Chapter Five

- The Madness has Begun and Undiscovered Secrets -

Ginny woke up the next morning to find Hermione still asleep which was strangely odd and smiling into her pillows, Ginny laughed to herself and Hermione jumped up.

"What?" her cheeks going red at the look on Ginny's face.

"Nothing" she said innocently and in between laughs.

Knowing exactly what she was about to say she smiled at Hermione.

"You and Ron snogged yet?" even though she already knew the answer.

Hermione's cheeks reddened "Actually yes" going into a shade of crimson.

"'Bout time."

"I could say the same thing about you and Harry."

Ginny glared at her, how dare she bring it up? Though I suppose she's not thinking being in love with my brother and all and him returning etc.

"As you know very well that was his fault not mine; but we're on speaking terms now and once I finally get him to realise that us being together will actually save his boney arse from Voldemort, things will be hopefully just peachy." Hermione looked at her eyebrows raised.

"Sorry just letting out some pent up anger."

"PMS more like it."

"Fuck off."

"Ooh, touchy."

"Sorry, you're correct as usual, I just need to compose myself before we go downstairs and see Fred and George and I think Charlie's coming today as well, Bill's stressing and we need someone to properly de-stress him."

"Fair enough" Hermione said while getting dressed at the same time, in black shorts and a yellow singlet, while Ginny was still trying to untangle herself from her bed.

Hermione chucked Ginny some suitable clothes that her mum would approve of and Ginny put on brown polo shirt and some black shorts like Hermione's. They walked downstairs for breakfast to find Charlie, Fred and George all sitting at the table enjoying breakfast with Harry and Ron. When Hermione an Ron saw each other it was red faces all round even Harry gave her a look similar to that of which Ron gave Hermione, surprisingly at a table with Fred and George no-one noticed.

"Morning Girls" Charlie smiled at them.

"Ginny, what's with the mood?" George stated to the breakfast table.

"Excuse m………" Before she could finish her sentence Fred cut her off.

"Hermione, might I say that you look absolutely ravishing today." Fred said using the most upper class English accent he managed and it worked making a couple of shades darker than she was before.

"You know what she looks like Fred?" questioning his brother.

"Why what would that be?" a grin tantalizing his face.

"Why she has the radiant after glow of a woman who has been thoroughly snogged wouldn't you say?"

A this point Harry snorted, Ron chocked on his cereal, Hermione hid behind Ginny and her face was surpassing any sort of red that Ginny had ever seen it, Fred and George high fived each other and Charlie looked incrediously from one to the other.

Harry started continued the torture upon Ron and Hermione.

"So Ron, when's the wedding?" Harry turned to his friend.

"Well I guys I suspect that there'll be an engagement anytime soon though so there's nothing to worry about plus it'll keep mum occupied." Fred and George high fived Charlie at his comment and continued to kill themselves laughing.

"So what if Ron and I now have a relationship, what's it to you? Well I know anything, it's the guests that Fred and George are bringing to the wedding and I also happen to know exactly how far they've gone with these mystery ladies." Fred and George's face blanked, they looked positively horrified.

"Does the name Katie, ring a bell George, pun intended? Fred don't you just think that the name Angelina is so pretty? How about a three or four year secret relationship Fred" The boys looked in shock, everyone was staring at them.

"How long have you known?" Fred said coming slightly out of shock.

"Three or four years." she smirked but still looked murderous and Ginny knew that she'd have to pay the consequences of telling Fred and George about Hermione and Ron later.

"Next time you boys want secrets that I know that you probably don't know that I know keep your mouth shut, it may look bloody small at the moment but it holds the key to releasing years of information and gossip."

At that moment she walked down the remainder of the stairs kissed Ron full on the lips and sat next to him at the breakfast table, everyone who had just gotten over the last bout of shock given out; registered again at something that was completely un-Hermioneish.

Mrs Weasley came walking into the kitchen and stopped dead at the looks at everyone's faces, looked confused and then waved her wand and cleared everyone's plates even though Hermione and Ginny hadn't even eaten, this didn't bother Ginny as she was looking for an excuse to get out of the tension held in that room as fast as possible.

It was the day before the wedding earlier Ginny had been downstairs and had overheard Charlie and Bill talking, Charlie trying his hardest to convince that he was doing the right thing and that nothing would go wrong and that all Fleur wanted to do was marry him.

She then walked straight into her mother flying around the house doing about 15 things and the one time and setting Hermione, Ron, her and Harry the other 27 listed jobs. Orders had been completed Hermione and Ginny had received their bridesmaid robes of gold, Harry and Ron had received their groomsmen robes in a volatile silver colour that apparently Bill had given in to just to make Fleur happy.

Hermione and Ron had been disappearing more often leaving Ginny and Harry together generally in awkward situations one that even ended in Ginny not speaking to Harry but that was just hot-headedness coming from the both of them, but yesterday they just sat together not speaking Ginny's head on Harry's shoulder and his arm around her back.

With fifteen million things all going on around her, Ginny thought to herself; the madness has finally begun.

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