pissed off with you in the beginning but I get what you were going through so I guess you maybe could be forgiven." He looked serious for a moment and then laughed.

"Kidding, you're pretty cool Jaynie. Plus I get brownie points for being friends with the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team." He poked me and I poked him back.

"Shut up and stop kissing my arse, you are going to have to work your arse off to get back your chaser job."

"Come on that team wouldn't survive without me, you wouldn't." He looked at me and I noticed just how good looking he actually was. He had his dad's dark shaggy hair and his mum's beautiful tanned skin and a killer smile.

"No I suppose that I wouldn't but I can tease can't I?" He smiled and I laughed.

"I guess."

"Now come on and help me pick out a dress, you know how shit I am with all of this stuff." He looked scared at the mention of picking female clothing and he backed away and put his hands up as if he was surrendering.

"No way, if you're bad. I'm fifty times worse."

"How bad could it be?"

I reached into my cupboard and picked out three dressed that were most suited to this event. A red dress that was low cut and probably too sexy for an event like this. A white beaded dress that was so fancy that it reminded me of Aunty Fleur's wedding dress from what I've seen. Finally I pulled out a silk emerald green dress with a low back that I had fallen in love with. Aunt Hermione has gotten Kate and I into muggle movies. There is this one film called 'How to loose a guy in ten days' and in the end when the heroine goes to the party she wears this gorgeous yellow gown; well I guess my dress is the same as hers except green. I held the dresses up against myself and Jake looked confused but eventually pointed to the green one.

"Thanks, now shoo so I can get changed."

I took off my clothes and placed some sort of fancy tape mum gave me over my boobs (that were basically non-existent thanks to Quidditch) and I slipped the gown over my head. I examined myself in my mirror and I made a note to thank Jake, for a change my fit Quidditch body actually looked good in something. The silk clung to me nicely and whilst I was admiring myself, Jake knocked to ask if he could come in again. He walked in and the look that he gave me, made me feel loved. He stared at me as I twirled and he stuttered over his words as he told me how nice I looked and I laughed at him. Kate appeared at the door and I jumped on her and hugged her.

"Hey it's good to see you too." She said surprised and I released her and explained everything. Jake stood there awkwardly looking at the photographs on my dresser.

"Hey Jayne its ok plus you look hot." I smiled.

"Thanks you do too" and she did, with long beautiful hair curled into delicate ringlets and a tight baby pink chiffon bodice with lace that spiralled outwards and pink matching heels; she really did look hot.

"You haven't even finished getting dressed yet!" Kate said stressed and she performed a straightening charm on my hair and did some other little things to add light makeup to my face. I grabbed my bag and put on ballet flats (I couldn't wear heels because at 6 foot I am only 3 inches shorter than dad and the only one of my friends who is taller than me would be Jake and that too is only by a couple of inches. My height comes extremely in hand for Quidditch though).

"Good to go?" Jake asked us and we nodded, we made our way downstairs to where the rest of the entire of our families were waiting.

It's going to take some time to introduce you to my family so I may as well do so now, whilst they are all looking so pretty. I'll start with my family; supposedly we are the famous Potter's with mum and dad being Ginny and Harry. My eldest brother is named James of course and he is twenty two and is married to Keira who is absolutely beautiful and they made my nephew Sirius who isn't even a year old yet. Lilly is next and she is twenty and she is like James and mum with Red hair and gorgeous brown eyes she is a chaser for Puddlemere United. Matt is the youngest and he is sixth year this year and he and I could pass for twins, with our closeness in age, Quidditch loving and our black hair and green eyes, we are very much alike.

Aunty Hermione and Uncle Ron have three kids; Kate who is my best friend and turns eighteen just before I do, Emma is twelve and one of the best Quidditch keepers I know she takes after Hermione in looks and Aaron is the youngest of all the kids being five and is rivalled to be the next Fred or George with his partner in crime. Aunt Fleur and Uncle Bill have two kids; Will is twenty four and a curse breaker and looks exactly like Uncle Bill and Rachael is seventeen the same day as Kate and she is gorgeous just like her mum. We hang out but not that much because she was actually the first Weasley to never be placed into Gryffindor and she is in Hufflepuff.

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Jamie have one child Dan and he is thought to Aaron's partner in crime with everything. Aunt Jamie just told us that she is pregnant so Aaron is going to have to renege his hold on being the baby of the family. Uncle Percy and Aunty Penelope don't visit us very often and mum is pretty tight lipped about why but they have a set of un-identical twins who are twelve; Charlize who I am hopping to recruit to the team this year and Liam who is basically a male Hermione.

Uncle Fred and Aunt Angelina have three kids; one set of identical twins Jenny and Kayla the later of which is one of my Beaters on the team. Little Harry is only five and looks like Fred unlike his sisters; he is the sweetest thing in the whole family. Uncle George and Aunt Katie on the other hand have twin boys Jack and Brad who are twelve and Jack is my newest Beater and they are becoming the third year hotties with their blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes. Little Jess is five and is the spitting image of Uncle George; I love that little kid so much.

So all in all there is a hell of a lot of us, not including all of the family friends there is actually 20 of us kids if you include Jamie's forthcoming baby. I looked around at them all as I walked down the stairs with Jake and Kate. Everyone was smiling at us and all of us kids have to wait for the parents to get to the ball first before we can actually go; the parents have to have their entrance as they were the one's to save the day.

All of our parent's aparated off and the three of us and the older guys too spent the next ten minutes attempting to calm down the little ones and then we would buddy up and side along aparate there. James, Lilly, Will, Keira, Jake, Kate and I were the only ones who could actually aparate so everyone grabbed onto someone and we made sure that the little ones were joined on properly and we left. Jake took Emma who held onto her little brother Aaron and I took little Jess and Harry and we were away.

