Second Chance

- Prologue-

Ginny stared out the window, her mind had completely wondered from her thoughts; though he hadn't left either of them. She thought it was selfish to focus on such topics when so many other things needed her attention; her brother was getting married in just a matter of weeks, preparations were to be made, her education needed to be attended too and helping keep her and her family strong topped the list of her needs but they didn't even come close to the top on the list of her wants. Everything that had happened had altered her needs and wants and turned her and the rest of the wizarding community upside down and inside out.

It was sixteen nights ago when it happened, she was there in the place where it all began fighting for the one's that she loved and for peace so the wizarding community could live without fear. She was there using every spell that she could think of under the pressure of having your own and other people's lives at stake, it felt as if it went for hours and every minute longer that she survived was like a blessing from Merlin and she gave thanks for it everyday. When in the confusion of fighting she saw him run and then soon after the opposing side entered through a barrier and it stopped their side dead in their tracks, all they could do was wait it out and during that time it felt as if the Earth had frozen over.

The silence ended and they watched as the worst moments of their lives came to reality; Dumbledore was dead, murdered by the person they called…… well she certainly didn't call him her friend but at the very least an aid to their side and an equal within all the madness. She wasn't present at the end of it but she heard the screams; they filled the halls, shattered people on the inside and outside and brought anger to the people she loved, especially one person in particular. She saw him like she'd never seen him before, she thought that it seemed to him that he'd lost nearly everything and he had already knew what he had to do to stop the total of losing loved ones and friends to rise from 5 to 6, this is the point in the story where it felt as if her heart had broken into two.

It had hit him like nothing else had, the one person that they had believed to be around forever and too always be by their sides guiding and showing them the ways of the magic world, had left them in a split second suspended over in a arc over the astronomy tower and then to fall gracefully to ground to which if an onlooker peered upon him it may seem as if he was almost sleeping.

Her thoughts frequently ventured back into the terrors of that night and how if they had of done something different or changed a moment it would've turned out quite different but every scenario always ended with another loved one dead and she couldn't bear the thoughts of someone else leaving them upon the last one. Though if something was different Dumbledore would still be at Hogwarts and thinking of all the ways to make the school as safe as possible so that students could again return to learn which he found it too be the second most important thing in the world, after love of course. He would still be with her and they could be enjoying the best times of the holiday sun. Ron and Hermione would have never confided within the comforts of each other though with them this she thought was making lots of progress thought she thought to herself she'd give anything back just to have Dumbledore be here again.

In a couple of weeks he'd be here at the burrow just in time for Bill and Fleur's wedding, just after his seventeenth birthday the day in which he becomes a man, which would have been the last day that he would have spent in his Uncle and Aunt's house forever. He will come here for the remainder of the Summer holidays and stay and spend his last days as a real child with his best friends. After which he would along with Ron and Hermione go in search for Voldemort and whatever was needed to stop him, (he hadn't exactly had enough time to fill in all of the blanks to her) in his aid to rid the magical and muggle world of Lord Voldemort and hopefully take down his supporters with him.

Ginny felt herself feeling even guiltier as she secretly counted down the days until she saw him again. She again felt saddened by the fact that he had broken things off with her just to protect her but at the same time it brought happiness to her heart just to know how much her cared for her; she felt guilty for destroying his happiness for the safety of herself. She wanted to let herself go, rid herself of feeling and be left to have comfort in her own grief.

1 week later

Harry sat staring out the window unable to collect his thoughts, with one person constantly in the front of his mind and a completely different one holding on for dear life in the back.

He turned and saw the mess that had become of his life; he saw the mess that had become of him. He lived within a self pity that came at the price of yet again losing another loved one and it had hurt him even more when he knew that there had been nothing that he could have done about it. He didn't want to forget about that night but go over it over and over again seeing what they'd done wrong and how they could have fixed it, he was one to learn from his mistakes made but he didn't always take the advice they gave him.

Ginny, the other word and the moments that went with it that kept playing over and over again in his head. He broke up with her because he loved her, though he never admitted to it, he wouldn't have done so if he didn't; he couldn't risk losing another loved one, though Hermione and Ron he loved just as much they had made it clear to him that they'd be sticking by him no matter what, it didn't matter what he said to them they'd be there for him until the end. In his heart she shone and her smell never left him even though her heart had, he wanted her to be with him, to hold her and sometimes when he felt so bad to even cry on her shoulder. He felt bad as he counted down every day till he'd she her again at her house for her eldest brother's wedding.

Ginny though wanted different things from him, though when he told her about them ending she seemed to understand but he really knew that she didn't, she wanted to be there with him until the end and he couldn't let her do that. He hoped she loved him still as he did her and at the ceremony he hoped they'd dance and after all this was over he hoped that she'd give him a second chance.

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