Paxton sat picking at her lunch. She sighed. She should be happy,, her life was going great. Her and Shawn was happy. Dave was beginning to accept her and Shawn.

In the two weeks since her and Dave had mended fences, he had really come around. They had even been out to dinner a few times and Dave and Shawn even could have a conversation without Dave glaring at him.

So why was she obsessing about one little thing that didn't even matter.

"Hey pretty girl..Can I join you."

Paxton smiled up at John.

"Sure." She said.

John sat down with his sandwich.

"Everything okay?" He asked.

Paxton nodded.

"John have you ever been in love?"

"Yea sure I guess, a few times, not sure if it was what you would call real love or whatever, didn't last, but I guess at the time I thought I was in love." he said.

"So did you ever tell them you loved them?" She asked.

John frowned, she was definitely preoccupied about something.

"Sure..I've said it a lot, sometimes just to get what I want..I know I'm a pig." John said laughing.

Paxton smiled.

"Whats wrong Pax?"

She sighed.

"You and Shawn having problems?" He asked.

"No, he's wonderful..I mean he treats me like a queen, its just he hasn't told me he loves me..I know, tell me I'm being stupid." She said pushing her food aside.

"Hey you're not being stupid, some guys just have a hard time saying it. I seen the way he looks at you..He's crazy about you." John said.

"I'm just being silly." She said smiling at John.

John changed the subject and started telling about his new Cd coming out.

Paxton put it out of her mind. She was looking for trouble where there was none.

Mark, Scott and Kevin were sitting around in Mark's dressing room playing a few hands of cards.

"Where's the girls?" Mark asked.

"Probably buying baby clothes." Scott said grinning.

"Or talking about babies." Kevin said laughing.

Mark grinned.

"Figures." Mark said.

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in." Mark called.

John walked in and sat down at the table.

"Whats up Cena." Mark asked.

"Look I know you guys are good buddies with Shawn..Does he love Paxton?" He asked.

Scott frowned.

"Sure he does. He's crazy about her.

"Why all questions?" Kevin asked.

"I was talking to Paxton today..she's a little upset because he hasn't actually said it." John said.

"The boy is a little slow about that kind of stuff." Mark said.

"Yea well, he needs to spit it out. You know how women are, they need to hear that kinda stuff." John said.

"'re right..I guess we need to have a talk with Shawn." Kevin said.

"Good, I don't like to see Pax, unhappy." John said getting up.

"Thanks John, well knock some sense into him." Mark said.

John left and Scott shook his head.

"Boy, Shawn is slower than I was." He said grinning.

"He just needs a little push." Mark said.

Shawn was getting out of the shower when there was a knock at the door.

He grinned, he hoped it was Paxton on a break. It was two hours before showtime, they could work a quickie in.

Shawn threw open the door posing in a sexy pose for her.

""Dammit Shawn, you have to stop doing that shit, you're really starting to worry me." Kevin said covering his eyes.

Mark and Scott laughed.

Shawn just laughed. "Come on Kev, I look so good, you'd probably turn for me." Shawn said.

"Okay, now I'm really going to be sick." Kevin said.

"Put some clothes on." Scott said as they walked in.

"Okay..Give me a minute." Shawn said and went back in the bathroom to change.

The guys sat down and waited for Shawn.

He came back with some jeans and a t-shirt on and sat down.

"Okay whats up?" Shawn asked.

"Shawn woman are different from us, they have to hear things, you cant just asume they know something, unless you tell them." Scott said.

Shawn looked confused.

"Is this some kind of father - son talk, just spit it out." Shawn said.

"Do you love Paxton?" Kevin asked.

"What kind of dumb ass question is that, of course I do." Shawn said.

"Well have you told her you love her?" Mark asked.

"Well sure, at least I think I have, well I'm not sure, but hell she knows I love her."

"Uh no, she doesn't you dumb ass." Scott said shaking his head.

"Did she say something?" Shawn asked.

"We got our sources, don't matter who said something, the point is ,little girl, is sitting around worrying over nothing..take care of it." Mark said.

"Yes Dad." Shawn said grinning.

"Like now." Scott said.

"Uhh listen guys, you know I do things in my own way, in a big way..but it will be taken care of by the end of the night." Shawn said grinning.

"I have to go out, but I'll be back before my match starts." Shawn said.

"What do you think he's up to?" Scott asked.

"With him who knows." Mark said.

Paxton tried to concentrate on her job carefully watching 6 monitors to make sure everything was up and running. Shawn was up next.. He was supposed to come out and talk junk about Randy Orton for their big match-up at the next pay per view.