When we arrived outside the hall where the photographers were going mad with photographs and interviews of the celebration, each parent was looking around to make sure that their respective children were safe. Uncle George came up to me and hugged me.

"Thanks Jayne," and he took Jess off me who didn't want to go.

"Ok, do you want to stay with Jaynie?" She nodded enthusiastically and he looked at me as if to say do you mind.

"Na it's cool, you and Aunty Katie go off and have fun; I'm happy to look after her." He smiled.

"Thankyou, Jayne you are a lifesaver. Remind me to put in a good word with your dad." I smiled and he walked off.

My Aunty Luna and Uncle Neville came up to me and kissed and hugged both Jess and I.

"Hey Jayne have you seen our son around anywhere?" I looked around and couldn't see him at all.

"No, Jake was with us just a second ago wasn't he Jess; we aparated in with him" she nodded and they both looked confused.

"Ok, thanks anyway Jayne." I had never known Jake to walk away from his parents before; I didn't think that anything was wrong.

We walked inside to the auditorium where the mandatory speeches would be made by Aunty Hermione, Uncle Ron and the major one of the night always was Dad's; he hated doing it but he knew that he had to. Once everyone was seated Jake appeared next to Jess and looked around, appeared relieved and he relaxed.

"Hey where did you go, your parents were looking for you?" I whispered to him and he looked distracted and swore, I glared at him and covered Jess's ears who laughed.

"Is something wrong?" I asked him and he shook his head.

"No, I just had to do something."

"Do I even want to know?"


"Ok then, let's just make it through the next hour to dinner; because I am starving."

The speeches were long and tearful and Aunty Hermione this time couldn't even manage any words; it was just all too painful. People in my school are always talking about how cool the war would have been and I can never get why. The fear that you and your loved ones could die in the next minute and the devastation and pain and just from what mum has told me about the strain on her and dad's relationship I don't even know why you would want to be a part of any of it. Even in the times of euphoria after the war my family was still dealing with everything that had happened, the loved ones they'd lost and all the sacrifices they had had to make just to win the war. It's sick to even wish that we were in times when we could be a part of it.

The speeches ended quicker than usual and the diner passed by quickly with barely any words spoken at my family's table even though there were eight of us at the table. Everyone looked tense and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I finished I walked out and I saw my parents talking in hushed whispers and I hid around the corner desperate to hear what they were saying.

"Harry I have to tell you something I can't hold it in much longer and I'm not sure whether it is a good or a bad thing." Dad was looking a little stressed and mum was on breaking point.

"What is it Ginny?"

"Harry I'm pregnant." Oh my fucking God! Dad looked like he was going to faint and I was looking at my parents shocked, she's forty for God's sake.

"With twins" it didn't take much longer and I was on the floor, dead to the world for my parents to see that I had been listening in on them.

"Jayne, wake up please." I opened my eyes to see my dad's messy black hair and glasses in my face and he smiled when he saw I was conscious.

"Are you alright darling?"

"Yeah I'm fine but please tell me that what mum just said was a nightmare." Mum was looking extremely guilty and she shook her head.

"Are you serious? Are you going to have them?" Dad looked confused and I realised that he too was still a little in shock.

"What else can we do?" Mum looked at me. Dad shrugged.

"I guess, well at least I won't have to be there when they are babies, I'll be at school thank God." Mum hugged me and Dad kissed my head.

"Believe me this is a shock to me too Jaynie, just do us a favour and don't say anything about it to anyone until we do." I nodded my head and they whispered their thanks and they walked back off to the table.

I walked back into the ballroom and saw Kate dancing with the guy that she has had a crush on for about three years now. Mark Wood, Uncle Oliver's son and my star chaser the kid is brilliant really; he's hoping that we both get onto Puddlemere United's team next year with my sister, my dad and his dad is head of training there as well so it would be pretty cool. Mark doesn't have the Irish accent his dad does but he definitely has the charm and he has been doing it to Katie for some time now. His mum Alicia is really good friends with all of our mums because they used to play Quidditch together or something like that.

I was standing there watching Kate and Mark, smiling because that's how Ben and I used to be so innocent and sweet and seemingly in love, I was thinking it's…

"It's funny how times change isn't it." I looked next to me but I didn't need to, I could tell that it was Jake and he smiled at me.

"It is isn't it?"

"Kate is going to go on about her and Mark for ages, can you have a big chat to her about it so that I don't have to hear about it all of the time. You know how shit and insensitive I am about all of that kind of crap." I smiled because I knew that he was that's why I'm bloody lucky to have Kate as well.

"Yeah alright, but you have to something for me." He looked at me suspiciously.

"What?" I grabbed his hand and led him out to the dance floor.

"Dance with me, we do it every year so why stop now?" He shrugged trying to pass off that he didn't care, but I knew that he did.

"Yeah alright"

Jake begrudgingly followed me to the dance floor and placed his hand on my waist and I tensed, he looked at me funny and I put my hand on his shoulder and took my other hand in his. We danced around and around and I noticed that our parents were doing the same thing, it was kind of sickly cute and corny like those American teen movies that Kate and I watch sometimes at her place and Jake leaves us in disgust.

As we danced and we talked about different things, we swayed and laughed and made fun of all of the old people trying to look young and I told him about mum and dad and he nearly choked but I told him to keep quiet. Through all of this I hadn't ever realised before but just how much it felt like home, dancing with Jake.

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