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A/N: This is my first song fic and it's by the best band in the world (in my opinion) off their best CD. (The more recent ones are…ehhh…OK) But, this is the song "Fake" by Korn. I was going to use "Good God" but this song was better. I'm sire you'll see why.

Ok, well, this song is from Bulma to Vegeta…

~…~ = the song
*…*= Bulma

~I can't stand the sight of you
I can't stand what you put me through
Your life's a lie, that you hide
Is it that terrible being you inside?
I can't stand, oh the thought of you
I can't stand all the things you do
What do you try to justify?
You were just too scared to be you inside~

*This morning was pure hell. When I woke up, I didn't see Vegeta anywhere! I went downstairs and seen him grabbing and apple before he flew off. Without a goodbye or anything…just…gone. I thought it was perfect, though. I wanted to fix him an extra special dinner. I fixed al his favorites. It took me all day. When he came home that night, he seen the feast I prepared, told me he ate at Chi-Chi and Goku's and went upstairs…*

~Let it all go
Look at you, all I see, is a man too afraid to really be
I can't stand what you put me through
I can't stand even the thought of you
Your secret lies that you hide
Is it that terrible being you inside?~

*When I went upstairs to go to bed, I laid next to him and he flipped me over and kissed me. I thought things would go well. He then began to take my clothes off and we had wonderful sex, like always. I told him I loved him and he told me he loved the sex I provided. I got up and took a shower, I wanted to wash myself clean of him. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but it wouldn't come off. He then came into the bathroom and tried to seduce me into having sex with him in the shower. I told him no. "You don't ever tell the Prince of Saiyans 'no'!" Well, I did, and what did he say next? "Fine, it you won't, I'll find someone who will." I didn't see him the rest of that night.*

~Let it all go
Look at you, all I see, is a man too afraid to really be
You try so hard to be wanted
False emotions tells you fronted
I think being a person relies on one thing,
Be yourself, let you come through~

*The next day, Trunks had a play at school where he got the lead, and I really wanted Vegeta to go. When I asked him he told me he didn't want to go because he wanted to go spar with Goku and Gohan. I told him he better start acting like a father to Trunks before it was too late. He told me if I knew what was good, I wouldn't think of leaving him. Maybe I should…*

~You're too afraid to really be (Be yourself, let you come through)
Someone who isn't false, who doesn't care to be (Be yourself, let you come through)
Fake, you'll regret it, you'll regret it~

*It's been 10 years since either Trunks or I have seen him. The day after Trunk's play, something happened with the sparring and Vegeta was accidentally killed. Now Trunks will never know his father, and I will never know the man I've loved all those years…I keep having dreams about him and he tells me he's sorry. I can't forgive him. I never will forgive him. I wish I could. But I can't. He took too many things for granted…*


Hmm, short and boring, sorry if I wasted anyone's time with this goofy song fic. The song went well, though…