His music hit and she watched for him to make his way down the ramp, but nothing. Damn where was he.

Finally he came rushing out in his street clothes, what the hell was up she wondered.

Shawn jumped in the ring and took the microphone.

"Okay, sorry I'm late, Vince don't kill me." He said grinning.

"I'm supposed to call Randy out and tell him how I'm going to hand him his ass next week, but everyone knows all that. I want to take a minute to talk to my girlfriend." Shawn said.

Paxton eyes got wide, what was he thinking?

In his office Vince was having a fit.

"What in the name of hell is he doing?" He asked Coach.

"Umm sir, I don't know." Coach said.

"Now her name is Paxton, and she is the most beautiful little lady I have ever laid eyes on. I guess I knew she was different as soon as she plowed into me." Shawn said leaning on the ropes.

Kevin , Scott, Mark, Chessy and Kali, Dave and even Misha watched in amazement at Shawn.

"Will Vince fire him." Kali asked.

"No, he cant afford to." Mark said laughing.

"Oh my God this is so romantic..who would have thought Shawn had it in him." Chessy said smiling.

"I cant believe it." Dave said shaking his head.

"I just got a few things I want to say. First of all Paxton I love you, more than anything in the world. I want to spend the rest of my life making you smile and playing with those cute freckles." he said laughing.

Paxton felt her heart jolt. Shawn loved her. She smiled and then tears ran down her face. God she loved him.

"I have a question for you Baby Doll, will you marry me."

The crowd erupted in applause.

"Now baby, it will take me about two minutes to get down to you. You can answer me when I get there, although I know you're going to say yes, I mean who would say no, to The Heart Break Kid?" Shawn said grinning.

Paxton couldn't believe it. He had just proposed to her on national TV.
"Oh My God..he'll be here in a minute."

Shawn jerked open the door to the small trailer she was in. He saw she was standing there waiting for him.

"What do you say Baby Doll?" he asked.

"I say yes." Paxton said and jumped his waiting arms. Shawn pressed his lips to her and kissed her deeply.

" I love you Paxton." Shawn said after he lifted his head.

"I love you too."

Paxton pressed her lips to his again and got lost ,forgetting her job, the show and everything thing else, except for Shawn's lips on hers.


Shawn lifted his head and grinned.

"Vince sounds mad..He'll probably fire both of us." Paxton said.

"Who cares." Shawn said and bent to capture her lips again.

Two months later

"Hey it's Vince on the phone. He said congratulations, but if anyone else wants to get married too damn bad, cause theres no way the five of us can get time off at the same time again." Mark shouted.

"Thanks Vince!" Shawn yelled toward the phone.

He kissed Paxton again.

"Well baby Doll, How does it feel to be married to the sexiest man alive?" Shawn said winking at her.

"Wonderful." She said grinning.

"Shawn you should have married yourself." Chessy said laughing.

"Well sweet thing..I know I'm hot, why deny it?" Shawn said smirking.

Chessy just rolled her eyes. Scott came up beside her and put his hand on her rounded stomach.

"You want to sit down and rest?" he asked.

"Scott I'm only 4 months pregnant, I'm fine." She said.

Scott just grinned and picked her up in his arms.

"I'll just hold ya for a while." he said.

Chessy just laughed and let it go. Hell let the man haul her around if he wanted to.

Kali hugged Paxton and Shawn.

"I'm so happy for you." She said.

"Me too." Misha said jumping up and down.

Shawn picked up Misha and gave her a kiss.

"Thank you Princess." Shawn said.

Paxton took Misha and gave her a kiss too.

""Way to go." Kevin said shaking Shawn's hand and leaning over to kiss Paxton.

"Maybe you can keep him straight Pax." he said.

Dave walked over and shook Shawn's hand.

"Take care of her." he said staring intently at Shawn.

"I will."

Dave pulled Paxton in his arms.

I love you Pax, be happy." Dave said.

"I will Davy. I love you too."

Mark walked over to Chessy where Scott had sit her with orders to stay off her feet.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yea Scott thinks I'm sick, not pregnant." She said rolling her eyes.

Mark laughed.

"Well now that you are pregnant hopefully you'll be to busy for you little matchmaking games." Mark said.

"Yea I'm sure your right." Chessy said smiling.

Shawn started laughing.

"What?" Paxton asked.

"If Chessy has anything to do with it Mark will be right where I'm at in no time."

"And where's that?" Paxton asked.

"Paradise." Shawn said bending to kiss her.

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