Home Is Where the Heart Is

Chapter Five

I woke up and I remembered exactly why I hated school at the moment, the absolute shit loads of homework that was pilling up was so phenomenal and it was only October 1st. Wait a minute; October 1st that sounds vaguely familiar, that's right it's my eighteenth birthday today and because of all of the shit going on at school I nearly forgot. Thank God it was a Saturday and not an actual school day because I think I may have just gone and jumped off of a bridge. I looked at the clock on the wall and I had already missed breakfast, what a great start to my first day of being eighteen I'm hungry.

I jumped out of bed and looked at the presents that sat there beside it and I shuffled through them looking at what I had been given this year. The novelty of having a birthday had worn off over the past few years, the only exciting part that usually came was the age that I was turning. I picked up a box that had come from mum and dad and inside was a brand new broom as mine was falling apart and I had been begging for a new broom for months as dad's old firebolt just wasn't doing the trick anymore. Lilly had gotten me a necklace that was a beautiful silver locket that had a photograph of her, James, Matt and I in it; it was really gorgeous and I placed it on my neck. James, Keira and Sirius had gotten me an album filled with old pictures of the family and my friends in it and it was carefully decorated and scrap booked. I am going to guess that Keira did it as James is absolute shit at that kind of stuff. I looked through the rest and most of them were just presents from family friends that are more friends with my parents but have the whole we feel obliged thing.

I put my skinny leg denim jeans on, my three quarter sleeves tight white shirt and my black ballet flats on and walked down the stairs to the common room where it appeared all of my friends and brother had been waiting until I woke up. Kate came running over to me and hugged me.

"Happy birthday", she grinned at me and handed me a gift and looked extremely pleased with herself.

"What are you so happy about?" I asked her and she just smiled again.

"Just open your present, I know that you will love it" and I did. She had bought me all four seasons of this television show that Kate and I were absolutely addicted to on muggle t.v. called the O.C. Kate and I religious watched the show every week when we were able to catch the re-runs when we came back from school in the Summer. I screamed and hugged her once again.

"This is so great Kate, thank you so much." I smiled at her and I turned to face Mark who came up and hugged me. He handed over a small parcel and when I looked inside it had all of the information on Puddlemere United and how it listed both of us as hopefuls in all of these Quidditch magazines and there was this entire collection about me and Quidditch in all of the international magazines.

"Thank you so much this is really great; I'm going to have to send this off to dad because he will just love it." I smiled and I turned around waiting to find Jake but he wasn't there.

"Where's Jake?" I asked and the other two looked nervous.

"Come on where is Jake? Please just tell me, is he hiding?" I asked both of them but they shook their heads and Kate looked as if she was about to burst with information but Mark placed a hand over her mouth to shut her up.

"Where is who?" Jake came up from behind me and I turned around and smiled. I hugged him and he looked a little taken aback.

"Happy to see me?" He laughed.

"Yeah kinda," He smiled again and placed his hands over my eyes, which were really cold because it was really warm in the common room with the inside heating.

"What are you doing?" I asked as he pushed me somewhere, still with his hands over my eyes.

"I've got to show you something", I could hear him smiling even though I couldn't even hear him and it made me excited to; thought he hadn't even said happy birthday to me yet.

"Where are we going?" I said around five minutes later and I felt a blast of cold come upon me, I knew at this point that we were outside.

"Fuck it's cold," we stopped for a second when Jake made Kate cover my eyes and he took his jacket off and put it on me so I wouldn't be cold.

We continued to walk and Jake began to shiver and I laughed,

"Would you like your jacket back?" I asked him, and he shivered once again,

"It's okay, you can wear it." As we walked further I could tell that we were either in the forbidden forest or we were somewhere in the school grounds, hopefully the later.

I could hear everyone come to a complete halt and I bumped into Jake because he didn't warn me to stop for him.

"Ouch," he complained because I had trodden on his feet.

"Oh get over it, you should have warned me to stop."

"Sorry," he said to me and then he turned me and around and whispered.

"Are you ready?" he asked me and I felt like a child at Christmas just waiting to see what had been brought to them this year.

"For what?" I asked and he didn't even get a chance to reply when he lifted his hands off of my eyes and let me witness first hand the scene that was before me.

There in the sky were my four other Quidditch team members and they all had there wands out and when Jake nodded his head they went. They had enchancted their wands to let out a sort of pink smoke so that when they flew around, spelled out in the sky was 'Happy 18th Birthday Jayne", it was magnificent and I don't remember having smiled that wide for a while.

I jumped onto Jake and smiled at him, for a small moment I thought we may have kissed each other; the scene and the tension were both there but both of us weren't. We both veered away from each other's faces and formed a sibling type embrace that sadly didn't last long. I hugged him for a long time and said thankyou so many times I lost count.

"It's my pleasure Jayne," and he smiled and I smiled and we all smiled and it was one of those pathetic end of film type of happy moments, that Kate will usually shed tears in.

I went over to the rest of the guys on the Quidditch team of whom where my cousins and said thankyou and they said not to expect any more gifts because now their heads were spinning and I kissed them all on the head and asked if that somehow made it any better. They laughed and shook their heads, seeking solace at the bench chairs that were only a few meters away from them.

"Thankyou all for the best birthday present ever," Jake looked stricken that I hadn't given him entire credit for his master plan and I poked him.

