Title: Adventures at Disneyland

Author: Gifted

Category: Harry Potter/Disney (Disneyland) Crossover

Rating: K (or G)

Summary: Reposted. Pre-OotP. Dumbledore invites some other professors and students to go to Disneyland. Everyone's looking forward to a vacation where they can be ordinary for three days. Does Dumbledore have an ulterior motive though? Perhaps. Can Voldemort find them? Hopefully not. Do Disney characters really exist? No, of course not! Right?

Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter franchise. That belongs to J.K. Rowling and her respective partners. I do not own Disney or Disneyland. That belongs to the Walt Disney Corporation. I do not earn any profit from this.

Claimer: I now own this story and its reworked plot.

IMPORTANT: I have now cancelled the story. Read reasons at the bottom.


If this title or concept seems familiar, you might have come across Moongazer7's Adventures at Disneyland. It was a story where Harry Potter characters and some of her original ones visited Disneyland. It was inspired by our constant trips because of our Annual Passes and role playing games we had where the HP characters visited. You can find the original author Rachel at the ID 1798983 (you'll find that she changes her name too much).

At the time she had written this story, she did not reveal to her readers that she was blind. Though of course one can write a story when they are blind, but it was very difficult for her to describe Disneyland. So she gave it to me because I considered myself a Disneyland expert, a decent writer, and since I used to edit her stories and suggested ideas, her audience was already used to me in a way.

I went through and edited the previous chapters (at that point Moony no longer gave them to me to edit) and added more descriptions and dialogue.

While I was in the middle of writing Chapter 4 of the original story, my friend received a flame. At that point of time, my friend may have not been an excellent writer (who is as a preteen?), but it's safe to say that no one deserves a flame. Against my advice, she got herself involved deeply in this flame war until the point where tons of flamers were flaming her story and a duplicate account reposting her story. Having enough of this and to avoid more plagiarism, she deleted all of her stories (including Adventures at Disneyland) and left fanfiction.

The flaming war was finally resolved amongst the members who started it and the duplicates deleted. Deeming it safe to repost Adventures at Disneyland, it returned, this time to my account. Despite its return, I still delayed in its writing.

Later during a conversation with the first author, Rachel pointed out that the story had no plot and invited me to give it one. That started it onto a whole revision of the story.

The first change of the story was to give the boot to the original characters. Only one was mine and none of the OCs had definite personalities. I had to re-read the story which time I wanted to write it just to remember their names. Plus, it was pain to make sure all these people had dialogues. Cutting them out has made the writing loads easier and more canon. Plus, the addition of plot sets this story apart from other "Harry Potter characters visit Disneyland/Disney World stories" in which Disney characters will be making appearances (and I do not mean people who dress up like them, I mean the actual characters) and something will actually be happening. Plus, my writing style differed from Rachel's making it easier to just rewrite the whole thing.

For those that remember the first story, I hope that you enjoy the new story that's based upon it. As an extra, those four chapters of the original will be posted up as extras. Reviews are always appreciated especially with advice and pointing spelling/grammar errors.

Also, since this has been written over the course of a few years now, if you think my style at first is terrible, please stick with it. It gets better, I swear! Well, improves at least and even gets longer.

However, now it comes to an end.

This all just started as a joke. Something to occupy our hours back in middle school. I had no idea that silly role play game would come this far and have quite an audience. As a result, it's hard to let it go.

It must though. Much has changed since that day.

I am 19. I'm in my first year of college. The future is whispering of opportunities. I have decided to become an animator, a difficult lifestyle. I'm thinking of moving out. I just simply don't have time and what time I do have I should prove more productive.

From a logical view, my writing has changed from experience and college classes. I can no longer write this story without it having the effect of being disconnected or without rewriting it.

I haven't been to Disneyland in ages (unfortunately). I have grown apart from the original author. I have been in a deep depression regarding someone I love dearly.

It seems to be the curse of the story, but I'm giving it up. If you are interested, feel free to continue, rewrite, etc.

I won't be giving up on fanfiction completely, but this story no longer interests me. I'm sorry.

Quick Updates

Changed the summary to better reflect how different this story is to other HP/Disneyland stories.

Rewrote preface after accidentally deleting it.

Added a little bit more to the preface.

Last Edited: February 19, 2010 (fixed mistakes)