I can't think so well right now. New chapter. Bad language. Yaddayaddayadda.

The second day was similar to the first. Scarecrow would whisper to her, she would scream, cry, and twitch, and I would laugh maniacally. We were one big, happy family.

Until the lights went out. Yay, Batman. Watch me dance for joy.

I was by the Scarecrow's side in an instant. Me and my lucky lead pipe.

I could tell Dawes and Scarecrow couldn't see in the pitch black, but I could. Batman probably could, as well. Regardless, I couldn't see Batman, and Scarecrow and I were in the open. It was time to go.

I grabbed him by his uninjured arm and pulled him towards one of the exits. We didn't get far as Batman stepped in front of us.

Shit. He did not look happy. He charged toward us. I had enough time to push Scarecrow out of his way, but no time to defend myself. The loud crunch I heard as I landed told me I'd broken something. Considering that I landed on my left side, I thought that something was several ribs.

My pipe landed far out of my reach, and there was no way I could reach it before Batman ripped my face off. I just hoped Scarecrow was taking this time to get the hell out of there.

I kept my head down, giving the impression that I had lost consciousness. Like I thought he would, he leaned over me to either check my condition or tie me up. He didn't get the chance. I punched him as hard as I could in the face.

Oooo. Crunchy.

I used this time to reacquire my pipe. I turned around in time to see a fist heading toward my face. Yet again, I heard the crunch of bones breaking. We started exchanging blows. With his body armor and my inability to feel pain or fear, this was going to be a long battle.

I lost all sense of time as we fought. I could smell the metallic scent of blood. I could hear him asking me to stop, saying that I was losing too much blood. I didn't understand any of it, though. I could only understand the blood rushing through my veins, the pounding of my heart, and the rage burning inside of me.

He got in a lucky blow that caused the pipe to go flying across the room. It didn't deter me. I would not stop. The blood loss had slowed me down, it was getting harder to move, but I would not stop.

I knew it was over when he grabbed my leg before it hit him. He twisted it. I felt, rather than heard, the sound of my ligaments tearing.

I landed heavily on the ground, getting the breath knocked out of me. I didn't even have the energy to growl at Batman when he loomed over me. I felt so sleepy. Would a nap really hurt?

I was nearly asleep when I heard Dawes yell out a warning. Scarecrow to the rescue! Batman may be nearly superhuman but even he can't withstand a lead pipe to the face.

"Get up."

He had to help me to my feet. The little bugger was stronger than he looked, and to say I was surprised would be an understatement. I never thought that he would save my ass, much less that I would need him to. I'm going to have to bake him a cake or something.

Somehow, we escaped to a car and made it to a safe place. I'm not exactly sure how I was still conscious after the beating I took. I could barely make it to the crappy sofa before I collapsed.

I was too tired to keep my eyes open as he began to tend my wounds. He was being absurdly gentle with me, considering he knew I could feel no pain. The last thing I heard before I finally passed out was his voice as he quietly began to hum a nursery rhyme.


I woke up to the bright sun shining, birds chirping, and other examples of poetic crap. I was almost completely covered in bandages; even my nose was in a splint. I might not have been in any pain, but I was still rather tired. I found it so hard to move that Scarecrow had to feed me.

I was just thankful that my jaw wasn't broken and that I could hobble to the restroom. I wouldn't be able to live off of soup and milkshakes for months on end, and I definitely didn't want to force him to help me with my basic bodily functions. That was just…ew. I didn't have to do that for him and I definitely was not going to make him do it for me.

I don't know how he could stand being in a bed for such a long time. Even with the newspaper and books that he brought me, I still found myself extremely bored. My escape attempts weren't remotely successful. I would swear that he has some sixth sense, because the instant my feet touched the floor the man materialized in the doorway, glowering.

I was confused about the whole rescue thing, though. I knew that I was a good meat shield, but I didn't think he liked me enough to save my busted ass. Maybe he didn't really like me. He probably did it to drive me up the wall, wondering if the bastard was actually fond of me or just found me useful.

Need to stop thinking. It's making my head hurt.

Everyone knew I was alive now. I was quite proud to know that I was just as wanted as the Scarecrow. Apparently, we were quite the duo. It was funny, really. Some even speculated that we were wildly in love, a scientifically gifted Bonnie and Clyde having passionate monkey sex every 13.48 minutes. Honestly, where do people think this shit up? Fucktards.

Scarecrow found out some interesting news from one of his more reliable sources. The toxin he used on Dawes worked perfectly. Reportedly, she was admitted to Arkham Asylum, screaming about "Scarecrow and the red-eyed demon." I thought it was rather flattering that someone would never, ever forget me.

Two weeks passed, slowly and uneventfully. Unfortunately, this peace didn't last. Somehow Batman discovered where we were and, you guessed it. He announced his presence by cutting the lights off. Again. Did the man have no creativity? Or would I have to beat some into him?

I grabbed the gun that Scarecrow had left by my bedside in case of an event like this. I didn't have to hobble far to find Scarecrow; he grabbed me as I passed the lab door. We had an escape route to the sewers in there. Although unclean and rather icky, the sewers were an easy place for people to lose themselves.

I leaned against the door, still too weak to help with the grunt work. I was strong enough to push over a bookcase to block the door when I heard footsteps approaching. I could barely hear the low timbre of Batman's voice as he informed the rather large group of policemen where we were.


I could feel them trying to break down the door. The escape hatch had a sturdy lock on the inside; it would be enough to hold the police off while Scarecrow made his escape. Even if the bookcase could hold long enough for me to limp over there, I would slow us both down. My decision was made.


He stared at me. I was unable to decipher his expression, considering that he was wearing his mask and that the door was fixing to break.


That got his attention. I had never called him by his first name before. He knew how serious I was.

"Just go!"

He fell into the darkness. I didn't let go of the door until I heard the lock click.

"Open the door!"

All righty then, if you say so. I stepped back from the door. The only thing I could do now was buy Jonathan more time.

I fired a shot through the door. They didn't know it was just me with only one clip. For all they knew, I could have a whole arsenal in here. Was this a "Mexican standoff," so to speak? What can I say? This was going to be fun.

It wasn't long before I ran out of bullets, but I hadn't just been doing that. I did my best to block off the escape hatch even further. Just in time, too. It didn't take them long to realize I was out of bullets.

They stormed the room in full-out body armor and gas masks. It must have disappointed them to find a defenseless, half dead woman instead of a supervillain. I didn't go down easily, though. I hit, kicked, bit, and even scratched until they were forced to hold me down and sedate me.