"Yes Jake and especially thank you to you as well." He looked relieved, smiled and realised his mock I'm upset pose and we all walked up to the castle for lunch; because I was absolutely starving.

When I looked at all of the food that was in the castle for us to eat I smiled; because I'm a year older now does that mean I get to eat more food? I bloody hoped so because I knew that whether I was allowed to or not I would any way; no one would get in the way of my food especially on my birthday.

Before practice in the afternoon (that I had idiotically scheduled because I was stressing out about the match) Matt had gotten the elves in the kitchen's (a trick that he learnt of dad and my uncles when my Aunt Hermione was listening or paying attention to us) to make me a birthday cake. It was a large marble sponge cake that had chocolate icing and written in pink was Happy 18th Birthday Jayne; love your friends and family.

"Aw thanks Mattie, you didn't have to do this for me," I went over to Matt and I hugged him, kissed his head and pretended to be like the overbearing and embarrassing older sister but Matt being Matt just laughed and pushed me off.

"It's ok Jaynie; it's just that I love you so much and it's your last year at Hogwarts so I felt as if I had to do something." Matt said to me doing exactly the same thing as I was doing to him a few minutes before hand.

I looked next to me and I saw Mark and Jake eyeing off the cake as it looked pretty damn good and I went to cut it all up so everyone in the common room could have some but Kate had to call something out that I had hoped that everyone would forget about.

"Hey we forgot to sing Jayne happy birthday," that was all it took and soon everybody began to call out and then eventually sing to me, Happy Birthday and it was just way too embarrassing to even talk about it.

After they had finally stopped singing (Kate seemed to carry on for years), I cut the cake and was instructed to kiss the nearest boy because I had apparently touched the bottom. I smiled and looked around and saw Jake who was standing virtually right next to me and he looked shocked and I smiled at him. He backed up and I pulled him close to me and I kissed his cheek; they all cried out of anger that I hadn't given them anymore than a kiss on the cheek but Jake and I both were pleased so I guess that was all that really mattered.

Everyone gathered round and grabbed some of the absolutely beautiful cake that Matt had gotten for me and we had a chat whilst talking about different things and then I looked at the time. It was time for Quidditch and I didn't mind that it was because what was so bad about doing one of the things that I loved most on my birthday it was more of a blessing than a curse like the rest of the team were treating practice.

We took our time getting down to the pitch and examined the conditions that we would be flying in. Clear skies, enough cloud cover and the wind chill factor wasn't too bad at all. We reached the change rooms and we all got changed and eventually after I had explained a few things the team and I flew onto the pitch.

"Come on Jake, stop taking your time," he laughed at me and then hurried out of the change rooms and he was looking pretty good today, as usual, but it was nice because he was paying all of his good lookingness my way.

We flew for a solid two hours and after I felt that everyone had made substantial progress on their game and technique I sent everyone back into the sheds to recover from it all. I was packing away the balls when someone came from behind and put their hands on my eyes and I giggled thinking it was Jake or Kate.

"Jake is that you?" I laughed because the hands were definitely a guy's as Kate's were smaller and warmer.

"Moved on that quickly have you?" I tore the hands off of my eyes and turned around to face the owner of the cold voice and hands, Ben as usual and I this was the second time back at school that he had corned me when there wasn't anyone around in an attempt to talk to me.

"Ben, please don't," I said without any emphasis and attempting to do it without any emotion but as per usual my emotions were beginning to get the better of me and I could already feel the tears welling up in my eyes and I hated just even thinking about it.

"Why not Jayne, why won't you talk to me? You didn't even give me a chance to explain last year." He looked hurt and I had vowed to myself before that I wouldn't be drawn into his false pain because that was all it was.

"Because I saw you fucking Felicity in a school hall and that kind of hurt because I must have been under some false pretences that being your girlfriend and the girl that you had been fucking for two years may have actually meant something, please tell me Ben am I not correct?" He looked away from me and I couldn't actually tell whether what he needed from me was me or another root; either way he wouldn't be getting either.

"Jayne…" I looked at him warningly; I wouldn't be nice anymore if he just didn't get the hell away from me.

"Ben don't even think about it," he looked me dead in the eye and I knew that he would say something that both of us would end up hating and I stood there waiting for him as his lips parted for the words to finally come out and it only took another minute longer and they did.

"Jayne I love you," he shouted to everyone and out of the corner of my eye I saw the team come out of the sheds looking thoroughly confused and in Jake's case, fucking angry. I was sick of this shit and I just decided that I would scream at him instead; it couldn't hurt could it?

"Stay the fuck away from me Ben I mean it," I screamed and screamed and screamed at him until he left out of my sight and I sat my self on the ground and just breathed; attempting to think happy thoughts as Kate would put it and that put a smile upon my face.

Jake came up from behind me and sat on the ground directly behind me and I laid myself onto him and he massaged my shoulders and Charlize came over to me and rubbed my shoulders. I eventually relaxed into them both as I began to forget the encounter with Malfoy.

"You did good Jaynie I am proud of you," Jake said to me and he smiled and I smiled back at him just because I liked doing it; you can never smile too many times in one lifetime from what people say and I am a firm believer in it.

The only thing above that, which I believe in more, is that you will always have friends and family behind you supporting you through anything and everything and I did. The perfect example of it was Jake and Charlize behind and beside me, helping me to get through my birthday.

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